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Foreign Founders Should Look Beyond Silicon Valley

With an increasingly global map of startup hubs, Silicon Valley needs to look not just at the factors bringing talent in, but also the negative factors diverting talent elsewhere. When a hub’s defining trait is optimism,

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Many businesses still refuse to shake legacy systems and processes

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Save up to 85% on Liquid Web hosting for Black Friday

Take advantage of two Liquid Web Black Friday deals, on VPS and dedicated hosting, before they expire!

Get pCloud cloud storage for up to 75% off this Black Friday

For Black Friday, back up your important files for less with lifetime pCloud cloud storage plans at 75% off!


再过几个小时,四年一度的世界杯就要开始了,和 2004 年奥运会回到希腊雅典类似,今年的世界杯主办地是足球圣地巴西,意义非凡。

BlackBerry debuts its protected messaging service for enterprise

The new BBM Protected service offers enhanced security for messages sent between BlackBerry devices by adding an extra layer of encryption to the standard BBM which encrypts messages in transit.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

徕卡D-Lux已通过认证 或10月发布

9月3日,徕卡一款新机D-Lux(Type 109)正式通过印度尼西亚POSTEL无线通讯产品认证,新品将被作为徕卡D-Lux 6的后继机型与大众见面,预计将在即将开幕Photokina大会上正式发布。



Lavaboom Is Another Zero Access Encrypted Email Service Hosted In Germany

The post-Snowden boom in strongly encrypted services continues. To wit: Lavaboom, a made-in-Germany encrypted email service, which is currently in beta and seeking a $100,000 crowdfunding raise via Indiegogo to get a fully featured product to market. Read More

iOS 9更多功能曝光:iPhone将支持压力传感

[摘要]下一代iPhone将支持Force Touch压力传感屏幕功能,为了配合新硬件,iOS 9在软件方面将做出升级。  

业内最顶尖的人才也没法满足 Bloomberg,前 TheVerge 主编跳槽半年后离开

大概没人能料到,作为 TheVerge 的联合创始人,Joshua Topolsky 在被挖角至彭博社半年后,就被新东家抛弃了。

MongoDB Sharding、库、collection设计中的几点建议 - ljai

sharding设计须考虑的几个因素Sharding Key的选择 在片键的选择上,最好是能够在字段中选择混合型的片键,大范围的递增健、和随机分布的健组合,如按月份递增、按用户名随机。

Malaysia's schools to give anti-ISIS lessons to kids

Malaysian police will start holding talks in schools this year to warn students about the dangers of the Islamic State (ISIS), according to the Malaysian press.


你是否想拥有任天堂账号?此前只有生活在日本才能拥有,而现在任天堂全新的跨主机账号系统正式上线,用户可以通过现有的任天堂Network ID、Facebook、Twitter和Google账号进行登陆。任天堂开始布局在线架构,希望通过任天堂账号系统带来更多的优化。使用任天堂账号,用户能够在PC上完成购买,然后在Wii U或者3DS上进行自动下载。Friend Codes同样将会消失,打造优雅、良好和更现代化的好友系统。

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