Why are developers in such high demand right now?

As the war for great talent continues, developers are especially in higher demand than ever before

Staying Relevant In A Rapid Innovation Era

Developing software today can feel like running a race. In both cases, you run into obstacles and have fierce competition charging up fast behind. Developers are faced with a living, breathing, system of technology that is constantly changing and hard to control.

The only way to choose the right storage foundation for your business

Despite storage being the foundation on which all digital information, data and applications reside, some people say working in the storage industry can be a thankless task at times.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

On-Demand Darwinism: Survival Of The Fastest

When it comes to evolution, many focus on those special specimens that survive, known as the “fittest.” But what about the losers? Those that couldn’t adapt and simply fell off the merry-go-round of life? In startup-land we have a healthy obsession with failure that helps drive iteration and,

Data Integration: The only true provision against cybercrime

Even previously well protected and "secure" industries such as the public sector have realised that they must take extra steps in order to secure their data. Here's how to do it.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Genomics Needs A Killer App

Genomics has undergone a major shift in the last year. The drop in price in the past decade from $3B to $1K to sequence a genome is the 10X force likely to cause an inflection point in a number of health-related industries. But despite the price,

The Once And Future Web Platform

As a developer, articles declaring the death of the web are easy to dismiss out of hand. It's not unusual or unexpected for people to predict (or herald the arrival of) the next big thing and declare the status quo dead. Yet despite the mobile explosion over the past few years,

Why Mobile Video Advertising Is Set To Explode

Mobile video has been growing steadily for years but it is now close to justifying the hype that it generated throughout the years. Mobile video ad spend in the US more than doubled from 2013 ($720 million) to 2014 ($1.5 billion) and will reach $6 billion in 2018,

Simple IT Security Tactics for Small Businesses (Video)

Adam Kujawa is the lead person on the Malwarebytes Malware Intelligence Team, but he's not here to sell software. In fact, he says that buying this or that software package is not a magic bullet that will stop all attacks on your systems. Instead, he stresses coworker education. Repeatedly.

The Free Lunch Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software - jiahu

The Free Lunch Is OverA Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in SoftwareBy Herb SutterThe biggest sea change in software development since the OO revol...

One Small Step For Unbundling, One Big Leap For HBO

This week HBO finally announced the arrival of HBO Now, a streaming over-the-top access pass to HBO content for $14.99 a month. It will debut exclusively on the Apple TV for a three-month period (the first of which will be free to new users) and then expand to other platforms.

Most security leaders worry traditional approach doesn't shield again supply chain attacks

The boardroom is a decade behind when it comes to cybersecurity

To reach cloud nine, will you take the red pill or the blue pill?

Which pill should businesses take to escape the Matrix and successfully adopt cloud technology?

Does your organization have a data platform leader? It could soon

Who’s going to manage the creation and maintenance of data platform(s) as they become increasingly complex?

Quality in, quality out: how to get a machine learning platform humming

What do Machine Learning algorithms learn from? And what is their first lesson?

Why a password manager could be your most vital security tool

Keep your business safe and sound with 1Password.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting offers more powerful solutions than base-level shared hosting. We explain how and why this is the case.

Many businesses still refuse to shake legacy systems and processes

'If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it' mentality is holding businesses back

Get 40% off Cloudways hosting for four months this Black Friday

For Black Friday, get 40% off the first four months with Cloudways cloud hosting!

Many companies aren't future-proofing their technology plans

Investing in training and cybersecurity is always a good decision, report suggests

Immutability is key for cloud security

How immutability is one key aspect of cybersecurity that most organizations still don't leverage



陪审团:苹果三星专利官司难判 咱们烧香问乔布斯吧



Android Wear是一款为智能手表专门而打造的开源系统。作为该系统下的一员,摩托罗拉公司也希望将自家的智能手表也开源化。日前,这家公司举行了一场智能手表设计大赛。现在,最后入围前10强的作品都已出炉。

需求旺盛:苹果筹备了7000万到8000万台iPhone 6

援引华尔街日报称为满足全球日益高涨的市场需求,苹果为即将推出的4.7英寸/5.5英寸iPhone 6已经向供货渠道下达了7000万台到8000万台的订单,相比较去年推出的iPhone 5S/5C的5000万台到6000万台呈现了巨大的提升。



繼續擴充!Android One 在土耳其正式推出

Google 面對低階手機市場,早前推出了 Android One 計劃,為低階手機用家帶來更完整的 Google 服務體驗。最近他們終於在首個亞洲區以外國家推出這個計劃。以下有更多資料:The post 繼續擴充!

[视频]苹果Campus 2园区11月建设新进展:与9月大不相同

转眼到了11月,苹果Campus 2园区的建设也进展得非常不错。而近日,无人机操控者Duncan Sinfield又向我们分享了一则航拍视频。通过视频可知,苹果“太空船”主建筑的内部4层已经建设成型。

As Twilio’s largest shareholder, Bessemer Venture Partners prepares for the ride

Byron Deeter is likely waking up this morning and wondering what kind of day he’ll have. It was Deeter who led Bessemer Venture Partners into its seed-stage investment in Twilio, a now nine-year-old company that offers services like messaging, voice, image transfers,

金立新品将搭载神秘芯片 有什么特殊功能?

近日,一张疑为金立内部的新品机密铅笔手稿流出,图片看似金立某产品的内部构造工程图。令人玩味的是,图中产品不同于普通手机,除了众人皆知的中央处理器(CPU)和图形处理器(GPU)外,还有一颗很是费解的未知神秘 ... ...



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