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Quality in, quality out: how to get a machine learning platform humming

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Why a password manager could be your most vital security tool

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What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting offers more powerful solutions than base-level shared hosting. We explain how and why this is the case.

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The ebbs and flows of returning to the office

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【绘画】John Kacere写实主义画作

John Kacere(1920-1999),美国照片写实主义画家(Photorealist),1969年他的第一副极端写实作品是身着内衣女子的躯体中段,尺寸是真实比例的三倍,之后他一直坚持这个主题,使之成为照片写实主义的一个里程碑。

Venus By Day and Night in a Single Image

This is Venus as you've never seen it before: on the left, the planet during the day captured in visible light, and on the right, the night side, captured using infrared light, both at the same time.Read more...

【7】AccessDB快速数据访问 - jetz

阅读目录 C#和VB数据访问的比较 AccessDB的设计 数据库的连接 三种主要操作 错误输出及调试 小结 回到顶部 C#和VB数据访问的比较 C#中要进行一次普通的数据库查询,需要创建连接,再根据具体的数据库类型,创建相关的适配器对象,再创建命令对象,执行后,将结果填入到Dataset中,用户拿.

[图]紧凑相机王者之争:索尼RX100 III和佳能G7 X规格对比


'Twilight' Lives On, as Short Films on Facebook

It seems that vampires really are immortal.Lionsgate is planning to revive Twilight as a series of short films on Facebook, according to a new report in the New York Times.See also: 11 Movies That Change When You're an AdultThe studio is planning five films,

Health And Fitness Tracker MyFitnessPal Targets Power Users With Its First Paid Product

MyFitnessPal, a popular health and fitness tracking app that was snatched up by athletic apparel maker Under Armour earlier this year for $475 million, is today making its first move to a paid model by introducing a premium tier to its service aimed at power users. In particular,

Take Two 控告 BBC《GTA V》劇侵犯商標權

早前我們報導過英國 BBC 電視台準備開拍以《Grand Theft Auto》系列遊戲商,Rockstar Games 開發 遊戲的電視電影《Game Changer》,事件日前有突破性發展。擁有 Rockstar Games 的 Take-Two Interactive 日前入稟,控告 BBC 侵犯他們商標。

放心升级吧:iOS 9 将让你省电又省时

每当 iOS 更新时,我们会顺从地升级到最新版本,然后学会接纳一台时常出错、运行缓慢而且续航欠缺的 iPhone。今年这种苦日子就要到头了:随着 iOS 9 的到来,这个苦不堪言、单调的升级循环将于本周三迎来终结

IT's A-Team: Disaster Tech Lab brings Internet and phones to disaster zones and refugee camps

When a natural disaster strikes, and lives and communities hang in the balance, communication is criticalThe stricken require care, rescuers and relief workers have to know where they're needed and large aid organisations must figure out where and how to distribute resources.



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