Apex Hosting review

Our Apex Hosting review will help you understand whether this host’s Minecraft servers are worth using.

Most security leaders worry traditional approach doesn't shield again supply chain attacks

The boardroom is a decade behind when it comes to cybersecurity

To reach cloud nine, will you take the red pill or the blue pill?

Which pill should businesses take to escape the Matrix and successfully adopt cloud technology?

Does your organization have a data platform leader? It could soon

Who’s going to manage the creation and maintenance of data platform(s) as they become increasingly complex?

Quality in, quality out: how to get a machine learning platform humming

What do Machine Learning algorithms learn from? And what is their first lesson?

Why a password manager could be your most vital security tool

Keep your business safe and sound with 1Password.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting offers more powerful solutions than base-level shared hosting. We explain how and why this is the case.

Many businesses still refuse to shake legacy systems and processes

'If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it' mentality is holding businesses back

Get 73% off Namecheap web hosting this Black Friday

For Black Friday, Namecheap has a wide range of discounts on hosting, SSL certificates, and domains!

The ebbs and flows of returning to the office

To avoid exposing themselves to serious security risks, companies must evaluate their infrastructure

Why are developers in such high demand right now?

As the war for great talent continues, developers are especially in higher demand than ever before

Steve Blank:Facebook正在毁掉硅谷

硅谷创新大师Steve Blank最近在自己博客上发表文章,称Facebook正在毁掉硅谷。

网购7天无理由退货阻碍多 虚假发货等致落实难



大数据是对于大规模现象的一种模糊的表达。这一术语如今已经被企业家、科学家、政府和媒体炒得过热。 五年前,谷歌的 […]

J.D. Power:2014年中国新车购买意向研究


Dog fetches beers instead of balls, everyone wins

Here's a dog that has his priorities in checkJosh Ace has eliminated the first-world annoyance of walking to the fridge by training his cattle dog, Bennett, to fetch him a beer by simply saying "I'm parched." Hey, Bennett — we're parched over here...really, really parched.



Project Ara发布新版MDK:模块交易市场悄然上线

被称作Project Ara的模块化手机项目正在有条不紊地进行中,而在第二场开发者大会召开之前,Google发布了最新版的“模块开发套件”(MDK)。请注意,这里说的并不是软件开发套件(SDK)。

Apple Watch 零售计划报告:每位顾客可以试戴15分钟

根据熟悉苹果零售店计划的消息人士爆料,Apple Watch 今年4月发售后,苹果会推出几项重大改变。从4月10日开始,苹果会向每位顾客提供15分钟的试戴时间。

6 timeless tips that will help simplify your job search

The irony of job search advice: There's so much available that you don't have to spend more than four seconds Googling about before you land on some nugget of wisdom or anotherYet, at the same time,

迎接 4K iMac iMovie 更新并支持 4K 内容编辑

iPhone 6s 和 iPhone 6s Plus 支持录制 4K 分辨率的视频,而全新的 4K 21.5寸 iMac 今天悄然上架苹果在线商店。苹果现在更新了 Mac 版 iMovie 并加入了 4K 视频编辑功能。iPhone 6s 发布后,iOS 版 iMovie 开始支持编辑 4K 内容。

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