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Legacy IT systems continue to cause major problems

Digital transformation is a top priority for many businesses

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Why the success of your Microservice architecture migration is determined by the data layer challen

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《近匠》Testin:云测试除了APP和真机 还有可穿戴和汽车


亚马逊:Prime Music平庸的界面令用户感到熟悉

Spotify无需感到担心,Prime Music不会抢夺它的市场。不过,这并不是由于缺乏足够的音乐:Prime Music的界面属于已过去的时代,但亚马逊认为,Prime用户应当对此很熟悉。 亚马逊今天推出了首个流媒体音乐服务Prime Music。


智能手表作为最近非常火的一种新设备,一直广受关注。智能手表在未来能否热卖我们并不好说,但是我们可以先来看一看 Kevin Roose 的分析,了解一下智能手表的优势和劣势。

oracle--model用法 - li0924

一. 什么是 model语句model 语句是 Oracle10g 的新功能,SQL中的MODEL从句是Oracle 10g数据库为企业智能领域引入的一个重要的新功能。这个从句对喜欢从Oracle中区出来,再放入电子表格进行分析的会计人员有很大帮助。

iPhone 6 Plus上手体验:越大就越好吗?

腾讯数码讯 在今年之前,一款配备5.5英寸显示屏的iPhone简直是不可想象的。而现在,苹果就真的带来了这样一部巨屏iPhone。

爱立信实习总结 - 异步加载器


The midseason finale of 'Scandal' was absolutely insane

In the shocking midseason finale of Scandal, there's no more basking in the sun — as Olivia put it: "The sun went down a long time ago, and it's not coming back up" — as everything implodesCyrus' secret is out. Rowan seeks to take down anyone who threatens his future.



The most common outdoor allergies in the United States, by region

Outdoor allergies don't discriminateWith spring in full swing, a lot of us are experiencing itchy eyes and running noses. Seasonal allergies go into high gear in the spring when plants bloom and in the fall when mold spores are released.See also:


摘要: 张向东的700Bike,发起了“盲订”策划,7元盲订他造的车。700Bike收到大量盲订货款,“很多很多”。

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