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受堪称医学研究典范的美国弗雷明汉心脏研究(Framingham Heart Study)启发,谷歌也发起了一项名为gDNA的长期研究项目,旨在发现如何改善员工福利、如何培养卓越的领导人才以及更好地了解工作与幸福之间如何相互影响的方法。

GM Recalls 512,000 Chevy Camaros

DETROIT, Michigan — General Motors is recalling more cars for problems with ignition switches.GM is recalling nearly 512,000 Chevrolet Camaro muscle cars from the 2010 to 2014 model years. A driver's knee can bump the key and knock the switch out of the "run" position, causing an engine stall.

玩转Build 2015:Microsoft Edge现场演示

今年一月份的发布会上,微软首次公开代号为Project Spartan的浏览器。不过一直以来,Project […]

Memo to presidential candidates: Iowa has good beer too

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was at the Iowa State Fair on Friday, something of a rite of passage for presidential candidates touring the Hawkeye State. As one does, he tried out some of the local favorites, including a pork chop on a stick.Jeb Bush digs into a pork chop on a stick at #ISF2015 pic.

Watch all the action from 'The Walking Dead' premiere red carpet with Mashable

More than 13,000 people have tickets to the biggest television event in New York City — and so do youFriday night, Mashable will be livestreaming all the action from The Walking Dead red carpet premiere, taking place at Madison Square Garden in New York CitySee also:

Photo Evidence Shows Facebook Is Building Messenger For Mac

TechCrunch has attained photographic evidence and an eyewitness report that Facebook has built an as-yet-unreleased Facebook Messenger For Mac desktop app. The photo below shows a Facebook employee using it.

魅族心机Boy!魅蓝note 3海报曝光:开撕小米华为苹果

【媒体报导】都知道魅族将在4月6日举行魅蓝note 3发布会,魅族官方也已经提前预热一段时间,就在昨日,魅族官方贴吧上爆出一组疑似魅蓝note 3发布会倒计时海报,不过很快就被删了。当然少不了热心万能的网友,及时保 ... ...


平板电脑从诞生至今,一直都在我们的工作生活中扮演着非常重要的角色。虽然近年来平板电脑的销量开始下滑已是不争的事实,但这依然不妨碍各个平台领域中涌现出优秀的平板电脑产品。本文就带大家盘点几款今年各个平台最好的平板电脑。  1. Windows 10:Surface Pro 4  这是微软的第四代混合型可拆卸平板电脑。相比Surface Pro 3,它采用了更加快速、更加节能的处理器,提供更多的RAM和存储空间选项,配备更大的屏幕以及更好的系统散热功能。Surface Pro 4能够满足消费者对Windows 10平板电脑的各种配置要求。  具体配置:2.

Bot Lawyer That Successfully Appealed 160,000 Parking Tickets Is a Damn Hero

Parking tickets are the worst. Sadly, the burden of challenging a ticket is far greater than just paying the damn thing. But what if an artificially intelligent robot could do the dirty work for you?Read more...



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