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The strategic steps for balancing low-code/no-code development with IT governance

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Learn how to make a website with Squarespace in this comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Legacy IT systems continue to cause major problems

Digital transformation is a top priority for many businesses

WP Engine web hosting review 2021

Our WP Engine review finds it's an advanced platform for managed WordPress hosting that’s built with the needs of developers in mind.

Shockbyte review

A full analysis shows that Shockbyte offers a great selection of Minecraft servers backed by leading performance and simple setup.

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智能机“Kill switch”防盗机制在加州议会遭否决

据外媒报道,日前,"kill switch"智能手机防盗机制在加州议会上遭到了否决。据悉,该法案至少要在议会内获得21票才能进入到下一步的工作,然而在近40分钟的激辩之后,该法案只收到了19票的赞成票。


本文作者罗超 编辑 reMake 世界杯期间各家科技巨头利用大数据预测比赛结果,再现“章鱼保罗”雄风。世界杯结 […]

Couple's Sign Language Car Dancing Will Brighten Your Day

American Sign Language interpreter Tina Cleveland and her fiancé Paul Sirimarco have a different approach to road trip sing-a-longsWhile some prefer to belt their personal rendition of Whitney Houston, the couple opted for a more unique interpretation of another karaoke classic:

TLC闪存也会有V-NAND版:850 Evo要来了

三星的V-NAND随着850 Pro的发布开始正式进入消费级市场,目前的V-NAND是第二代,最大32层堆叠,NAND基础还是40nm工艺的MLC闪存,刚刚测试得出的P/E次数达到了6000次,可靠性还不错。


从小米在印度和东南亚的布局到奇虎 360 在新兴市场的布局,从微信在东南亚和拉丁美洲请当地明星代言推广再到猎豹移动和 Go Launcher 在北美的本地化服务,最近2-3 年,越来越多的中国顶级互联网公司开始把目光投 ... ...

Twitter officially adds Bing tweet translator to website and mobile

Twitter has officially added its Bing-powered translation feature to its web and mobile apps.Twitter has been experimenting with the tool for some time, but now it seems as though it's here to stay. The translation feature is now part of the social network's website, and also works on iOS,

Fitbit Windows Phone app updates with cool new features

The Windows Phone Fitbit app has just updated with several new features. Among the more significant updates is the addition of more in-depth sleep tracking functionality which was previously limited to basic stopwatch-like recording of the length of a user’s sleep.



周末要闻回顾:Verizon竞购雅虎胜出 9月16日iPhone 7发布

【媒体报导】7月24日消息,周末假期结束,TechWeb带您回顾一下7月23日、7月24日两天的重要资讯。Verizon竞购雅虎胜出 双方下周一公布交易细节知情人士透露,雅虎和美国运营商Verizon准备对外宣布它们正在敲定收购 ... ...


你是否爱在旅行中不停的买买买,但回程却为如何装箱大费脑细胞?那么爱稀奇要介绍的这款VAGO自动真空压缩机绝对是 […]

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