SaaS security: Out of sight, not out of mind

SaaS adoption is growing and putting businesses at risk

Governing no-code/low-code innovation

The strategic steps for balancing low-code/no-code development with IT governance

How to make a website with Squarespace

Learn how to make a website with Squarespace in this comprehensive step-by-step guide.

Legacy IT systems continue to cause major problems

Digital transformation is a top priority for many businesses

WP Engine web hosting review 2021

Our WP Engine review finds it's an advanced platform for managed WordPress hosting that’s built with the needs of developers in mind.

Shockbyte review

A full analysis shows that Shockbyte offers a great selection of Minecraft servers backed by leading performance and simple setup.

Why the success of your Microservice architecture migration is determined by the data layer challen

Don't miss the critical step to ensure your business moves effectively to microservices

Increasing productivity in hybrid work environments

Normalization of recorded work meetings and AI advancement is giving rise to innovation never thought possible

CCTV in the GDPR era - the importance of compliance

Importance balancing GDPR compliance with next-gen AI based video surveillance

Get two months of BigCommerce free with this exclusive Black Friday deal

In its holiday season promotion, BigCommerce is offering two months for free on its ecommerce website builder packages!

Why ESG is no longer just a passing thought for landlords

Tenants are now held accountable for their ESG compliance

Thanks To A Grant From Montana, Submittable Has Now Raised $1M+ For Submission Management

When I first wrote about Y Combinator-backed startup Submittable in 2012, the company said it had raised $450,000 in funding. Submittable has continued raising since then, and with a recent $100,000 grant from the state of Montana, the total is now more than $1 million.

途牛全国供应商大会 首站武汉圆满落幕

北京和上海2014年4月11日电 /美通社/ -- 4月9日,途牛旅游网全国供应商大会武汉首站在锦江国际大酒店隆重召开。



15 Photos That Capture Kindness

As the old saying goes, sharing is caring. That's why last week, in collaboration with Asus, we asked readers to share photos that represent kindness in everyday life for our Mashable Photo Challenge. See also:

The Seven Constants Of Game Design, Part One

In the first of a two part series exploring game design, this article discusses the idea that games operate within a universe of defined constants, meaning traits to do with play that stand independent of platform, audience or technology. Read More

WPF中使用ValueConverter来实现“范围条件触发器” - calmrole

在WPF中,我们知道界面层可以通过Trigger触发器实现“条件”——“赋值”的功能属性触发器Property Trigger:当Dependency Property的值发生改变时触发。数据触发器Data Trigger: 当普通.NET属性的值发生改变时触发。

微软正式发布诺基亚Lumia 830 & Lumia 730

威智网 9 月 4 日消息,北京时间下午四点微软在德国柏林 IFA 大会发布了自己最新的 Windows Phone 手机,诺基亚 Lumia 830 和诺基亚 Lumia 730。


經常看見狗隻跳起接食物的場面,通常他們都很精準,讓人嘖嘖稱奇。不過最近一段 熱門影片中的獵犬,就經常失敗,而且樂此不疲,實在十分可愛。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post 獵犬也有失手的時候,不過這也太多了吧!

Vance Joy on upcoming Taylor Swift tour and sometimes reading the comments

Singer-songwriter Vance Joy has struck relative gold in the music world. In just a few weeks, he'll support Taylor Swift on her 1989 World Tour, and be exposed to millions of fans along the way — 1.6 million in North America alone.


重出江湖的命令行通常每天早上,我都会在硅谷大牛的博客里读到一些很有营养的想法。今天Fred Wilson就写了篇文章提出一个非常有意思的观点:命令行格式的交互界面将重新回归我们的生活。

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