Securing the supply chain this holiday season

The Christmas period is often fruitful for threat-actors looking to catch businesses off-guard, meaning security must be ramped up

Best apps to share files securely in 2022

Our guide to the best apps to share files evaluates the many secure options available, including some less well-known brands and providers.

Businesses underestimate the threat posed by vulnerable printers

Printers are often the cause of data loss

Post-trade infrastructure: the next frontier for the digital transformation of capital markets

The stock market still operates on largely the same system as over fifty years ago. With this outdated system, an opportunity presents itself for technology to transform the market

Meeting customer eCommerce promises with data-driven fulfillment

eCommerce retailers are embracing data-driven fulfillment to achieve certainty

Nearly all SMBs suffer from serious IT and data compliance issues

Small businesses risk major fines over compliance failures

Perfecting online transactions to reduce local government pressures

How local government pressures can be reduced by perfecting online transactions for residents

How automation will drive the four-day week revolution

Tech is key to creating the shorter working week

The healthy building imperative, delivering cleaner air to tackle Covid-19 and other threats

There is also greater attention on how building owners and managers can monitor and deliver cleaner air flows

The best VPS cloud hosting in 2021

In our guide to the best VPS cloud hosting, discover which platforms offer the top hosting for your next digital project.

B2B firms are getting cold feet on buying decisions

The pandemic has changed how businesses sell their products

51% of Facebook Referrals for Publishers Come From Mobile

Facebook announced last October that the social network's average referral traffic to media sites increased 170% in 2013. Now, we're seeing mobile play an even larger role for publishers' overall trafficMore than half of Facebook's referral traffic to media sites in January 2014 came from mobile,

Linux 3.14将是下一个长期支持内核

内核稳定内核分支维护者Greg Kroah-Hartman宣布,Linux 3.14将是下一个长期支持稳定内核。长期支持稳定内核针对的是嵌入式设备,嵌入式设备的生命期短更新更快,一般为两年左右,长期支持稳定内核将提供两年的维护更新。Linux 3.


教父崛起于美国,他的权力却植根于纽约的意大利移民社区和他组建的家庭(广义上指Corleone Family 组织包括克里曼萨泰西欧等);但他的儿子都是土生土长的美国人,西西里传统何处安放,家族权力如何传接?

【苹果发布会】iMac with Retina 外媒上手:卓越的桌面电脑

苹果刚刚发布了全新的 iMac with Retina,配备了逆天像素的 5K 屏幕,分辨率高达 5210 x 2880。新的 iMac 还采用 3.5GHz 的英特尔 i5 处理器,可升级到 4GHz 的英特尔 i7 处理器。



Man sues Southwest for $49,000 after carry-on bag fell on him

A man is suing Southwest airlines for $49,000, after he suffered a compressed disc when a piece of baggage fell on him from the overhead bin.Jerry Reinhardt was on board a plane at Portland International Airport in January 2013, on his way to Las Vegas,

CentOS6.6源码编译升级GCC至4.8.2 - lvyahui





面对越来越严峻的环境形势,类似“低碳生活”这样的概念就开始流行了起来。到底要做到什么程度才能算是低碳生活呢?戴上 WorldBeing 手环或许你就有答案了。  


北京时间10月21日上午消息,Facebook创始人兼CEO马克-扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerburg)将于本月底在清华经管学院给学生授课,分享他的经验与感悟。扎克伯格于2004年创立社交网站Facebook,公司2012年在纳斯达克上市。

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