Securing the supply chain this holiday season

The Christmas period is often fruitful for threat-actors looking to catch businesses off-guard, meaning security must be ramped up

Jump-start your creative journey with the MSI Creator Z16P

The Creator Z16P from MSI could be your ideal creative partner.

Better incentives could be the key to getting workers back into the office

Employers will need to offer more incentives in order to persuade employees working in the office is still a good idea.

Google's first quarter earnings slip despite aggressive cloud investment

Investments continue in cloud-based services as the big tech company moves to diversify its portfolio.

European Parliament approves its Digital Services Act

The EU has implemented the Digital Services Act and aims to better protect all users while they’re online.

Businesses warned as REvil ransomware gang appears to be back online

Threat levels have been raised following the siting of a new REvil site with links to cybercrime operation.

Nearly half of UK employees duped by online security threats, survey suggests

Business owners are being advised to revaluate their cybersecurity awareness measures in response to new survey.

UCL faced almost 60 million malicious email attacks at the start of this year

The National Cyber Security Centre is advising organisations to beef up their security arrangements.

The healthy building imperative, delivering cleaner air to tackle Covid-19 and other threats

There is also greater attention on how building owners and managers can monitor and deliver cleaner air flows

The best VPS cloud hosting in 2021

In our guide to the best VPS cloud hosting, discover which platforms offer the top hosting for your next digital project.

B2B firms are getting cold feet on buying decisions

The pandemic has changed how businesses sell their products

SharePoint 2013 排错之"Code blocks are not allowed in this file" - 霖雨


饿了么上线「美食发现」:用 UGC 打开外卖新方向

就在两天前,外卖平台「饿了么」宣布获得大众点评领投的 8000 万美元,两者将在外卖领域展开深度战略合作。饿了么随即在今天正式上线 iPhone 新版 v3.

Can You Supercharge Your Brain With Electricty?

Applying mild electrical currents to your head could take away pain, help memory and improve attention – and the US military is very interested. Emma Young reports.Read more...



Far Cry 4 is now available for digital download on Xbox One

The sequel to the best-selling, critical darling of 2012, Far Cry 4 is now available for download on Xbox One.Taking the same formula as the original and blowing it up just a little (literally and figuratively), the blurb sets the scene,



易到用车推出“元气早餐” 关怀满满 美好更易到

北京2015年6月24日电 /美通社/ -- 易到用车宣布正式推出“早餐专车”。从6月25日至7月3日,只要在每天上午10:30前打开易到用车 App 预订出行,在司机列表中头像显示为“早餐”的车型,便是易到的“早餐专车”。



Unity Shader:Blur - 佛仙魔

花了一晚上的时间终于看懂Image Effect中的Blur,其实很简单,就是一下子没有理解到。原理:使用两个一维[1*7]的高斯滤波模板,一个用在x方向,另一个用在y方向。高斯滤波有模糊的效果。

BlackBerry Priv is now available on Verizon

BlackBerry Priv, the company's first Android phone, has finally escaped AT&T's clutches and is now also available on Verizon. The device starts at $30 per month for the 24-month plan, or the full retail price of $720. SEE ALSO:

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