How to delete your Microsoft teams account

As Popular As It Is, We Can No Longer Unbundle Microsoft Office

This spring we witnessed the big three OS manufacturers — Microsoft, Apple and Google — continue to unbundle their versions of Microsoft Office apps for mobile, including versions of PowerPoint, Excel and Word for iPad.

An in-depth look at how the Office 365 Outlook Web App could be improved

We’ve gathered our thoughts on how Microsoft could improve Office Web App, and the five main areas where this tool could use some honing.Read more:

Your Nightmare Stories of Working For a Tech Giant

We asked for your worst stories about working in a massive tech bureaucracy. From inept management to insane rules to meetings that lead to more meetings, you’ve been through a lot. Let’s clock in.Read more...



Google Fit将发布 苹果HealthKit或遇强敌

苹果本月初的  WWDC 大会上发布了 HealthKit 健康和保健追踪平台,但是他们是否想到自己的这个平台很快就迎来了竞争对手。Forbes 最新报道显示,谷歌将会本月的 I/O 大会上推出相似平台 Google Fit。  


未来的 iPhone 会发展成什么样子?也许就连苹果也没有一个确切的答案。不过,他们已经考虑过 iPhone 发展的各种可能,比如为 iPhone 配备一种未来派的频率传感器。





The 'Waterfall House' Takes Showering Outdoors

In Sweden, a clause in planning laws allows residents to build a 270 square foot building on any existing residential property — a law that’s seen some inventive new small house designs, like this concept that moves the shower outdoors. Read more...

传苹果有兴趣使用宝马 i3 作为公司电动车基础

根据德国网站报告,苹果和宝马正在谈判之中,苹果有兴趣使用宝马 i3 电动车作为公司电动车项目的基础。



乐视旗舰机乐Max 2配置出炉:骁龙8206GB内存2K屏

按照乐视的说法,本周三(4月20日)的发布会上,会更新超级手机全系,那么理论上就应该有三款手机,分别是乐2、乐2 Pro和乐Max 2。对于乐2,它已经在工信部入网,采用ID无边框3.0设计,5.5寸1080P显示屏、联发科Helio X20+3G内存,3.5mm耳机孔和Type-C二合一设计。而作为旗舰,乐Max 2此前已在体育融资大会上低调现身,现在GFXBench数据库出现了型号X820的新设备,应该就是乐Max 2。

Artistic mom's lunch bags are endlessly amusing works of art

When a mom names her son Kale, you know she has some creativity up her sleeve.Every day for the past few months, Jenn Aguilar from Calgary, Canada, has been documenting the "hand drawn lunch bag adventures" she creates for her sons Kale, age 14, and Konnor, age 12, on Instagram.SEE ALSO:

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