How to delete your Microsoft teams account

As Popular As It Is, We Can No Longer Unbundle Microsoft Office

This spring we witnessed the big three OS manufacturers — Microsoft, Apple and Google — continue to unbundle their versions of Microsoft Office apps for mobile, including versions of PowerPoint, Excel and Word for iPad.

An in-depth look at how the Office 365 Outlook Web App could be improved

We’ve gathered our thoughts on how Microsoft could improve Office Web App, and the five main areas where this tool could use some honing.Read more:

Your Nightmare Stories of Working For a Tech Giant

We asked for your worst stories about working in a massive tech bureaucracy. From inept management to insane rules to meetings that lead to more meetings, you’ve been through a lot. Let’s clock in.Read more...

php源码学习--生命周期 - J默

用了2年php了,只知其外,不知其里,不得其意;学习中,要点记在这里;一切的开始:SAPI接口 SAPI(server application programming interface)指的是php的具体应用编程接口,php脚本要执行有很多种方式,比如:通过web服务器、命令行,也可以嵌入其它程序.


根据cNet的消息,虚拟现实设备厂商Oculus正在自行开发一款运动控制器,方便搭配Rift VR头戴装置使用。虽然现在对Oculus的这款控制器的细节、售价以及上市时间还暂不得知。

Gigafactory Is a Go as Nevada Gives Tesla $1.25 Billion Tax Break

The state of Nevada lured Tesla Motors to build its giant car battery "gigafactory" by offering a tax deal worth $1.25 billion to the auto company over the next two decades, it was revealed at a press conference ThursdayThe 15-million square-foot factory will churn out 500,000 Tesla car batteries,

Reporters Without Borders: 66 journalists killed in 2014 as attacks grow more 'barbaric'

KIEV, Ukraine – Reporters Without Borders said Tuesday that at least 66 journalists were killed over the course of the year as the number of reporters' kidnappings soared in 2014.While the number of journalists’ deaths dropped slightly from 71 in 2013,

Backed by Nvidia, Catopsys wants to bring Microsoft's Illumiroom vision to life with Immersis

If you haven’t heard of Microsoft’s Illumiroom project, it’s a projection-based experience that extends a video game beyond the TV and onto the walls surrounding it. The project was rumored to see a release alongside the Xbox One but obviously that never happened.



Confessions of a whistleblower: Inside the mind of an infamous corporate burglar

WHiH WORLD NEWSPromoted by WHiH World News, a property of VistaCorp. WHiH World News covers every corner of political discussion, science, and world entertainment.It's an age-old question: If a crime is committed for the right reasons, is it really a crime at all?In answering, though,

挖掘机、大公鸡 都是叫你吃早餐的设计发明

又到了一年开学季,叫熊孩子起床吃早饭仿佛成了世界上最难的事情。伦敦设计师 Dominic Wilcox 发明了一系列可穿戴式工具,让吃早餐变成世界上最好玩的事。  

Java IO - 宏愿。

掌握IO是一件极其重要的事情。 一、概览 “流”(stream)有方向:流进(input stream)和流出(output stream)。 “流”有流动的最小单位:①有基于一个字节(single-byte)流动的InputStream和OutputStream家族;②也有基于两个字节流...



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