Here's all the new features coming to Microsoft 365 for Front Line Workers

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列印日本!國土地理院推出對應的 3D Printing 地圖

近年 3D Printing 技術開始成熟,3D Printer 也可放在家用,但最大問題是要畫出 3D Printing 的設計圖就一點也不用容易製作喔!先進過人的日本國土地理院推出了十分有趣的對應 3D Printing 地圖,可閱讀全文    

Apple: Dumb As a Patent Trolling Fox On iPhone Prior Art?

theodp (442580) writes "GeekWire reports that a Microsoft researcher's 1991 video could torpedo Apple's key 'slide to unlock' patent, one of 5 patents that the iPhone maker cited in its demand for $40 per Samsung phone.

C++的那些事:数据与类型 - ☆Ronny丶


只用了 $300 美元宣傳,OnePlus 已成功售出 50 萬部手機

現在的手機廠商,都耗費大量宣傳費用去提升銷量,其中以 Samsung 最大手筆。不過之前 OnePlus 只是用了 $300 美元,就已經售出 50 萬部 One 手機。繼續閱讀了解更多。

JSONP解决ajax跨域问题 - 每当变幻时

在A域名下,用ajax请求B域名下的请求,会报类似这样的错误:No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.在响应头中加入一个属性:response.setHeader("Access-Con...

Nature loosens paywall on its journal articles

Nature, one of the world's most prominent scientific journals, will make all its articles free to view online, its publisher announced TuesdayThis applies to all 49 journals published on, including Nature Neuroscience, Nature Chemistry, Nature Biotechnology and others. There's a catch,

First: Machine-gun bacon. Then: The world. A media newcomer's path to win 2016

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Last month, Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham obliterated his archaic cell phone with evident glee.In a video set to "The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi, the 60-year-old Graham hammered the phone with a meat cleaver before dropping it in a blender,

相比Windows 10,微软CEO纳德拉更在意的是Office创新

虎嗅注:微软CEO纳德拉自从上任后,不乏争议,但他让微软变得更加年轻、“移动”、效率,也是有目共睹,包括你已经安装的Windows 10 、全息眼镜HoloLens……但是,The Wall Street Journal 通过采访纳德拉了解到这位印度裔CEO,其实相比Windows 10,他似乎更加关注已经推行了25年的Office软件,微软高管和Office软件甚至出现在了9月9日苹果iPhone

Older dog teaches younger pup some manners

Dogs might have a somewhat slobbery reputation — but some carry respect.In this video, a younger pup bounces around with no regard for their surroundings. It barks, it tumbles, it even crosses physical boundaries. Finally, an older,

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