PUBG: Battlegrounds is now free-to-play on PC and consoles

Here's How All That Winter Road Salt Is Made

Road salt has been a point of contention lately, what with all this wintry weather. If you live in a snowy climate, you're probably used to seeing warehouses and dump trucks full of the stuff. But where does all that ice-melting goodness come from? National Geographic brings us this fascinating,

Google Bought a Drone Company, Which Isn't At All Creepy, Nope

The Wall Street Journal has just confirmed that Google will be purchasing Titan Aerospace, the same high-altitude drone startup that Facebook had been in talks with earlier this year . Read more...

Windows Phone: Still left out in the cold by major developers

Windows Phone 8.1 is a big step forward for Microsoft’s mobile OS, but if top app developers aren’t willing to make an effort for the platform, it’ll continue to lag behind.Read more:

Was Watch Dogs For PC Handicapped On Purpose?

Advocatus Diaboli writes: Many PC gamers were disappointed that Ubisoft's latest AAA game, Watch_Dogs, did not look as nice as when displayed at E3 in 2012. But this week a modder discovered that code to improve the game's graphics on the PC is still buried within the released game,

苹果邀请百万用户给新系统 Yosemite 挑错

7月24日消息,自苹果在WWDC 2014上发布了新一代Mac操作系统OS X Yosemite后,就一直是广大果粉们谈论的焦点。今天,苹果官网发布了OS X Yosemite的公开测试版,并将邀请一百万名注册的用户共同参与测试。  

在图像处理中,散度 div 具体的作用是什么?

回答两个问题:1. 什么是散度?2. 散度在图像处理中有何应用1. 什么是散度1.1 散度的定义散度是作用在向量场上的一个算子。用三维空间来举例,向量场就是在空间每一点处都对应一个特殊的三维向量的向量函数:。

百度开放移动安全平台 开发者们怎么看?

9 月 3 日,百度手机卫士正式对外宣布开放安全平台,此举将让银行、支付类垂直领域、应用商店、运营商、开发者等多方受益。

Line Of Sight

You’ve probably heard that the FAA proposed its rules for commercial drones last weekend. There’s some good and some bad in those rules. The good thing is that drone startups finally know what kind of rules they will operate under once they are codified in the next year or so. The bad: 

T-Mobile CEO爆三星Galaxy S6真机照

T-Mobile CEO约翰莱杰尔刚刚在Twitter上爆出了三星新一代旗舰机Galaxy S6真机照,这次爆出的真机照有2张,一张是机身侧面照片,一张是正面半身照,很清楚显示了S6的弯曲显示器。

排排坐:iPad mini 4 和其他mini兄弟在一起

今年 iPad 的光芒几乎都被 iPad Pro 夺走了,别忘了,苹果还给我们带来了 iPad mini 4。相比iPad Air 2,mini 4 拥有更高的颜色范围,更优质的屏幕(全层压显示屏)。

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