Windows 11 Insider build 22533 brings redesigned flyout menus for volume and brigthness

You'll Never Believe All The Things Made Out Of Chicken Feathers

As a nation, the United States consumes a whopping 8 billion chickens every year, and this results in a few mountains' worth of chicken feathers in pure waste. But no more, some entrepreneurs say: chicken feathers could be the future of plastic. Read more...    

Online Bill Of Rights Needed To Protect Democracy, Says Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee, the man who pioneered the interconnected information management system we now know colloquially as the Web (he called it the World Wide Web), has called for an online Magna Carta to protect the openness and neutrality of the Internet. Read More

【实践笔记】Ubuntu添加系统调用及内核编译 - ZIVERS

平台:VMware 9.0 pro系统:Ubuntu 13.10 i386新内核版本:Linux-3.17.7 32位(全过程使用root账户)一、下载新的内核从Kernel.org上下载最新的内核。下载之后得到文件“ linux-3.13.7.tar.xz ”cp文件到“ /usr/src ”目录...

DARPA Develops Stealth Motorcycle For US Special Forces

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: "Allen McDuffee reports that DARPA is developing a hybrid-powered motorcycle to soundlessly penetrate remote areas and execute complex, lightning-fast raids. The idea is to develop a hybrid power system that relies on both electric and gas power,

Whitepaper: NetDataVault rolls out flexible, reliable cloud platform for IaaS

Virtualised cloud platform makes adding new resources simple and fast for customers. Indian service provider NetDataVault chose a solution based on HP CloudSystem.Read more:

谷歌Project Ara主管:模块式手机能测血氧

威锋网 11 月 9 日消息  近日,谷歌模块式手机 Project Ara 项目主管埃雷·蒙科( Paul Eremenko)向外界展示了首个健康模块,概念将进一步被转换为更实际的使用价值。  

同样的MVC,不同的实现方法(Spring MVC .Net MVC) - 中和软件信息技术推进

由于工作需要,最近将Net的MVC又重新好好的学习了一遍.学习教材是博客园里的大神的作品《ASP.NET MVC5框架揭秘》。《ASP.NET MVC5框架揭秘》这本书,说了很多东西,但是总觉得太偏于理论,实际的例子太少。

13 fun holiday crafts to DIY with kids

When kids are home from school for winter break, they're bound to get bored and restlessKeep them occupied and active with easy holiday craft projects they can do themselves or with the help of an adult.See also:

How To Call A Predator: The Rabbit Squeal

There's more in the woods than you're likely aware. Want to see who's around next time you're out there? The rabbit squeal will bring in foxes, coyotes, cougars, bears and pretty much anything else that enjoys the taste of meat. Here's how to sound like a tasty morsel.Read more...


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