Microsoft reportedly hires semiconductor engineer away from Apple

East of Palo Alto’s Eden

What if Silicon Valley had emerged from a racially integrated community? Would the technology industry be different?  Would we? And what can the technology industry do now to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past?

Apple Bringing iTunes Festival Stateside For The First Time At SXSW 2014

Apple is putting on a show on SXSW this year, the company just announced via press release. It’ll take place over five days between March 11 and March 15, at the Moody Theater where PBS’ Austin City Limits is shot, and will have a lineup that includes Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Pitbull,



How to Cope With Information Overload

Information overload has become an everyday experience for anyone who works with computers, owns a smartphone or waits at a bus stop with minute-by-minute updates about arrival times.And this information overload has been cited as a major factor in the rise of stress-related diseases.

How Did an Obscure Emoji Take Over the Internet? Shrug.

The entire internet is feeling pretty ¯_(ツ)_/¯ today.In case you've been under a virtual rock lately, the "smugshrug" symbol (also known as the "shruggie") has nonchalantly taken over. Although the unconcerned expression is nothing new,


前言   做交互设计也有好几个年头了,最近一直在思考一个问题,我们这些俗称线框仔的交互设计师,如何保持自己的竞争力,我们的未来会是怎样的?

Project Ara模块化真机图赏:热插拔魅力无穷

Google Project Ara模块化手机进展到什么程度了?到底能够多模块化?该项目负责人Paul Eremenko在纽约的一次会议上公开进行了演示,让现场观众大开眼界。他展示了Project Ara手机的模块是如何可以随意更换,也就是所谓的热插拔。

The 'Serial' problem and why you probably can't trust your own memory

Six weeks ago I arrived back in London after my first trip to Australia. It felt considerably colder than the 34 degrees we'd left behind in Sydney, but the skies were clear and blue. Or were they? My partner said no, it had been pouring with rain. I had felt absolutely sure,


威锋网 1 月 13 日消息,你是否拥有一台属于自己的 iPhone?相信对于大多数人,尤其是对于各位广大锋友来说,这不是一件困难的事情。然而在拥有一台 iPhone 的同时,还能够拥有某款社交软件上 800 万粉丝的话,就非常困难了。毕竟,如果能做到这一点,就已经意味着你拥有了很大的名气了。因为 800 万的粉丝数量将意味着知道或听说过你的人甚至有可能已经上亿了,这是非常不容易的。  而很多时候,拥有如此数量庞大的粉丝群也并不是一件好的事情。如果你一不小心没有将一些程序设置好的话,就有可能会因此出现一些“意外”。近期,荷兰职业足球运动员德米-德泽乌就遭遇了这样的烦恼。  

Swinging an iPhone Around Your Head Produces Stunningly Unique Footage of a Ski Run

Drones and GoPros have been responsible for some of the most amazing footage of extreme sports over the past few years. But Nicolas Vuignier has come up with a brilliantly simple way to use his iPhone to capture some truly remarkable footage of him skiing down a snow-covered mountain.Read more...


文|BioTalker ,来自微信公众号:奇点网(geekheal_com),虎嗅获授权发表。5月13日,美国白宫科学和技术政策局与一些联邦机构和私营机构,联合宣布启动「国家微生物组计划」(National Microbiome Initiative,NMI)。「国家微生物组计划」旨在促进微生物领域的科学研究,以开发微生物在医疗健康、食品和环境领域的应用。关于微生物的重要性,我想应该不必多说。从近几年在顶级期刊发的文章我们可以很清晰的看到,越来越多的研究表明,微生物对人体健康、环境变化和食品安全等有重要的影响。

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