New OneDrive Files On-Demand experience starts rolling out on macOS

Can This iPad App Improve Your Vision?

Can playing a game on your iPad for 30 minutes really help you see better? According to the creators of the UltimEyes app, the half-game, half-eye exam, it can. A study published in the journal Current Biology in February helped support their claim.

Get Lost in This Map of 170,000 Photos From Depression-Era America

Some of the most haunting images of the U.S. were captured from 1935 to 1945, as the country emerged from the depths of the Great Depression and rallied for World War II. A team from Yale has collaborated on one of the most visually stunning interpretations of the era, called Photogrammar: 170,



Claire redefines the cold shoulder in 'House of Cards' Season 3 teaser

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, the Underwoods' official White House portrait is basically a thesis on failing marriagesDespite Netflix's little leak last week of House of Cards Season 3, the company has continued to drop teasers of what's in store for Frank and Claire.


摘要 : 整整一周过去,足记仍然坚挺在App Store免费榜全榜Top 1的位置上,即使昙花一现的声音仍然余音绕梁,但是几乎所有人都已意识到此次目睹的这朵昙花,花期简直是出了奇的长。  

FoxConn closes in on deal to manufacture Microsoft phones in India

Earlier this week at WPC, Microsoft’ COO Kevin Turner spoke more about the changes in Windows Phone/Mobile, noting that there will be changes in the manufacturing process and use of multi-tiered distribution.

Kyle Chandler brought back Coach Taylor for this very important PSA

Clear eyes, full hearts, SILENT PHONES.It's been more than four years since Kyle Chandler pulled down the blue ballcap and riled us up on Friday Night Lights, but this — this is too important. We've worked most of our lives for this.SEE ALSO: Now 'Game of Thrones' might end after Season 8,


“谐星乘车买咖啡(Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee)”在上周放出的第七季预告片中暗示,他们将迎来史上最重磅嘉宾--美国总统先生。现在, 这期节目已经在网上播出。整体来看,虽然奥巴马近几年的民众支持率并不高,但他在节目中的表现还是可圈可点的。在本期节目中,奥巴马和宋飞驾驶的是一辆1963雪佛兰科尔维特Stingray。

[视频]三星模块化屏幕瞬间1个变8个 黑科技惊呆众人


国行版Surface Book开售 你还买iPad Pro吗

被微软称为终极笔记本的 Surface Book 今天终于在国内上市,该笔记本于今年 1 月 1 日开启预售,今天终于正式开卖,在微软商城、京东、苏宁在内的各地线上线下渠道开始全面铺货,售价 11088 元起。  国行 Surface Book 有四个版本可选,售价分别为:  Core i5+8GB 内存+128GB SSD,售价 11088 元。  Core i5+8GB 内存+256GB SSD+独显,售价 14088 元。  Core i7+8GB 内存+256GB SSD+独显,售价 15588 元。  

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