HBO Max's 'Landscapers' makes theatre out of true crime

It'll take about one minute to figure out whether you'll be into Landscapers: a director yells "Action, rain!" while the words "This is a true story," appear onscreen as the fake rain falls over London.A collaboration between Sky and HBO, the four-part series is inevitably polarising,

Sex workers are being booted off the 'link in bio' platform, Linktree

Another day, another online platform turning on sex workers.Linktree, a popular social media link service, is removing sex workers and other adult content creators from its site, according to a new report from Motherboard. According to Linktree,

Spotify faces calls for a misinfo policy as an open letter exposes Joe Rogan's COVID lies

Podcaster Joe Rogan is once again causing problems for the company that pays him $100 million: Spotify.Last week, 270 doctors, scientists, and professors published an open letter to the audio streaming giant demanding that the company create an official policy around misinformation. The letter,

Creator of a years-old app called Wordle will donate proceeds from its newfound popularity

Wordle is the daily, browser-only word game we can't get enough of, so it's not surprising that Wordle copycats have been sprouting up in the App Store. Those copycats aren't the first to use that name, however. Developer Steven Cravotta actually used "wordle" first — five years ago. Now,

Beware the QR code scams

By now, most internet users know the usual scams to look out for:Phishing emails trying to steal your account logins, misspelled URLs attempting to access your bank accounts, fake online storefronts charging you for products they never intend to send. Well,

Will Forte, MacGruber himself, will return to 'Saturday Night Live' as a first-time host

MacGruber is heading home.Will Forte is set to host Saturday Night Live for the first time, as NBC's live-format sketch comedy series confirmed in a Sunday tweet. He'll be joined by musical guest Måneskin,

Social media-savvy mom explains the setup for an awesome 'hands-free' TiKTok hack

TikTok's infinite storehouse of content can leave you swiping up on your For You Page for hours — but what if, for whatever reason, you can't use your hands?A TikTok user named Shannon, known as @diaperbagrag on the app, found the solution in the form of a simple iPhone hack for hands-free swiping.

Eric Adams despairs at NYC's 'swagless existence' on 'Saturday Night Live'

Eric Adams is officially the mayor of New York City, which means it's time he gets the Saturday Night Live treatment. In the latest episode, Chris Redd debuted his Adams impression during a press conference about New York's "swagless existence" before he assumed his role as mayor.

'Scream' can't live up to 'Scream'

There's no topping the original Scream. And that's because there's no beating the sublime surprise of its ending. Sure, the sequels gave us the gleefully deranged performances of Timothy Olyphant, Laurie Metcalf, and Emma Roberts. Yes, they offer fun kills, suspenseful showdowns,

The best Valentine's Day gifts for her

Happy Valentine's season, lovebirds. Here's how to impress your wife, fiancé, girlfriend, or that cute girl you've been flirting with for months: Don't get her standard chocolates or that gaudy diamond necklace that jewellery stores are shoving down your throat.That's it, that's the gift guide.OK,

Get your kiddo an early coding education with this top-rated app on sale

TL;DR: As of Jan. 14, you can take 66% off a 3-month subscription to CodeSpark Academy (worth $29), and get it for just $9.99.Parents know that a tablet can help almost any parenting situation, whether it's a stressful dining experience, a too-long road trip, or taking an important work call.

This cool pad and pen lets you sketch in 3D using augmented reality

Gravity is a pen and pad that allows to sketch in 3D space using augmented reality. The cool patent-pending system hardware and software system has gone through several working prototypes and now they are looking to start manufacturing. Check out the video—it's pretty cool.Read more...    

Daniel Radcliffe rapping 'Alphabet Aerobics' is magically delicious

One billion points to Gryffindor!Daniel Radcliffe stopped by The Tonight Show Tuesday, to promote his new film Horns, and proved he's a wizard with a mic by flawlessly rapping the riddikulus tongue-twisters in Blackalicious’ 1999 hit “Alphabet Aerobics.” See also:



动物生态类模拟游戏合集 请叫我禽兽

【TechWeb整理】狂野起来不是人!那会变成什么?禽兽么?有没有想过如果有天自己醒来以后,自己的灵魂处在一个动物的身体内,我们都会做出什么事情?自己还有没有自控的能力?一起来看看下面的游戏吧。带你探索一切 ... ...


积少成多的细致用户体验才能打造颠覆性的产品,颠覆性产品不是一日而成,本文主要帮助大家深入思考用户体验。在移动a ...

首款Smart Glow手机--Galaxy J2(2016)下周登陆印度

上月,有消息称三星计划为智能手机引入全新的通知LED系统--Smart Glow;即将于下周发售的Galaxy J2(2016)将会成为首款搭载这项功能的智能手机。三星描述Smart Glow为“LED通知灯的替代方案”,可以根据通知的类型(例如来电、邮件、文本短信),配置显示不同的颜色和优先级。


威锋网 12 月 20 日消息,当地时间星期一美国国家运输安全委员会发布一份安全建议,要求包括苹果和谷歌在内的 11 家技术和服务公司在旗下地图产品中整合平交道口位置的相关数据,据悉这些平交道口的数量大约有 20 万个。  《纽约时报》报道表示,苹果公司已经在旗下的地图应用中添加美国国家运输安全委员会的铁路数据,此举或许能拯救 iOS 设备用户的性命。而美国国家运输安全委员会之所以会提出这么一个要求,也是因为平交道口事故频发,而联邦铁路局从今年4月份就开始为此事进行游说。  平交道口就是铁路和公路交汇的路口,最近几年随着数字地图服务的兴起,这些路口的车祸数量也逐渐增加起来。

如果Touch ID置于屏幕下iPhone 8就长这样?

最新的消息称苹果有两款 iPhone 8 原型机在开发中:一款为 Touch ID 传感器在背面的设计,另一款则是将 Touch ID 嵌入到屏幕玻璃中。虽然将 Touch ID 放在屏幕下的技术难度较大,但这样对于用户的使用体验来说无 ... ...

美国移动支付远落后于中国 35%年轻人从未用过

北京时间24日消息,美国消费金融网站LendEdu对大约2000名千禧一代(1981年至1998年出生)年轻人进行的调查结果显示,只有近14%的人经常使用移动支付软件,而35%的人表示从未使用过移动支付。调查还显示,44%的受访者表示最经常使用的移动支付软件是PayPal旗下的Venmo,年轻人可以使用这款应用直接从他们的银行账户,或者与账户关联的信用卡进行数字支付。 阅读全文

你胖,可能和你的骨骼有关系 | 早期实验室

编者按:一连串复杂的生物化学信号决定了我们吃什么,什么时候吃和吃多少。我们现在已经知道我们的消化道和脂肪细胞可以分泌激素来控制我们的饥饿水平和进食后的饱足感。现在又有一个新角色出场了,那就是我们的骨头。今年3月份发表在《自然》杂志上的一篇论文证实,骨细胞分泌一种称为脂质运载蛋白2(Lipocalin 2)的激素,并且这种单一激素在小鼠实验中表现出了减少食欲和稳定血糖的惊人效果。哥伦比亚大学医师与外科学院的生理学家Stavroula Kousteni和她的同事们证实,90%的 Lipocalin 2是由成骨细胞产生的,这些骨细胞可以产生构建新骨骼所需的化学物质。

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