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Bullet核心类介绍(Bullet 2.82 HelloWorld程序及其详解,附程序代码) - liangliangh

实验平台:win7,VS2010先上结果截图:文章最后附有生成该图的程序。1. 刚体模拟原理 Bullet作为一个物理引擎,其任务就是刚体模拟(还有可变形体模拟)。


报道说,中国消费者的“名牌瘾”是英国牛津郡比斯特名牌商品门市村生意兴隆,蒸蒸日上;比斯特名牌村的东主Value Retail 已经在上海附近建了个类似的名牌门市村,叫苏州村,定于下周四(5月22日)开业,为方圆驾车40分钟车程之内的4000万消费者过“名牌瘾”提供便利。


1. Line考虑最早今年11月IPO  市值或达百亿美元 彭博社援引消息人士的话称,移动消息应用开发商‍‍‍ […]

iPhone 6 leak points once again to protruding rear camera lens

The latest spillage has reinforced a previous rumour of the rear camera having a protruding ring, and also detailed the supposed dimensions of Apple’s smartphone.Read more:


HTC发布了64位Android手机Desire 510,运行高通的64位处理器Snapdragon 410。虽然有64位处理器,但Desire 510没有64位软件,它运行的是32位的操作系统Android 4.4。Android生态系统还没有做好准备。

iPhone 6 security scare: fake fingerprint tricks Touch ID

With Apple Pay set to become more popular, consumers may be concerned that the same techniques that worked for the iPhone 5S can still be used to trick the fingerprint-recognition software.Read more:

Mary Jo Foley解读微软推迟Windows Server 2016发布时间原因

据悉,专门报道微软新闻的媒体人士Mary Jo Foley日前又回来了。她称,微软正在比以往更努力地打造Windows Server 2016,希望能为市场带来一项最优化的云端服务。那么微软究竟又是出于什么原因要推迟Windows Server 2016的发布时间呢?

14 Internet slang terms written in Tolkien-style runes

Bilbo and Frodo Baggins pretty much invented YOLO.Using the Hobbit Rune Generator, common Internet slang phrases we use every day are translated into language more appropriate for characters in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.See also: All 212,

It Took This Robot 10 Days to Learn How to Grasp Objects From Scratch

Robots are good at a lot of things, but their track record at picking up objects is poor. So just how hard is it to teach one to pick up an object on demand from a table full of clutter?Read more...


北京时间10月16日消息,科技网站Phonearena今日刊文称,台积电此前宣布将为华为的麒麟处理器提供芯片,并采用自家的16nm FinFET工艺。但现在有消息称,三星也将为华为制作处理器芯片。

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