Meeting customer eCommerce promises with data-driven fulfillment

eCommerce retailers are embracing data-driven fulfillment to achieve certainty

How to find the messaging platform that’ll take your company to the next level

Messaging’s casual tone and solicitation of real-time responses has its strengths and weaknesses.

When business continuity plans go wrong…

Covid-19 has been a great test of company’s business continuity plans.

IT gathering dust

Businesses are selling off unused tech without correctly purging data.

Today’s world needs cloud native more than ever

Cloud native can be a winning strategy with planning. Simply being in the cloud is not enough.

What 10 things SaaS vendors must demand from their BI platform

Quick deployment, security and true inclusivity must all be on a vendors' wish-list.

Cybersecurity must take centre stage in the gig economy

In the UK, the gig economy now accounts for more than 4.7 million workers – and employs 1 in 10 working-age adults.

Cloud computing for small businesses: Five reasons why it works

If you don't take advantage of this technology, your business is likely to be left behind. All you need to do is to find the right cloud solution for your business.

Nearly all SMBs suffer from serious IT and data compliance issues

Small businesses risk major fines over compliance failures

Perfecting online transactions to reduce local government pressures

How local government pressures can be reduced by perfecting online transactions for residents

How automation will drive the four-day week revolution

Tech is key to creating the shorter working week

Get Your Halfbike Runnin’ Head Out On The Highway

Why settle for a whole bike when a half will do? This decidedly odd Kickstarted bicycle, called the Halfbike, promises a lightweight, speedy ride across town while bringing you the best of running and biking in one weird package. Created by architects Martin Angelov and Mihail Klenov,


威锋网讯,在最近的一份投资者报告中,UBS 的分析师 Steven Milunovic 将苹果的股价目标从之前的 625 美元提高到了 700 美元,他表示自己对于美国的 iPhone 销量,尤其是下一代的 iPhone 6 特别有信心,这是一款可以让不少用户值得升级的设备。

Cisco Spending Millions of Dollars Secretly Purchasing New Juniper Products

FrankPoole (1736680) writes According to a CRN investigative report, Cisco has been spending millions of dollars over several years to secretly purchase Juniper Networks' products, including new QFabric and MX series routers, for use in its 'competitive analysis lab,

Chewse Raises Additional Funding To Expand Its Easy Catering Service

There’s no shortage of lunch delivery options in San Francisco these days, but there’s always room for another one. While most of the options out there are focused on serving individual consumers, Chewse is going after the lucrative office catering field. Read More

Alleged Mansion Squatter Plunders $300,000 in Fine Art

The San Francisco housing market is notoriously insane right now . However, maybe don’t try to get around it by squatting in a conveniently vacant $12.5 million mansion abandoned by a bankrupt tech bro,

New season of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' officially coming to HBO

The wait is almost finally over. HBO has announced that a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is officially in the works. SEE ALSO:



Someone found a way to make Odell Beckham's 'Beat It' touchdown dance even more amazing

Though there's hardly a conceivable way to top a one-handed touchdown catch, Odell Beckham Jr. found one.

useful commands for Kubernetes beginners - Jack47

Get pod ip and their coordinating NODE $ kubectl get pods o wide If you want to get detailed information about pod, nodes, then you should set output

Makers of Prevagen Memory Pills Sued By Government Over Bullshit Claims

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the state of New York filed a federal lawsuit today over Prevagen, a pill that’s supposed to improve memory. The pill is available everywhere from CVS to Amazon and regularly appears in commercials on CNN and Fox News. But the supplement,

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