Post-trade infrastructure: the next frontier for the digital transformation of capital markets

The stock market still operates on largely the same system as over fifty years ago. With this outdated system, an opportunity presents itself for technology to transform the market

Remote working continues to take a toll on younger workers

Young workers feels more isolated at home

AI: from sensor data to smart monitoring

Sensor technology is evolving; AI is needed to manage the vast amounts of data produced

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What does 2022 hold for intelligent automation?

The impact of human and digital workers seamlessly operating alongside one another is a powerful concept

Many organizations will deploy private 5G networks by 2024

Security, control and speed are just some of the advantages

Why flexible systems are key to local authority service delivery in uncertain times

When local authorities look to the future and focus on putting service delivery plans in place they are faced with a huge amount of uncertainty

Smarter updates - three areas for improving IT management in 2022

What three things should sysadmins look at in 2022? Device management, update roll-outs and consolidating their approach

Meeting customer eCommerce promises with data-driven fulfillment

eCommerce retailers are embracing data-driven fulfillment to achieve certainty

Nearly all SMBs suffer from serious IT and data compliance issues

Small businesses risk major fines over compliance failures

Perfecting online transactions to reduce local government pressures

How local government pressures can be reduced by perfecting online transactions for residents



WinForm如何去掉右边和上边的白边 - 梦烬



倾力打造玩具黄金周盛惠 上海、北京、深圳和成都2014年9月11日电 /美通社/ -- 全球领先的玩具及婴幼儿用品专门零售商玩具“反”斗城(Toys“R”Us)近期将有九家新店投入运营,在国庆黄金周前后,全国35个城市的小朋友和家长可以在玩具“反”斗城琳琅满目新品玩具和益智新天地里畅享高品质的亲子时光。

CNNIC:手机游戏类型丰富 下载方式多样



威锋网讯,虽然 iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6 Plus 配备了更大的屏幕并且使用了新的 Retina HD 显示屏,但 App Store 内的一些应用还是没有得到适配来支持大屏显示,因此会使得这些应用自动放大从而出现了模糊的情况。


在2013年大数据全球技术峰会上电子科技大学教授周涛教授提出了大数据发展的三个阶段。 大数据1.0:企业利用自身数据对业务进行优化。

You'll never feel more awkward than when watching exes talk about their failed relationship

If you could ask your ex anything, what would you ask?In a new video from Glamour, Ali and Andrew — who dated for seven years and broke up two years ago — ask each other a whole host of questions. They discuss their favorite memories, what they would change about their time together and ...

Now you can purchase coats seen on 'The Mindy Project'

You might not be able to own every colorful piece of clothing that Mindy Tahiri wears on The Mindy Project, but starting Tuesday you will be able to purchase some of her coats.The series' Emmy-nominated costume designer, Salvador Perez,

To This Day, I Am Terrified of The La Brea Tar Pits

Outside the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, there’s an installation. In a still-bubbling lake of asphalt, a mammoth drowns to death while a crying baby mammoth reaches out its trunk. This is one of the most depressing pieces of statuary I have ever seen.Read more...



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