Businesses underestimate the threat posed by vulnerable printers

Printers are often the cause of data loss

Remote working continues to take a toll on younger workers

Young workers feels more isolated at home

AI: from sensor data to smart monitoring

Sensor technology is evolving; AI is needed to manage the vast amounts of data produced

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What does 2022 hold for intelligent automation?

The impact of human and digital workers seamlessly operating alongside one another is a powerful concept

Many organizations will deploy private 5G networks by 2024

Security, control and speed are just some of the advantages

Why flexible systems are key to local authority service delivery in uncertain times

When local authorities look to the future and focus on putting service delivery plans in place they are faced with a huge amount of uncertainty

Smarter updates - three areas for improving IT management in 2022

What three things should sysadmins look at in 2022? Device management, update roll-outs and consolidating their approach

Post-trade infrastructure: the next frontier for the digital transformation of capital markets

The stock market still operates on largely the same system as over fifty years ago. With this outdated system, an opportunity presents itself for technology to transform the market

Meeting customer eCommerce promises with data-driven fulfillment

eCommerce retailers are embracing data-driven fulfillment to achieve certainty

Nearly all SMBs suffer from serious IT and data compliance issues

Small businesses risk major fines over compliance failures


威锋网讯,Reachability 功能是苹果为改善 iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6 Plus 的单手操作体验而新增的一个特性,只需轻触 Home 键两下就可以让屏幕上展示的内容悬停到屏幕中间,从而提高单手操作的便利。  

RealSense camera drivers updated for better Windows Hello support

Intel has just updated their RealSense camera drivers to improve the Windows Hello feature which allows users to log into their Windows 10 computer using just their face, assuming that their computer has a...


【无所不能 文|ripcity】8月17号,斯伦贝谢刚把咨询业务卖给埃森哲,8月26号,斯伦贝谢又宣布以148亿美元收购油气设备厂商卡麦龙,眼看油价都已经40刀一桶了,斯伦贝谢左手买右手卖到底是要闹哪样?

Android版本Apple Music获更新 修复播放跳过bug

虽然说如今 Apple Music 要面临许多竞争,不过显然 Android 系统的用户同样是苹果希望争取的对象,即使谷歌的 Play Music 已经推出。苹果方面带来了 Apple Music 的最新更新,不过本次更新并没有带来新功能的加入 ... ...

澳乐网携手泰坦云 组合拳布局海外目的地旅游市场

北京2016年7月25日电 /美通社/ -- 日前,专注自由行境外目的地旅游预订和服务的平台澳乐网(以下简称“澳乐”)宣布与国内一站式旅游云技术服务平台“泰坦云”达成战略合作,战略布局线下旅游市场,进一步打通和整合传统旅行社海外目的地旅游资源。双方把海外目的地资源和国内渠道通过泰坦云目的地营销解决方案无缝对接起来,为众多线下旅游运营商提供更便捷、更有品质的当地游玩产品和服务。 对于这场资源与技术的结合,澳乐联合创始人刘健有着深入的思考,“近两年旅游市场必定是线上线下无缝结合的时代。


北京时间8月13日消息,据科技博客CNET报道,未来三星将利用IBM高性能类人脑芯片,创建更快、更高效的神经形态计算产品,比如基于该芯片技术的数码相机,其抓拍速度较传统相机可提高近20倍。  在IBM阿尔马登实验室成立30周年庆祝大会上,三星先进技术研究院副总裁埃里克·隆(Eric Ryu)介绍了这款被称为“TrueNorth”的高性能芯片。TrueNorth芯片具有4096个计算核心,可以形成约100万个数字细胞单元,构成2.56亿个连接。这些数字细胞单元组织起来,就好比人类大脑神经元,可通过互传短信息从而实现数据处理。  

Salesforce expands $22.5M education investments to Oakland, the philanthropic arm of the San Francisco-based cloud computing company, is expanding its education funding from its home city to Oakland. The foundation will invest $2.5 million into Oakland public schools this year and pour $6 million into San Francisco’s schools,

为了iPhone 8订单 郭台铭被曝密访OLED屏幕制造商

【媒体报导】12月23日消息,据台湾媒体报道,日本佳能旗下OLED面板生产设备制造商Canon Tokki,是下一代iPhone(iPhone 8)能否顺利改用OLED的关键。知情人士称,鸿海董事长郭台铭为确保发展OLED所需生产设备无虞, ... ...

Here's a great reason not to get engaged under a waterfall

Elaborate proposals might be memorable, but they run a few risks, too. For example — just spitballing here — you might drop the engagement ring into a waterfall.Such was the fate that befell Isaiah Adams and his girlfriend, Grace, who got engaged at Maryland's stunning Cunningham Falls State Park.

Ebay's Founder Is Giving Away $10 Million to Support AI That Is Good and Not Evil

For the most part, artificial intelligence these days is pretty sweet. Whether you want to set a timer with your voice, play a game of chess with a computer or just put a Minion’s head on Superman’s body, AI can help you achieve your goal. Of course,

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