Best apps to share files securely in 2022

Our guide to the best apps to share files evaluates the many secure options available, including some less well-known brands and providers.

Cybersecurity And The Future Digital Economy

Just a week ago, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before Congress that his fundamental concern focuses on the “moderate, iterative and constant barrage of cyber attacks on U.S. infrastructure” that will “impose cumulative costs on U.S.

Remote working continues to take a toll on younger workers

Young workers feels more isolated at home

AI: from sensor data to smart monitoring

Sensor technology is evolving; AI is needed to manage the vast amounts of data produced

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What does 2022 hold for intelligent automation?

The impact of human and digital workers seamlessly operating alongside one another is a powerful concept

Many organizations will deploy private 5G networks by 2024

Security, control and speed are just some of the advantages

Why flexible systems are key to local authority service delivery in uncertain times

When local authorities look to the future and focus on putting service delivery plans in place they are faced with a huge amount of uncertainty

Smarter updates - three areas for improving IT management in 2022

What three things should sysadmins look at in 2022? Device management, update roll-outs and consolidating their approach

Businesses underestimate the threat posed by vulnerable printers

Printers are often the cause of data loss

Post-trade infrastructure: the next frontier for the digital transformation of capital markets

The stock market still operates on largely the same system as over fifty years ago. With this outdated system, an opportunity presents itself for technology to transform the market

Meeting customer eCommerce promises with data-driven fulfillment

eCommerce retailers are embracing data-driven fulfillment to achieve certainty

联想推出 Yoga Tablet 10 HD+:改用高通处理器、屏幕升级至 Full HD(动手玩视频)

分类: 平板电脑如果你是常常需要将平板立起来使用(也就是在飞机或高铁上看视频)的朋友,其实之前联想推出的 Yoga Tablet 系列是很不错的。内建了直立支架的它,可以在不用保护套的情况下,让平板进入视频或打字模式。



CButtonST|CUniButton等按钮类的使用 - 高洪臣

CButtonSTCButtonST类的使用参考链接:是和CButtonST类(VC6.0 )相对应的EVC(Embedded Vis...

Physicists Resurrect an Old, Strange Dark Matter Theory

New submitter rossgneumann writes: Dark matter might not be nearly as exotic as most theories suggest. Instead, it could be macroscopic clumps of material formed from common particles already found within the Standard Model of particle physics.

"双十一"抢购省钱了 但你真的节约了吗?


Android 版 Facebook Messenger 應用程式下載次數突破 10 億大關

雖然 Facebook 的 Messenger 應用程式自推出後的評價不算太好,但有鑑於 Facebook 目前已成為大眾不可缺少的,因此作為附屬 app 的 Messenger 自然也有不少人下載。




据外媒报道,上周日微软联合创始人比尔盖茨现身BBC电台节目《荒岛大碟(Desert Island Discs)》,向听众推荐自己身处荒岛时最想听的一些唱片。然而在节目中盖茨也承认,自己童年时是一个任性的小孩,甚至在12岁时被父 ... ...

: Android Wear 2.0 深入探討 透過機器學習調整你的健康狀態

對手錶來說,可以被動式記錄所有活動的數據,這部分比手機全面多了! 針對此次Android Wear 2.0更新中被列為重點項目的健身應用功能,我們與Android Wear Fitness軟體研發負責人胡浩霖 (Vince Wu)作了簡單訪談,藉此了解Google如何在此次更新中規劃全新功能。閱讀全文

Audible’s new Channels audio content subscription service is a bet on a voice-powered future

Amazon-owned Audible announced a new service called Channels today, one that differs from its typical audiobook business in offering more bite-size content from original content producers, as well as recordings of news stores from NYT, WSJ, The Washington Post and others.

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