Box your way through 2022 with a FightCamp system on sale

Ready to crush your 2022 fitness resolutions? Bring home one of these discounted FightCamp systems, which are on sale as of Jan. 14:OUR TOP PICK: FightCamp Personal — $999 $1219 (save $220)BEST FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: FightCamp Tribe — $1299 $1,349 (save $50)BEST FOR EXPERIENCED BOXERS:

Sketchy lookalike URLs pop up following launch of USPS free COVID test site

Well that didn't take long. Less than 24 hours after the United States Postal Service launched an official website for Americans to request free rapid coronavirus tests, websites with suspiciously similar URLs are trying to lure people into purchasing pricey tests. That's right,

New Mars snapshot captures tumbled boulders near planet's grand canyon

Meditate on this massive rock garden: Several boulders once perched atop a Martian ridge have cascaded down the slope, leaving dimples in the soft sunken valley below. The European Space Agency, which recently shared this snapshot, described the scene as “geology in motion.

'Our Flag Means Death' sets sail with silly gentlemen pirates

"Why can't one be a gentleman and a pirate?"That's the question posed by Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby), the main character of HBO Max's upcoming comedy series, Our Flag Means Death. A pampered aristocrat, Stede abandons his life to captain a pirate ship. Misadventures on the high seas ensue.

Tesla's self-driving option still mostly unusable, now costs $2,000 more

The price of the Tesla option known as "Full Self-Driving," or FSD, just rose by $2,000 — even as concerns arise over the unproven and still widely unusable technology. Earlier this month Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the price hike would kick in on January 17, and in an admittedly rare occurrence,

Everything 'The Office' fans need to know about the famous parkour cold open

"Parkour! PARKOUR!"When Office fans hear the word "parkour" they don't just think of the viral internet sensation that inspired people around the world to, in the words of Jim Halpert, "get from point A to point B as creatively as possible." They think of the Season 6 cold open, in which Michael,

This emo music festival is a personal attack on millennials

Concert promoter Live Nation decided to cyberbully millennials on Tuesday, Jan. 18, when it announced a new music festival with a devastating name: The "When We Were Young" festival. How dare you, Live Nation (goes back to tweeting and knitting).

The latest killer asteroid hype is just absurd

There's no lack of outsized, growing problems for humanity.So we certainly don't need any news sites twisting the truth about the looming menace of colossal asteroids supposedly coming to threaten Earth. Yet, it's happening again.

Apple's new AirPods 3 are back on sale at their lowest price ever

SAVE $39.01: Amazon and Walmart have both revived the former's record-low pricing on the Apple AirPods 3. As of Jan. 14, you can grab a pair at either retailer for just $139.99 (or 22% off their $179 MSRP).

Netflix's 'Inventing Anna' trailer captures real-life intrigue

New York wasn't ready for Anna Delvey, and neither are you.The German heiress posing as a socialite is heading to Netflix with the trailer for Inventing Anna. Julia Garner stars as the real-life figure behind endless speculation and a whole lot of missing cash.

Take the tunes anywhere with this clip-on JBL speaker on sale

SAVE 20%: The JBL Clip 3 is a portable speaker that's truly ideal for on-the-go listening. As of Jan. 14, it's on sale for $39.95 at Amazon — 20% off its original price of $49.95.Ever put your phone speaker-first into a plastic cup to amplify the sound,

Twitch游戏实时直播特性将于3月11日正式登陆Xbox One

援引自美联社的消息称,微软旗下次世代主机Xbox One与视频流媒体平台Twitch合作的游戏直播(Gamep […]

Songza 和 Weather Channel 合作,根据天气来为你提供音乐

分类: 软件应用Songza 可以说是音乐应用中的心理专家,它能根据收听者所处的不同情境来播放适合的音乐。




11 月 30 日消息,据报道,受美国就业率上升和油价下跌鼓舞,美国消费者涌向在线购物网站抢购廉价商品,感恩节过后的黑色星期五美国在线销售额同比增长了 22%。  研究机构 ChannelAdvisor 今天表示,由于黑色 ... ...


本文编译自Medium,作者Onur Oral。不论在app界面、网页浏览器中还是智能手表上,设计都是驱动用户参与最重要的动力之一。

Moto G 评测:售价 180 美元的优质手机

摩托罗拉于 7 月 28 日推出了新款的 Moto G 智能手机。经过几天以来的试用评测,总的来说,售价 180 美元的 Moto G,堪称中等价位手机中的优秀之作。

通用公司测试控制汽车的 Apple Watch App


獨一無二!用自己的 DNA 排列製作頸巾

我們出街最怕就是撞衫,頸巾如果不是親手編織的話,也很容易與別人撞款。最近有個特別的定製頸巾服務,可以利用每人不同的 DNA 排序,製作出屬於自己的漂亮頸巾,非常有趣。The post 獨一無二!用自己的 DNA 排列製作頸巾 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

North Korea Claims to Have Invented Hangover-Free Alcohol

Never mind the nuclear rumblings , arbitrary executions and incessant famines: North Korea is Best Korea, because North Korea has invented hangover-free booze!Read more...

换系统 无坚不摧的图灵手机推出再次延期

我们说起图灵手机,它拥有一个非常宏伟的框架,而且它绝对可以成为最安全手机的候选之一。没错,制造商一开始宣称,图灵手机将会在 2015 年 12 月推出,不过随后,手机还是跳票了,然后他们又答应众多的消费者,图灵手机的推出时间不会晚于 2016 年第一季度。但不幸的是,手机还是要继续延期发布。  最新的消息称,图灵手机第一季度已经无缘与机友们见面了,它将会在 2016 年 4 月份才姗姗来迟,况且他们打算让图灵手机抛弃 Andr​​oid 系统,转而支持 Sailfish OS 。  

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