The Viral TikTok air fryer recipe for homemade hot pockets is delicious

Welcome to AirFryDay, where — you guessed it — every Friday Mashable covers the latest trends, dispenses advice, and reviews recipes for your air fryer.Let's get this out of the way: This isn't really a recipe for an air fryer hot pocket. It's called that by the recipe creator,

5G won't make you sick, but it could screw up your air travel

While conspiracy theorists spread wildly false claims about 5G spreading COVID-19 or causing human beings to "spontaneously combust," the airline industry is worried about a more reasonable problem: How 5G could potentially screw with your air travel.Earlier this month,

Sketchy lookalike URLs pop up following launch of USPS free COVID test site

Well that didn't take long. Less than 24 hours after the United States Postal Service launched an official website for Americans to request free rapid coronavirus tests, websites with suspiciously similar URLs are trying to lure people into purchasing pricey tests. That's right,

New Mars snapshot captures tumbled boulders near planet's grand canyon

Meditate on this massive rock garden: Several boulders once perched atop a Martian ridge have cascaded down the slope, leaving dimples in the soft sunken valley below. The European Space Agency, which recently shared this snapshot, described the scene as “geology in motion.

'Our Flag Means Death' sets sail with silly gentlemen pirates

"Why can't one be a gentleman and a pirate?"That's the question posed by Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby), the main character of HBO Max's upcoming comedy series, Our Flag Means Death. A pampered aristocrat, Stede abandons his life to captain a pirate ship. Misadventures on the high seas ensue.

Tesla's self-driving option still mostly unusable, now costs $2,000 more

The price of the Tesla option known as "Full Self-Driving," or FSD, just rose by $2,000 — even as concerns arise over the unproven and still widely unusable technology. Earlier this month Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the price hike would kick in on January 17, and in an admittedly rare occurrence,

Everything 'The Office' fans need to know about the famous parkour cold open

"Parkour! PARKOUR!"When Office fans hear the word "parkour" they don't just think of the viral internet sensation that inspired people around the world to, in the words of Jim Halpert, "get from point A to point B as creatively as possible." They think of the Season 6 cold open, in which Michael,

This emo music festival is a personal attack on millennials

Concert promoter Live Nation decided to cyberbully millennials on Tuesday, Jan. 18, when it announced a new music festival with a devastating name: The "When We Were Young" festival. How dare you, Live Nation (goes back to tweeting and knitting).

14 of the best movies streaming on Paramount+

If you’ve already blown through your Netflix and Hulu libraries, maybe it’s time to give Paramount+ a spin. Since Paramount has been making movies since 1916, its catalog of films is deep. Seriously. Imagine John Wayne Westerns on the same streamer as Sonic the Hedgehog! It’s madness,

Netflix prices go up again

Bad news for Netflix fans. The streaming service is increasing prices in the U.S. and Canada. On Friday, Netflix quietly changed the pricing for all three subscription plans: Basic plan increases $1 per month from $8.99 to $9.99Standard plan increases $1.50 from $13.99 to $15.

10 best action movies on Hulu to kick up your adrenaline

There's just nothing that hits quite like great action. That raw, racing adrenaline thrusts you into the place of brave heroes, who've made the wild world their playground. Whether it's tire-squealing car chases, dizzying combat, nerve-shredding escapes, heart-racing explosions,

Tim Draper拍下被扣押的丝绸之路比特币

昨天有报道称,一名未披露身份的买家拍下了美国政府拍卖的约3万枚丝绸之路比特币。现在,买家正式公开了身份:Tim Draper。他是一名风险投资家,从斯坦福和哈佛商学院分别获得电机工程和MBA学位。


据爱语吧创始人 CEO 穆德国介绍,爱语吧的核心产品包括英语新闻听力和外语考试两大方面。所有的产品都包括网页应用和移动端安卓,苹果应用,桌面 PC 版应用。


只接触过国外次级债券,只能略答一二主要而言,承销商在oversubscribe时的自主性非常大,分配一般没有硬性约束,但一般有几个考量一个是relationship,如果投资人在之前市场较冷时曾帮忙接过一些烂deal,在市场转热时一般会给予其多一些分配二是reputation,有一些投资人在2008危机时对待被投资企业十分强硬直接追债的,在市场转好后会登上企业或者券商的内部黑名单,不向其分配,以免方面事情的重现还有一个就是一些regulation方面的考量,比如说英国本土发债不允许subpartition,有些分配便不能做最后需要说的一点是次级债券定价时都会有一个询价的过程,在这个过程中如果需求过高往往会上调价格来降低及区分需求以达到筛选投资人的作用根据记忆手机答题,如有出入还请见谅-----补充:也请见匿名用户的回答,之前忘说investor type的事了来源:知乎 www.

Apple Watch的5个产品思路畅想



最近来了很多网友加入我们编写文章的行列, 为读者带来了一篇篇优秀的文章, 下面就编写博客文章为题, 试谈一下我的一些想法。  



Everything You Need For 5.1 Channel Surround Sound is Under $200 Today

One of your favorite sound bars is only $198 shipped today from Amazon, and while the “bar” itself is great, what really makes this system special is its included wireless subwoofer and satellite speakers. That means you can experience true 5.1 surround sound at an incredibly cheap price,

Fashion Startups On Show At Disrupt London, Dec 7-8

We’re continuing to announce speakers for our TechCrunch Disrupt London conference on December 7-8, 2015 (Agenda, Tickets). The conference will feature global startups, investors, amazing speakers and more. And one area we will zero in on is a strong suit for London: Fashion and tech.

这家公司把自己“贱卖”给苹果 原因你想不到

2015 年苹果公司收购了成立于 2003 年的现实增强创业公司 Metaio。而根据彭博社最近披露的消息,当年苹果公司收购这家公司可谓捡了一个大便宜,只花了大约 3000 万欧元的价格就轻松拿下 Metaio。这到底是怎么一回事呢?  根据彭博社报道 2015 年苹果在进行收购 Metaio 谈判时,后者委托的银行家未得到允许,因此无法进入谈判现场。参与谈判的 Metaio 公司的高管虽然觉得苹果公司的出价低了点,但这家公司还是因为苹果对增强现实技术的愿景和展望所折服,最后把这家公司低价卖给了苹果。  

抄袭无止境 WhatsApp也开始复制Snapchat了

凤凰科技讯 北京时间2月21日消息,据CNBC报道,去年8月,Facebook旗下的图片分享平台Instagram正式走上抄袭Snapchat之路,当时,该公司还振振有词的称Snapchat的Stories功能会成为多家平台竞相模仿的榜样。题图:F ... ...

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