This 35-hour blockchain development course is on sale for 97% off

TL;DR: The Cryptocurrency with Ethereum and Solidity Blockchain Developer Bundle is on sale for £21.91, saving you 97% on list price.Is everyone you know investing in cryptocurrency? The Cryptocurrency with Ethereum and Solidity Blockchain Developer Bundle can help you learn what's up.

5G won't make you sick, but it could screw up your air travel

While conspiracy theorists spread wildly false claims about 5G spreading COVID-19 or causing human beings to "spontaneously combust," the airline industry is worried about a more reasonable problem: How 5G could potentially screw with your air travel.Earlier this month,

Sketchy lookalike URLs pop up following launch of USPS free COVID test site

Well that didn't take long. Less than 24 hours after the United States Postal Service launched an official website for Americans to request free rapid coronavirus tests, websites with suspiciously similar URLs are trying to lure people into purchasing pricey tests. That's right,

New Mars snapshot captures tumbled boulders near planet's grand canyon

Meditate on this massive rock garden: Several boulders once perched atop a Martian ridge have cascaded down the slope, leaving dimples in the soft sunken valley below. The European Space Agency, which recently shared this snapshot, described the scene as “geology in motion.

'Our Flag Means Death' sets sail with silly gentlemen pirates

"Why can't one be a gentleman and a pirate?"That's the question posed by Stede Bonnet (Rhys Darby), the main character of HBO Max's upcoming comedy series, Our Flag Means Death. A pampered aristocrat, Stede abandons his life to captain a pirate ship. Misadventures on the high seas ensue.

Tesla's self-driving option still mostly unusable, now costs $2,000 more

The price of the Tesla option known as "Full Self-Driving," or FSD, just rose by $2,000 — even as concerns arise over the unproven and still widely unusable technology. Earlier this month Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the price hike would kick in on January 17, and in an admittedly rare occurrence,

Everything 'The Office' fans need to know about the famous parkour cold open

"Parkour! PARKOUR!"When Office fans hear the word "parkour" they don't just think of the viral internet sensation that inspired people around the world to, in the words of Jim Halpert, "get from point A to point B as creatively as possible." They think of the Season 6 cold open, in which Michael,

This emo music festival is a personal attack on millennials

Concert promoter Live Nation decided to cyberbully millennials on Tuesday, Jan. 18, when it announced a new music festival with a devastating name: The "When We Were Young" festival. How dare you, Live Nation (goes back to tweeting and knitting).

Stream more content from around the world for less than £2 a month with Ivacy VPN

SAVE 76%: Ivacy VPN is one of the best services for unlocking top streaming sites. A one-year subscription to Ivacy VPN is on sale for £1.91 per month as of Jan. 16 — saving you 76% for a limited time.

Get a lifetime subscription to this stacked streaming app for under £80

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to SelectTV Streaming App is on sale for £73.04, saving you 79% on list price.Most streaming platforms come with a monthly fee, but the SelectTV Streaming App by FreeCast offers a huge library with a one-time payment.SelectTV combines content from broadcast, internet,

Best record players for lovers of vinyl

Most music fans can agree on one thing: Some music just sounds better on vinyl. This is a large part of why record players have not disappeared, even as music has gone more digital. In fact, sales of vinyl records are at the highest rate since the early '90s.Of course,


安全公司Bromium Labs的研究人员开发出能完全绕过微软安全工具EMET(Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit的缩写)的攻击代码,此举意味着黑客也能利用同样的漏洞绕过安全保护系统悄悄安装恶意程序。    

克丽:女性主导了经济7成天 第二大ICT展现两集成

笑看“爱迪生”行动伸至了苹果 早知“小冰”落俗套会不了了之 微软中国发表声明为防民粹嫁祸 敢说马云个人爱好拯救中国足球   纵横全球第二ICT大展现双集成 戴尔说财富最大价值是回馈社会 还说要改变世界未来是改变孩子 SAP宣合作伙伴落得Fiori免费   以上是本周要文简述,


编者按:莱恩•萨维尔(RyanSarver)是硅谷风投公司RedpointVentures的合伙人。 有人说硅谷风险投资者迷失了。他们称,我们对那些面向微不足道的市场或者仅仅解决部分20来岁小伙的问题的创业公司提供了过多的投资。





数据挖掘从业人员工作分析/相关岗位/职业薪酬 等详细介绍

作者:宿痕 今天下半年计划把数据分析、数据挖掘、机器学习这些东西都撸一把,很可能以后就没有时间再来撸了。希望各位也能互相监督,看看今年过年之前能不能把之前的一系列的都整理一遍。还有个消息就是计划11月底会把《数据分析侠A的成长故事》截稿了,出版社已经联系了,而且提了很多宝贵的建议,这些我都接受了,到时候再扩充些内容,也欢迎大家多提提建议,不怕意见多。:D 好了,废话不多说,11月份、12月份重点会把数据挖掘和数据分析搞两个系列,重点介绍他们分别是什么,在职场是什么情况,需要掌握哪些知识点,常见的有哪些坑,以及在各行各业都有哪些案例应用。



MessageBird, a profitable rival to Twilio from Europe, introduces support for chat apps

Twilio’s IPO this month isn’t just good timing for the tech industry, which has been waiting for a promising public listing from one of its number, it has set up the perfect stage for a lesser-known European rival to boost its profile in the U.S..Before it’s listing,

Samsung's Q3 profits grow despite Galaxy Note 7's bad press

Samsung has manged to beat its profit estimates for the third quarter of 2016 even with the bad press it has received from the Note 7's exploding batteries.

: 台灣蘋果官網開放訂購新款MacBook Pro 通路預計12月中到貨

台灣蘋果官網稍早開放訂購新款MacBook Pro,出貨時間預計在2-3週內,大致與Studio A等蘋果授權通路預計在12月中旬陸續供貨的時間相同。 根據Studio A等蘋果授權通路表示,新款MacBook Pro預計在12月中旬陸續供貨,包含搭載全新Touch Bar操作介面在內的新款MacBook Pro都會在台上市銷售。同時,目前消費者也已經可透過台灣蘋果官網線上訂購新款MacBook Pro,預計在2-3週時間內即可出貨。

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