25 post-holiday deals to brighten your winter

Looking for an excuse to spend money this week? How about 25 random deals on everything from furniture to drones?Your wish is our command. Here are deals ranging from under $25 up to $2,500, depending on what your wallet can handle. Who said you can’t find sales after the holidays?

Sex workers are being booted off the 'link in bio' platform, Linktree

Another day, another online platform turning on sex workers.Linktree, a popular social media link service, is removing sex workers and other adult content creators from its site, according to a new report from Motherboard. According to Linktree,

Spotify faces calls for a misinfo policy as an open letter exposes Joe Rogan's COVID lies

Podcaster Joe Rogan is once again causing problems for the company that pays him $100 million: Spotify.Last week, 270 doctors, scientists, and professors published an open letter to the audio streaming giant demanding that the company create an official policy around misinformation. The letter,

Creator of a years-old app called Wordle will donate proceeds from its newfound popularity

Wordle is the daily, browser-only word game we can't get enough of, so it's not surprising that Wordle copycats have been sprouting up in the App Store. Those copycats aren't the first to use that name, however. Developer Steven Cravotta actually used "wordle" first — five years ago. Now,

Beware the QR code scams

By now, most internet users know the usual scams to look out for:Phishing emails trying to steal your account logins, misspelled URLs attempting to access your bank accounts, fake online storefronts charging you for products they never intend to send. Well,

Will Forte, MacGruber himself, will return to 'Saturday Night Live' as a first-time host

MacGruber is heading home.Will Forte is set to host Saturday Night Live for the first time, as NBC's live-format sketch comedy series confirmed in a Sunday tweet. He'll be joined by musical guest Måneskin,

Social media-savvy mom explains the setup for an awesome 'hands-free' TiKTok hack

TikTok's infinite storehouse of content can leave you swiping up on your For You Page for hours — but what if, for whatever reason, you can't use your hands?A TikTok user named Shannon, known as @diaperbagrag on the app, found the solution in the form of a simple iPhone hack for hands-free swiping.

Eric Adams despairs at NYC's 'swagless existence' on 'Saturday Night Live'

Eric Adams is officially the mayor of New York City, which means it's time he gets the Saturday Night Live treatment. In the latest episode, Chris Redd debuted his Adams impression during a press conference about New York's "swagless existence" before he assumed his role as mayor.

The Nutribullet food processor will become your new favorite sous-chef

Most people will say that a blender is an absolute kitchen essential, but won't think twice about buying a food processor unless they're a real cooking fanatic. The reality is that oftentimes food processors are more versatile than their blender counterpart.

An annual subscription to this beginner-friendly VPN is on sale for 50% off

SAVE 50%: TunnelBear is a lightweight VPN that's suitable for total cybersecurity beginners. For an unlimited plan, a one-year subscription to TunnelBear is on sale for £3.69 per month as of Jan. 15 — 50% off list price for a limited time.Looking for a lightweight and easy to use VPN?

This 35-hour blockchain development course is on sale for 97% off

TL;DR: The Cryptocurrency with Ethereum and Solidity Blockchain Developer Bundle is on sale for £21.91, saving you 97% on list price.Is everyone you know investing in cryptocurrency? The Cryptocurrency with Ethereum and Solidity Blockchain Developer Bundle can help you learn what's up.



IsoHunt Unofficially Resurrects the Pirate Bay

An anonymous reader writes: Torrent site isoHunt appears to have unofficially resurrected The Pirate Bay at oldpiratebay.org. At first glance, The Old Pirate Bay seems to be just a commemorative site for The Pirate Bay, which went down this week after police raided its data center in Sweden.




【氪记|大健康领域周报 】阿里健康与滴滴合作“一键叫医生”;蒲系医疗合推器械采购平台;23andMe 获得 1.15 亿美元 E 轮融资

【氪记|大健康领域周报 1012-1018】是 36 氪针对大健康领域创业公司、投资人推出的信息聚合服务。

Visual C++ 将整合Clang

微软在11月释出的Visual C++更新将整合Clang开源C和C++编译器,开发者将可以用Clang编译Windows应用程序。Visual Studio 2015已经整合了Clang编译器,但它是被用于Android和 iOS上的应用开发,而这一次整合是用之开发Windows程序。


積極拓展保險代理及經紀業務 香港--(美國商業資訊)--美國最大人壽保險公司^ MetLife, Inc.的全資附屬公司大都會人壽保險有限公司(「香港大都會人壽」)*今日公布2015年業務進展及成績,以及2016年的發展計劃,將於今年積極拓展保險代理及經紀業務。 香港大都會人壽去年在業界屢獲殊榮,最近獲標準普爾授予「A+」評級,並奪得《指標財富管理大獎2015》之「年度企業(保險業)」大獎等22個業界及市場策劃獎項。香港大都會人壽業務按年增長18%^^,而其新業務價值利潤率亦倍增^^。除業務增長外,香港大都會人壽去年積極擴充其保險代理團隊,期間招聘超過500名保險代理,超越於三年內招聘1,

《变形金刚》国行PS4版 好评大作终于要来到

早前我们已经有报道,过年前索尼预告了《变形金刚:破坏战士》国行版的到来。现在,官方终于公开了它的全部细节。  据了解,这款作品将于 3 月 3 日发售,价格为 249 元人民币。当然,游戏语言肯定是简体中文了。  除了下载数字版游戏之外,官方还将推出《变形金刚:破坏战士》主题的限量版 PS4 套装。整个套装售价 2649 元,包含黑/白 PS4 主机一台,还有铁盒版游戏实体。另外个性化的硬盘盖也是不能少的,黑白两色对应霸天虎和汽车人。  《变形金刚:破坏战士》由白金工作室推出,游戏爽快的打斗感很受好评。另外,变形金刚们源自 G1 的经典造型也情怀得让人流泪。  

Possibly fearing UK competition, White House pushes new drone initiatives

The White House Office of Science and Technology held a conference on Tuesday to discuss the future of commercial drone use and announced several initiatives to encourage its growth. “We need to incorporate unmanned aircraft and their users into our culture of safety and responsibility,

iOS “请在微信客户端打开链接” UIWebview加载H5页面携带session、cookie、User-Agent信息 设置cookie、清除cookie、设置User-Agent - __君少

公司新开的一个项目。。内容基本上是加载H5页面显示。。当时觉得挺简单的。。后来发现自己掉坑里了。。一些心理历程就不说了。。说这个项目主要用到的知识点吧。。也是自己踩得坑。 首先说说。。这个项目上的内容是公司微信公众号的内容。所以加载的H5的页面也是公众号的页面。。只是为了有个APP的壳吧。。 然后呢

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