The 11 best and funniest tweets of week

Another work week down! And a long weekend ahead of us to boot. You simply love to see it.Phew. Take a breath. Make some tea. Lie down. Pet your dog, or maybe get a dog if you don't have a dog, and don't have allergies. I don't know. SEE ALSO:

How to Stalk the Gizmodo Staff on Twitter

Recently, we here at Gizmodo have had the pleasure of welcoming a ton of new staff members on board. And even though you may have already liked us on Facebook or followed us on Twitter (hint hint), now's as good a time as any to reacquaint yourself with all of our beaming, blog-addled faces.

You'll probably need Prime Video to watch some NFL games this year

Football’s entering the modern streaming age, and it’s time to explain that to every tech-averse parent in America.For the first time ever, there will be real, legit NFL games broadcast (almost) exclusively on a streaming platform in 2022. For 15 regular season games (and one preseason matchup),

19 perfect Netflix soundtracks for your own personal montage

Getting stuff done right now is a hard task, one you'd probably rather watch in an onscreen montage of your own life, a minute-and-a-half of soundtracked productivity without the IRL effort.Turning your own to-do list into an enthusiastic filmic moment is a hard ask in this uneditable reality,

These 2 magnificent galaxies are about to collide

The story of space is a story of collisions. Sometimes, a meteor plummets through Earth's atmosphere and slams into a doghouse. Sometimes stars crash into one another, violently. Other times, two dazzling spiral galaxies collide.Hawaii's Gemini North telescope, atop the towering volcano Mauna Kea,

I tried 3 TikTok-viral side hustles and lost 20 cents

We live in a capitalist society intent on grinding down the human spirit into sellable parts. As such, for many people it is no longer enough to work a steady, full-time job in pursuit of debt-free financial security. In this nightmare of a reality built from panic attacks and crushed dreams,

The Aarke Carbonator Pro is a seltzer lover's dream

I admit that I haven’t always been a fan of seltzer (I thought it tasted like boring soda), but at some point in my mid-20s everything changed. The LaCroix boom happened, and sparkling water suddenly burst onto the scene as a new, young, cutting-edge beverage. Now,

Astronomers watch Betelgeuse recover after colossal blast

Just like the mischievous Tim Burton character of the same name, the red supergiant star Betelgeuse's head shrank. Scientists watched the star blast its outer surface into space in 2019, an unexpected cosmic event they had never seen before in a normal star. The eruption was so catastrophic,

Study for IT certifications with this online learning bundle on sale

TL;DR: As of August 13, you can get the CompTIA & AWS, Cisco Certification Paths Bundle for just $34.99 instead of $449 — that's a 92% discount.If you’re looking for a job in IT, then there may be an alternative to the traditional four-year schooling route.

'Pixel Notepad' might be the name of Google's rumored foldable device

Evidence continues to pile up that Google is hopping on the foldable phone train soon.A new report from 9to5Google this week said Google’s rumored foldable device, which could launch by the end of 2022, may be called “Pixel Notepad” and come in at a more reasonable price point than the $1,

Bradley Cooper got real serious with Colbert's piercing questions about music, smells, and pets

Bradley Cooper is the latest Late Show guest to take on Stephen Colbert's signature Q&A gauntlet, the "Questionert".For the right participant,

Samsung's Galaxy S21 FE really is for fans only

Sometimes a phone can do pretty much everything right and still be sorta hard to recommend. That’s where I’m at with the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.Samsung’s latest (the FE stands for “Fan Edition”) is somewhat of reimagining of last year’s Galaxy S21. On paper and, for the most part, in practice,

海的记忆 修正版本

前段时间画的毕业设计Memory系列之一:海的记忆,昨天看的时候觉得 脸上的光感跟整体不符合,今天进行了修改

Here Are All The Sites You Should Enable Two Factor Authentication On (And The Ones You Should Yell

Two factor authentication! In this age of endless massive hacks we seem to be in the middle of, it’s one of the easiest ways you can dramatically boost security on your online accounts. But which sites actually support it? It can be a pain to keep track. Fortunately, a new,

花20元买"虚拟恋人"恋爱 温州卖家月成交百单


【報價】HP 都有 Gaming NB!OMEN 售價 $16,999 起

以往提起 Gaming 手提電腦,相信大家第一時間未必會想起 HP。但今日 HP 就終於宣佈在香港進軍這個市場,推出全新而且十分靚仔的 OMEN 系列遊戲手提電腦,厚度最薄位置只是 15.5mm,而 15.6 吋機款重量亦只是 2.13kg。


大数据时代,该如何正确认识营销互联网化呢?3月26日,缔元信.网络数据CEO秦雯出席梅花网开放日活动, 客观公正的阐述网络广告的现状,并以“系统化、场景化、信息化”三大方向定义网络营销的未来趋势。




开发应用软件(App)这事一度只能由学习计算机的专业人士完成,不过现在情况改变了。想要为你的手机开发强大的 App?试试 Semble,它是一款全新的 App 创造工具,能够让任何地方的人把他们的想法传递给其他人。  Semble 被其团队称之为:一个直观的工具,可以用来开发和分享 App。Semble 平台是免费的,并能提供近乎是无限的选择,这就意味着你想要制作多少应用都没有问题,因为成本几乎可以忽略不计。Semble 团队称使用它创作一款 App 和写邮件、做演示幻灯片一样简单。你既能做一款商业活动的 App,也可以做一款产品促销的 App。  

Velocity初探小结--Velocity在spring中的配置和使用 - 醉眼识朦胧

最近正在做的项目前端使用了Velocity进行View层的数据渲染,之前没有接触过,草草过了一遍,就上手开始写,现在又回头细致的看了一遍,做个笔记. velocity是一种基于java的模板引擎技术,有点类似与JSP,它允许页面设计者引用Java中定义的方法。前端页面设计者和后端Java开发者能够同


英伟达在自动驾驶领域的朋友圈又扩大了。在昨天召开的英伟达GPU技术大会(GTC)上,英伟达CEO黄仁勋宣布,将与日本汽车制造商丰田联合研发自动驾驶汽车。借着新财报发布和“核弹教父”在GTC大会的主题演讲,我们不妨来谈谈英伟达的未来。打脸华尔街,营收增长有玄机伴随着GTC大会的召开,英伟达还发布了2017年第一季度财报。本季的财报数据非常出色,实实在在的打了华尔街分析师的脸。具体来说,2017年今年第一季度,英伟达营收达到19.4亿美元,同比增长48%;净利润达到 5.07亿美元,同比增长144%。不说你也知道,营收的强势增长来自英伟达对人工智能和自动驾驶领域的深耕投入。

Wrong number leads to happy wedding for acid attack survivor and the pictures are gorgeous

Five years and 17 surgeries after she was attacked with acid by a family member, Lalita Ben Bansi found love after dialing a wrong number.Bansi told the BBC that finding love "felt like a miracle."SEE ALSO:

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