Robot sidewinder snake can climb hills and slopes

Researchers from several US universities, alongside Zoo Atlanta, have developed a robot that mimics the movements of venomous snakes to climb up hills and granular surfaces.Read more:

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Robot sidewinder snake can climb hills and slopes

Researchers from several US universities, alongside Zoo Atlanta, have developed a robot that mimics the movements of venomous snakes to climb up hills and granular surfaces.Read more:

Interviews: Stewart Brand Answers Your Questions

samzenpus (5) writes "Last week you had the chance to ask biologist Stewart Brand about his books, his life, and his Revive & Restore project, which aims to to bring back extinct species and provide genetic rescue for those that are endangered. Below you'll find his answers to your questions.

The Untold History of Ugliness

We've all had that moment while perusing a flea market or junk store when you stumble across an item and have to yelp, "Good lord, that is ugly!" So ugly, in fact, you have to marvel that it even got made in the first place.Read more...    

12 Classic Toys That Are a Bargain All Year Round

If your plans today involve heading to the mall to battle deal-crazy shoppers just to save a few bucks on the latest toy or video game system you're already spending hundreds of dollars on, might we remind you there are best-selling toys that are already a pretty great bargain all year round?

Jump-start your creative journey with the MSI Creator Z16P

The Creator Z16P from MSI could be your ideal creative partner.

Better incentives could be the key to getting workers back into the office

Employers will need to offer more incentives in order to persuade employees working in the office is still a good idea.

Google's first quarter earnings slip despite aggressive cloud investment

Investments continue in cloud-based services as the big tech company moves to diversify its portfolio.

European Parliament approves its Digital Services Act

The EU has implemented the Digital Services Act and aims to better protect all users while they’re online.

Businesses warned as REvil ransomware gang appears to be back online

Threat levels have been raised following the siting of a new REvil site with links to cybercrime operation.

Nearly half of UK employees duped by online security threats, survey suggests

Business owners are being advised to revaluate their cybersecurity awareness measures in response to new survey.

UCL faced almost 60 million malicious email attacks at the start of this year

The National Cyber Security Centre is advising organisations to beef up their security arrangements.

UK offenders are remotely wiping devices in police custody

Various police forces across the UK have warned that offenders have successfully remotely wiped devices that have been confiscated and placed in their custody.Read more:

iPad Air 2 (or iPad 6) rumours roundup: LIVE

Apple has invited the press to an event on its Cupertino campus, and while the company has stayed characteristically quiet on the subject under discussion, the timing means iPads will feature.Read more:

How to watch the iPad launch event live next week

Next Thursday is the day on which Cupertino will reveal a new iPad Air and iPad mini, alongside a fresh iMac, and you’ll be able to watch it all live online.Read more:

SpriteSheet精灵动画引擎 - 吴秦

SpriteSheet精灵动画引擎 本文介绍Flash中SpriteSheet精灵序列图与其它渲染方式的性能对比、SpriteSheet的原理及注意实现,最后实现了一个精灵序列图的渲染引擎。本文的SpriteSheet引擎及demo可以在github上下载:


近日英国一家非官方Google操作系统博客中爆料称Google翻译即将在翻译结果区域迎来“Improve This Translation”按钮,能够让你对该区域的所有文字内容进行编译。

Is Apple Planning to Reveal the iWatch In September?

In the weeks leading up to the Apple event, reportedly scheduled for Sept. 9, most speculation has revolved around the debut of a new iPhone. But a new report adds to long-standing rumors that we will finally see an iWatch at the event,



Why self-tracking apps keep overlooking women

On Sept. 9, a parade of men marched across the stage at Flint Center in Cupertino, California, outlining a variety of new products in the Apple lineage. After the iPhone, Apple Pay and, the doll of the party, the Apple Watch,

Your drone shopping guide: Top picks for every high-flying need

The rules are changing for personal drone use but owning and flying one is not illegal. You’ll just need to use more care on the prosumer models and not fly them by any landmarks, tall buildings or FAA officialsWith all that in mind, and totally between us,

互联网热气球在智利坠毁 谷歌:有意为之 没有失控

4 月 26 日,国外媒体报道,谷歌公司用来提供互联网服务的一个热气球上周六在智利的一个农场坠毁,目前智利警方正在调查此事。  警方已封锁出事地点,并有相关技术人员对坠毁的热气球进行调查。此外,智利民航 ... ...


你平日使用的是哪款聊天服务?是Facebook 旗下的Messenger和WhatsApp,还是Viber、Line或微信等其他应用?借助187个国家的Android数据,SimilarWeb公司总结出世界各地最流行的聊天软件。几乎在每个国家都有一款最受欢迎的聊天应用。在SimilarWeb调查的187个国家中,WhatsApp在109个国家占据领先,占比为55.6%。

华住财报:2016年Q2华住净利润3.16亿元人民币 同比激增111.5%


LG也将在波兰建汽车电池厂 布局新能源汽车


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