UCL faced almost 60 million malicious email attacks at the start of this year

The National Cyber Security Centre is advising organisations to beef up their security arrangements.

10 ways to optimise your site for Google’s mobile-first index

Google have begun rolling out their new mobile-first index. This update will prioritise the mobile version of your website for its ranking signals.

Jump-start your creative journey with the MSI Creator Z16P

The Creator Z16P from MSI could be your ideal creative partner.

Better incentives could be the key to getting workers back into the office

Employers will need to offer more incentives in order to persuade employees working in the office is still a good idea.

Google's first quarter earnings slip despite aggressive cloud investment

Investments continue in cloud-based services as the big tech company moves to diversify its portfolio.

European Parliament approves its Digital Services Act

The EU has implemented the Digital Services Act and aims to better protect all users while they’re online.

Businesses warned as REvil ransomware gang appears to be back online

Threat levels have been raised following the siting of a new REvil site with links to cybercrime operation.

Nearly half of UK employees duped by online security threats, survey suggests

Business owners are being advised to revaluate their cybersecurity awareness measures in response to new survey.

Apple discontinues macOS Server after 23 years of service

The software will live on as an app that can be downloaded and will work with the latest macOS Monterey.

Ubuntu 22.04 release raises the bar for open source computing

Canonical’s latest edition of the open source operating system has much to offer those who don’t want to follow the crowd.

Nokia to provide data center switching portfolio for Microsoft’s data center networks

Nokia’s solutions will deliver the muscle needed to meet the significant growth of cloud services and cloud computing.


(原文來自 Google,新浪科技翻譯) 布林和我創立谷哥是因為我們希望“開發一款服務,大幅改進盡可能多人們的生活”。閱讀全文

LG G3 lands on Three from 26 June with eye-watering £500 price-tag

The latest Android handset will be available for free on 24-month contracts that start at either £35 or £38 a month depending on whether all-you-can-eat data is included or not.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/06/23/lg-g3-lands-three-26-june-eye-watering-500-price-tag/


说到小冰,大家已经不陌生了,将近一个月前,她曾经在微信群里一夜爆红,不过很快就被微信以损害用户体验为由封杀。再说小冰,昨天上午十点,一条相隔24天,小冰终于又苏醒了的复活贴,正式宣告小冰和新浪微博的结 ...

HTC M8 WP版正式发布 通刷Android和WP8.1

感谢Appx5的投递HTC M8 Windows Phone版已经在美国发布,北京时间凌晨左右在Verizon官网上线预约,明天零售店可以购买,HTC M8 WindowsPhone版两年合约价格是99美元。



申通快递运输车行驶途中突着火 上百邮件被烧坏


: 知名部落客 Stone 教你如何查詢地球上兩地距離

編按:地理位置的教學容易,心裡位置的教學困難啊! 這個題目到底是什麼時候想出來的實在記不起來,但大概就是某次查詢一些東西後記下來想要分享的。既然這次能在 Draft 裡找出來就把它完成。閱讀全文

Air India plane falls to ground after crane carrying it collapses

A crane carrying an Air India Airbus A320 snapped early Sunday morning, dropping the plane from about 60 feet in the air.Airport staff were transporting the aircraft from Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad, India, to a nearby training academy when the cables supporting the 77-ton plane collapsed. 

2016(第十三届)浙商大会 五大亮点来袭

杭州2016年4月20日电 /美通社/ -- 由浙商发展研究院(浙商智库)指导,浙商全国理事会、《浙商》杂志、浙江乐善公益园主办,中国工商银行浙江省分行、宁波麦迪森智能科技有限公司特别主办,浙江浙商传媒有限公司和浙江福慧文化传播有限公司承办的奥迪A8L·2016(第十三届)浙商大会,将以“活力浙商:新动能新经济”为主题,于5月18日-19日在浙江宁波举行。


到目前为止,我们听到了许多关于苹果下一代 iPhone 的消息,其中最让人兴奋的是,苹果很有可能会在 iPhone 7 中加入双后置摄像头设计。但是,传闻一直在变,这个星期说有双摄像头,下个星期就变成了没有。  也许你会想,为什么要给 iPhone 再加一个后置摄像头呢?外媒 Cult of Mac 通过一个视频向我们说明了一件事情,那就是双摄像头对于 iPhone 来说是一次惊人的升级。  虽然,iPhone 7 不会是第一款使用双摄像头设计的智能手机,2014 年发布的 HTC One M8 就采用了这一设计。

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