Nearly half of UK employees duped by online security threats, survey suggests

Business owners are being advised to revaluate their cybersecurity awareness measures in response to new survey.

10 ways to optimise your site for Google’s mobile-first index

Google have begun rolling out their new mobile-first index. This update will prioritise the mobile version of your website for its ranking signals.

Jump-start your creative journey with the MSI Creator Z16P

The Creator Z16P from MSI could be your ideal creative partner.

Better incentives could be the key to getting workers back into the office

Employers will need to offer more incentives in order to persuade employees working in the office is still a good idea.

Google's first quarter earnings slip despite aggressive cloud investment

Investments continue in cloud-based services as the big tech company moves to diversify its portfolio.

European Parliament approves its Digital Services Act

The EU has implemented the Digital Services Act and aims to better protect all users while they’re online.

Businesses warned as REvil ransomware gang appears to be back online

Threat levels have been raised following the siting of a new REvil site with links to cybercrime operation.

UCL faced almost 60 million malicious email attacks at the start of this year

The National Cyber Security Centre is advising organisations to beef up their security arrangements.

Apple discontinues macOS Server after 23 years of service

The software will live on as an app that can be downloaded and will work with the latest macOS Monterey.

Ubuntu 22.04 release raises the bar for open source computing

Canonical’s latest edition of the open source operating system has much to offer those who don’t want to follow the crowd.

Nokia to provide data center switching portfolio for Microsoft’s data center networks

Nokia’s solutions will deliver the muscle needed to meet the significant growth of cloud services and cloud computing.


知名扬声器厂商 Bose 今天向法院递交文件,起诉 Beats Electronics 专利侵权。Bose 认为 Beats 侵犯了公司持有额涉及降噪和其他饮品技术的专利。

Moving Beyond Same-Day Bookings, HotelTonight Confirms And Launches Its 7-Day Reservation System

HotelTonight is moving beyond the same-day hotel bookings that it’s known for.TechCrunch’s Jordan Crook reported earlier this week that this move was in the works, but HotelTonight is confirming the news,

Callable、Future&阻塞队列&阻塞栈 - 我爱物联网

Callable、Future 简单应用 在Java5之前,线程是没有返回值的,常常为了“有”返回值,破费周折,而且代码很不好写。或者干脆绕过这道坎,走别的路了。现在Java终于有可返回值的任务(也可以叫做线程)了。

苹果在线商店开始维护 :会有什么上架呢?

苹果的 2015 年春季发布会只剩下最后几个小时的时间,苹果在线商店也不出意外的开始进入维护时间,预示着即将会有新产品上架。


原文作者:Anmol Rajpurohit 本文由数据客翻译团队翻译 目前数据科学家或相关角色(如数据管理,统计师,数据分析师等)成为最抢手的职业之一。针对这一跨行业的趋势,一些顶尖大学已经开始致力于培养数据科学家。

Other 'facts' UK politician Grant Shapps forgot to edit on his Wikipedia page

LONDON — Did the chairman of the Conservative Party edit his own Wikipedia page to make himself sound better? Administrators for the online encyclopedia claim he or someone close to him did.See also: #milifandom might be the strangest and best thing about the UK election so farOn Tuesday evening,

Surface Pro 4售价曝光 不知能否碾压iPad Pro

微软将于美国当地时间 10 月 6 日举行秋季新品发布会,这是继 9 月份的苹果、谷歌发布会之后,又一家科技巨头的发布会。  

Microsoft’s latest Garage Project app spices up Android home screens with Arrow Launcher

Another app has been released to add to the collection of Microsoft Garage projects. This one is called Arrow Launcher, which is an app launcher for Android. The app lets users experience a new interface that...

Watch a Surfer Survive a Crazy Wipeout Off a 40-Foot Wave

This wipeout is totally crazy and not unlike jumping out of the 4th floor of a building. The waves were that high (thank you El Nino) and the sea monster that is the ocean looked like it was blowing itself up and whipping surfer Tom Dosland around as he barreled around.


据外媒报道,日前,美国乔治亚州州长Nathan Deal否决了颇具争议的《House Bill 757(以下简称HB757)》法案。这一法案允许该州宗教人员拒绝向LGBT群体提供服务。而就在乔治亚州立法部门提交了这份有违美最高法院的“同性恋婚姻合法”的法案之后,该州就收到了来自各方反对的声音,其中不乏像好莱坞的高层、演员、导演及制片人等。

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