'Lightyear' features Pixar's best montage since 'Up'

Welcome to Thanks, I Love It, our series highlighting something onscreen we're obsessed with this week.Pixar has a knack for creating montages that absolutely wreck you emotionally. Think the sweet but lonely sequence where Wall-E takes care of a hibernating Eve,

We had 11 questions for 'Stranger Things 4: Volume 2.' Here are the answers.

Warning: The following contains major spoilers for Stranger Things 4: Volume 2. Well, it's finally here. Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 — all 4 hours of it — has arrived on Netflix. And boy, was it a lot. There were tentacles, there were guitar solos, and at the end of the day, there was a body count.

Air fryer cheeseburgers are way more delicious than they should be

Summertime is here, the Fourth of July is coming up, and that can only mean one thing: We are at peak cookout season. And when it's peak cookout season, there's one thing I want on my plate: a delicious, juicy burger. SEE ALSO:

'Good Luck to You, Leo Grande' review: Respect, consent, and boundaries come first

"It’s an orgasm, not a Fabergé egg. People have them every day." Katy Brand's spectacularly sharp script for Good Luck to You, Leo Grande is full of witticisms like this, with every moment fueled by smart discussion of sex, sex work,

Best headphones for kids: Comfort, safety, and durability win every time

You might think that the main benefit to buying headphones for your children is so that you don't have to hear what they're listening to, but there's actually a more important reason.

Remote learning got you down? Here are the best educational sites for kids.

We are living in a new age of widespread remote, online learning. Even before COVID-19 forced the shutdown of schools all over the world, investment in EDtech (education technology) had reached $18.66 billion in 2019 and the market of online education is projected to be $350 billion by 2025.Today,

Throw all the summer BBQs with this Weber grill on sale ahead of Prime Day

SAVE $90: As of July 1, the Weber Spirit II grill is $90 off as an early Prime Day deal. Get one for just $549 while the discount lasts.It's summer, and you know what that means:

Save 36% on a SodaStream One Touch — and save [redacted] on canned seltzer in the process

SAVE $46: Sparkling water lovers can make their own at home with the SodaStream One Touch sparkling water maker. It's on sale for just $83.99 at Walmart as of July 1 — that's 36% in savings.With a SodaStream, all your fizzy drink dreams can come true at the touch of a button. Plus,

Google News gets cleaner look, more customization options

Google is celebrating 20 years since it launched Google News – yes, 20 years, we couldn't believe it, either – and to mark the occasion, News was given a much-needed redesign. The Google News of old was too cluttered and not particularly beautiful. The new Google News has a simplified,

Twitter is testing Notes, a new longform format

Twitter is trialling a new longform format that will let you shoot well past 280 characters, meaning you may no longer have to relay your humorous anecdotes via numbered tweet threads. Called Notes, the new feature enables users to write entire articles straight onto the social media platform,

'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3: Everything you need to know

Emmy Raver-Lampman, Tom Hopper, Robert Sheehan, and cast of The Umbrella Academy, bring us up to speed on what has happened to our superheroes up to the moment season 3 begins. The new season premieres June 22nd on Netflix.

Kinvey Launches Dedicated Backend As A Service Platform For Enterprise Developers

Kinvey, the enterprise-centric backend as a service (BaaS) platform for mobile apps, is launching a new feature today that will allow its customers to run their apps in a dedicated private cloud or on-premise instead of on Kinvey's regular multi-tenant platform.



苹果在中国获得iPhone 5s保护壳设计专利

威锋网讯 5 月 25 日消息,香港知识产权局近日通过了苹果提交的一项设计专利申请,这项专利涉及到的产品是 iPhone 5s 的官方保护壳。这是我们首次看到苹果在中国地区获得 iPhone 5s 保护壳的设计专利的消息。

苹果飞船新总部 Campus 2 样品建筑在德国展出

我们已经见过苹果“飞船”新总部 Campus 2 很多渲染图,目前新总部正在火热建设中。德国网站 ifun.de 贴出了几张苹果 Campus 2 的样品建筑照片。根据网站介绍,这些建筑样品出现在德国 Gundelfingen 的 Josef Gartner GmbH 公司。


1.印度不仅仅只有IT外包发达。 由于语言和人工成本等问题,印度近年来成为欧美公司的IT外包中心。但印度IT服 […]



奔驰新2017E-Class 看上去甚至有些疯狂

威锋网 1 月 11 日消息,在不久之前——大概也就是一两个月的时间前,特斯拉推出了一款新的程序,可以在一定程度上实现自动驾驶。并且我们都知道,在刚刚落幕的 CES 2016 上,自动驾驶和VR设备一样吸引着人们的眼球。然而,目前其实并没有一家厂商能够打包票说生产出了完全能够实现自动驾驶的汽车,就算有一些非常接近的,但是在实现自动驾驶的时候也往往会受到速度上的限制。  这似乎是必须的,因为在没有人操控的情况下,如果保持高速行驶无疑是非常危险的,而特斯拉对此的限制似乎还是比较严格的。但现在,奔驰即将在今年年中正式开始销售新车 2017E-Class,它所具备的一些特性令人感到疯狂。  


编者按:本文是30位创业精英分享的30条创业心得,内容涵盖管理、研发、产品、销售、招聘、融资等各个方面。看了这篇文章,相信你对创业会有一个全新的认识。《干货分享:30位创业精英的30条创业心得(上)》16. 打造品牌,需要首先确定公司的“目标”、“定位”和“个性”Arielle Jackson是一位业界知名营销专家。近10年来,他分别为Gmail、Google Docs、Calendar和Voice做过品牌定位。

微软申请模块化PC专利 组件可以自由更换

微软2015年7月时申请了一项与“模块化计算设备”相关的专利,2月11日专利资料曝光。新专利可以让消费者用组件组合成PC,不需要更换整个电脑,只需要替换特定组件就行了。微软Surface设备和配件团队资深产业设计师蒂姆•埃斯柯林(Tim Escolin)是专利的作者之一。  Surface平板已经赢得一定的关注度,谷歌、苹果和三星也推出了相似的设备,在微软内部Surface的品牌价值正在上升。微软看起来对模块化硬件蛮感兴趣,就在不久前,微软联合Scuf Computing推出了模块化Xbox One Elite控制器。  

SQL Server2012 T-SQL基础教程--读书笔记 - 无名的风吹草地

SQL Server2012 T-SQL基础教程--读书笔记SqlServerChapter 01 T-SQL 查询和编程背景1.3 创建表和定义数据的完整性1.3.1 创建表1.3.2 定义数据的完整性1. 主键约束2. 唯一约束3. 外键束约4. CHECK约束5. 默认约束Chapter 02...

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