Play Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition and two other games this weekend with Xbox Free Play Da

Cortana终于要来了!微软在Build 2014开发者大会上公布Windows Phone以及Windows大量更新细节

微软在Build2014开发者大会上与众多开发者讨论了Windows Phone 8.1以及Windows 8.1系统的大量更新,此次更新的重心放在了Windows Phone系统上,带来了包括个人助理“Cortana”在内的大量新特性。

A closer look at the NSA’s denial of knowledge regarding Heartbleed

We examine the latest fracas over Heartbleed, namely the accusation that the National Security Agency knew about it long ago.Read more:



【云图】如何制作全国KTV查询系统? - 酸奶小妹




2014年10月广东网贷成交量97亿元 占全国的36.26%

v  据网贷之家昨日提供给深圳商报的最新数据显示,10月广东省网贷行业成交量达97.32亿元,环比9月上升18.18%,占全国总成交量(268.36亿元)的36.26%,位居首位。

Microsoft welcomes Unity, Unreal Engine, and Cocos2d into Visual Studio as part of a new partnership

Visual Studio arguably offers one of the best dev environments available. Microsoft would like to extend that development environment to mobile gaming. As the mobile gaming sector continues to grow and service hundreds of millions of users every day,

The happiest job in America pays $150,000 a year

Unhappy at work? Consider switching to a career in coding.You may think of web developers as chained to their computers, but a new survey shows that a majority of developers are probably happier with their career than you,

5 can't-miss apps: Five Nights at Freddy's 4, Sway, Tender and more

We get it, you're busy. With so much going on in tech, you may have missed the debut of a hot new app that could make life much easier. But we've got you covered.There were rumors about an updated 5k iMac,

Cute baby taking a bath laughs exactly like Nelson from 'The Simpsons'

Let Springfield know there's a new Nelson Muntz in town.YouTube user Leslie A uploaded a video of her 6-month-old baby Jos taking a nice, relaxing bath. Much to her parents' surprise, little Jos was having such a good time, she let out a cute laugh that sounded just like Nelson's from The Simpsons.

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