Logitech to launch a cloud gaming handheld device

Crows Complete Basic Aesop's Fable Task

jones_supa writes: "New Caledonian crows — already known to be smart — may also understand how to displace water to receive a reward, with the causal understanding level of a 5-7 year-old child,

California Utility May Replace IT Workers with H-1B Workers

dcblogs writes: "Southern California Edison is preparing to offshore IT jobs, the second major U.S. utility in the last year to do so. It will be cutting its staff, but it hasn't said by how much. The utility is using at least two offshore outsourcing firms, according to government records.

Why Old Paper Turns Yellow

When I was a kid, my parents had a collection of historic old, yellowed newspapers. For example, I distinctly remember an oldWashington Post newspaper sitting on a bookshelf from July 21, 1969 with the headline "The Eagle Has Landed – Two Men Walk on the Moon." Or a fading,

Doom's rebirth aims to turn every fan into a game designer

What does Doom become when it's not about beating the brimstone out of cybernetically enhanced demons from Hell?The classic shooter is set for a 2016 rebirth. And while a promising E3 2015 reveal delivered familiar, fast-paced action with a gorgeous graphical sheen layered on top of it,


上海2015年8月12日电 /美通社/ -- 2015上海国际专业灯光音响展览会将于2015年10月14-17日在上海新国际博览中心(龙阳路2345号)举办。

China starts cleanup after Tianjin blasts, arrests officials and warehouse managers

China has arrested 23 people under criminal charges tied to the Tianjin blasts, state media said.Among the arrested are the the chairman, vice-chairman and three deputy managers of the warehouse that exploded, as well as officials from various state departments and customs officers, said Xinhua.

Silicon Valley darling Square is worth less than it was a year ago, and the good times may be over f

All eyes in Silicon Valley are now looking cautiously at Jack Dorsey — but not because of Twitter.Square, the payments startup that Dorsey runs when he's not busy trying to save Twitter,



PayPal 将比特币企业家纳入董事会, 专注货币未来发展

PayPal 将经验丰富的金融科技大佬兼比特币企业家文西斯·卡萨雷斯(Wences Casares)纳入 董事会,在金融与货币的未来方向中迈出了显著 的一步。 出生在阿根廷的卡萨雷斯在至今 41 年的生涯中工作经历丰富。他现在是瑞士公司 Xapo 的首席执行官兼创始人。Xapo… Read More

British police catch 'slot machine bandits' after they post triumphant selfies

LONDON — A British police force has shared the trail of selfies and images that led directly to the arrests and sentencing of two men who stole money from fruit machines (slot machines) across the UK.SEE ALSO: British prisoner reviews police cell on Facebook,

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