Center for Political Accountability fingers Microsoft among biggest donors to anti-abortion groups


硬件黑客黄欣国(Andrew bunnie Huang)和Sean Cross推出的世界第一款开源硬件笔记本Novena,是设计作为一种灵活的计算平台,可根据用途进行配置,也很容易扩展。

The Case For a Federal Robotics Commission

New submitter hmcd31 writes: In a new paper for Brookings' series on the future of civilian robotics, University of Washington Law Professor Ryan Calo argues the need for a Federal Robotics Commission. With advancements such as driverless cars and drones taking to the roads and skies,

'Aquaman Crystal' Could Let Divers Breathe Underwater

Scuba diving is great fun until your tank starts running out of oxygen. But what if you could just gather the oxygen from the water that's all around you on a dive? A new material synthesized by researchers in a lab could do just that.

自拍经济学:垂涎者众 软硬兼施 盈利难求



作为特斯拉和SpaceX两家公司的负责人,伊隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)对汽车和火箭有着浓厚的兴趣,但暂时不要期待这两项技术的结合。

途牛财报:2014年Q3途牛亏损1690万美元 同比扩大





某年某月某日,一场诡异无比的“网球赛”火热进行。对阵双方是著名的德约科维奇和……M1 艾布拉姆斯主战坦克。只见德约科维奇熟练地击球,坦克也是灵活无比,用插在炮管上的网球拍来回击。

The 'Freedom Clip' Permanently Disables Keurig's New DRM

When Keurig's K-Cup patent expired back in 2012, instead of embracing the hundreds of companies producing instant beverages for the popular pod-based coffee brewing machine (who helped boost its popularity), it introduced a form of coffee DRM on its new Keurig 2.0 machines. Not cool,

NBC will make 'The Wiz Live' accessible for the visually impaired

NBC's live broadcast of The Wiz Live will be fully accessible for people with visual disabilitiesThe musical production will be the first live entertainment show in U.S. history to provide video description to viewers with Secondary Audio Program audio feeds,

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