Queer horror finds its queen in ‘All About Evil’

Queer horror is having a moment. Well, technically, queer horror has been having its moment for 150 years. The lesbian vampire urtext Carmilla pre-dates Dracula by a quarter of a century, after all.

'Only Murders in the Building' reveals Glitter Guy's identity — but we still have questions

The following contains spoilers for Only Murders in the Building Season 2, episode 8, "Hello Darkness."Only Murders in the Building Season 2 has thrown a lot at us over its first seven episodes: a missing erotic painting, a bloody matchbook, and even Amy Schumer playing herself.

Snapchat's new safety tool lets parents see who their kids are talking to

Snapchat has announced a new in-app safety tool called Family Center, designed to let parents see who their kids are talking to while keeping the content of the conversations private. It's basically the online equivalent of watching your kid play with their friends in your front yard,

A lifetime subscription to a EmailWritr Premium Plan is on sale for under £50

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a EmailWritr Premium Plan is on sale for £48.50, saving you 98% on list price.Around 29% of marketers consider their email outreach to be their most effective marketing tool, but it can be a lot of work to manage. Writing one email may not be much work,

How to watch 'House of the Dragon' from anywhere in the world

SAVE 84%: CyberGhost VPN offers a slick streaming experience for cybersecurity beginners. A three-year subscription to CyberGhost VPN is on sale for £69.81 and includes an extra three months for free — save 84% for a limited time.

'Wordle' today: Here's the answer, hints for August 9

The week is in full swing on this fine Tuesday, and there's a brand new Wordle to solve. If you get stuck, that's where our daily Wordle help can come in handy.The answer to the August 9 Wordle, puzzle #416, can be found at the end of this article. Before you get there, though,

A guide to all the Bama Rush slang on your FYP

University of Alabama sorority rush season has officially started, which means it's taken over TikTok for the second year in a row. If your FYP is inundated with Bama Rush, but you're feeling overwhelmed by the ins and outs of recruitment, we've got you covered.

It took just one weekend for Meta's new AI Chatbot to become racist

Just when you think life online can't get worse than it already is, Meta steps in to prove you wrong.The company's new BlenderBot 3 AI chatbot — which was released in the U.S. just days ago on Friday,

How capitalism killed the social media of abundance

We killed Instagram. And we'll kill the next social media beast, too.In 2010, we were given a platform that did relatively few things: You could edit photos and post them on a grid, and your friends could comment on them. Even then we wanted it to change.

Get TEFL-certified to teach abroad at a huge discount

TL;DR: As of August 5, you can get the TEFL Certification Bundle for just $39.99 instead of $252 — that's an 84% discount.There’s a lot of world to see, but actually seeing it can cost quite a lot. However, there might be a way for you to get an incredible, long-term experience in another country,

Planning summertime fun? You might love this folding chair that's also a backpack — now 66% off.

TL;DR: As of August 5, you can get the Cool Stool Backpack for just $39.99 instead of $118.99 — that's a 66% discount.Most backpacks probably can’t fit a full chair in them, and most chairs likely can’t safely carry food, drinks, camping supplies, or other necessities while in motion.



微软更新日志透露Surface Pro 3或将在下周发布

微软准备下周在纽约召开Surface媒体发布会,不过似乎在此之前微软就不小心给出了一些泄露信息。在昨天的支持文章中,微软提及Windows 8.

松下发布CM1智能手机 内置1英寸传感器和徕卡镜头

松下在今天的Photokina大会宣布推出全新CM1 Android智能手机,其中集成了1英寸图像传感器和徕卡镜头。松下CM1智能手机内建2000万像素CMOS传感器,并搭配了f/2.8徕卡镜头,机械快门和手动控制环。



Storm Ventures Locks Down $180M For Its New Fund

Storm Ventures has joined nearly every other startup capital entity in raising a new, larger fund. Storm’s fifth fund is a $180 million vehicle that the firm has stapled a new venture partner to. As a group, Storm is known for its work with SaaS-focused companies. Its own Jason Lemkin,


-- 规范中国新生儿皮肤护理,促进婴幼儿健康成长 上海2015年7月31日电 /美通社/ -- 近年来,随着经济的发展和生活水平的提高,如何突破传统模式,科学护理新生儿皮肤,使其有规可循,并贴近国际公认的护理标准成为中国专业医护人员和新生儿父母期盼已久的问题。

移动端视网膜(Retina)屏幕下1px边框线 解决方案 - 莫扬的天空

原因:因为Retine屏的分辨率始终是普通屏幕的2倍,1px的边框在devicePixelRatio=2的retina屏下会显示成2px。但在IOS8中,已经支持0.5px了,那就意味着, 在devicePixelRatio=2的时候,我们可以使用如下的css:div{ border:1px...

[图]CES 2016:大猩猩玻璃?康宁要开发新产品

当我们都提及康宁时,第一时间总是会把目光放到自己的手机屏幕上,没错,大猩猩玻璃早就已经深入人心了,毕竟我们选手机时,经常可以听到, XXX 手机配置了第 N 代大猩猩玻璃,这也已经成为了康宁最受欢迎的产品。不过为了保持竞争力,康宁很显然是要紧盯着其他的市场。推出手机或者平板电脑?不,康宁在CES 2016上带给我们的答案就是,一块交互式零售玻璃!

失踪的正统:iPad Air将被iPad Pro取代?

苹果 2016 年 3 月 21 日的新品发布会已经结束,各位锋友们还满意吗?尽管在发布会开始前我们已经被剧透得够多了,都知道会有一款 9.7 英寸的 iPad Pro 发售,但不少人仍旧抱有少许期待,盼着 iPad Air 生产线能更新一波。当然了,最后我们迎来的仍是小尺寸的 iPad Pro。于是问题来了:iPad Air 究竟去了哪里?难不成“Pro”这个词将会彻底替代“Air”?  难掩尴尬的 iPad 市场  iPad Air 产品线是 iPad 发展史上的一个巅峰,这一点不会有人否认。

产品推迟发货 研究公司将今年VR销售额预期下调22%

北京时间4月13日消息,据《华尔街日报》网络版报道,从目前的情况来看,虚拟现实(VR)市场可能还需要更多时间发展才能跟上它的热度。热门新产品遇到的早期问题已经引发一些研究公司调整他们对VR市场的预期。研究公司SuperData Research在最新报告中预计,今年全球VR硬件和软件销售额将达到28.6亿美元,较3月初的预期下调了22%。

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