This all-electric race boat taking its inspiration from Formula 1

E1’s Racebird is an all-electric, futuristic looking race boat equipped with cooling and hydrofoil technology. The design takes inspiration from E1’s founder Alejandro Agag’s time with his GP2 Formula 1 team.

'Only Murders in the Building' reveals Glitter Guy's identity — but we still have questions

The following contains spoilers for Only Murders in the Building Season 2, episode 8, "Hello Darkness."Only Murders in the Building Season 2 has thrown a lot at us over its first seven episodes: a missing erotic painting, a bloody matchbook, and even Amy Schumer playing herself.

Snapchat's new safety tool lets parents see who their kids are talking to

Snapchat has announced a new in-app safety tool called Family Center, designed to let parents see who their kids are talking to while keeping the content of the conversations private. It's basically the online equivalent of watching your kid play with their friends in your front yard,

A lifetime subscription to a EmailWritr Premium Plan is on sale for under £50

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a EmailWritr Premium Plan is on sale for £48.50, saving you 98% on list price.Around 29% of marketers consider their email outreach to be their most effective marketing tool, but it can be a lot of work to manage. Writing one email may not be much work,

How to watch 'House of the Dragon' from anywhere in the world

SAVE 84%: CyberGhost VPN offers a slick streaming experience for cybersecurity beginners. A three-year subscription to CyberGhost VPN is on sale for £69.81 and includes an extra three months for free — save 84% for a limited time.

'Wordle' today: Here's the answer, hints for August 9

The week is in full swing on this fine Tuesday, and there's a brand new Wordle to solve. If you get stuck, that's where our daily Wordle help can come in handy.The answer to the August 9 Wordle, puzzle #416, can be found at the end of this article. Before you get there, though,

A guide to all the Bama Rush slang on your FYP

University of Alabama sorority rush season has officially started, which means it's taken over TikTok for the second year in a row. If your FYP is inundated with Bama Rush, but you're feeling overwhelmed by the ins and outs of recruitment, we've got you covered.

It took just one weekend for Meta's new AI Chatbot to become racist

Just when you think life online can't get worse than it already is, Meta steps in to prove you wrong.The company's new BlenderBot 3 AI chatbot — which was released in the U.S. just days ago on Friday,

The most watched TV shows and movies this week reek of romance

So, what's everyone been watching this week? Hmmmm?Each week, the most streamed TV shows and movies come down to a few things — sheer buzz, a big finale, smart marketing, star power, critical acclaim,

Smartwatches could soon be used to monitor migrants in the UK

In the UK, facial recognition smartwatches could be used to monitor migrants who have been convicted of a crime, according to a scoop obtained by the Guardian. Under new plans from the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice, seen by the news outlet,

Air fryer chicken skewers are delicious and simple

As someone who writes about air frying a lot, I've noticed a few general categories of recipes you'll find online. You've got your hacks, your (often gross) stunt food, your diet versions of calorie-heavy favorites, and recipes for what'd I'd call actual, good food. This week's AirFryDay recipe,

Surface 2 现在可以在美国飞机驾驶舱里起飞了

分类: 交通相关Apple iPad 可说是目前美国民航机电子飞行包(Electronic Flight Bags)的代表,不过 Microsoft 也要加入战团了。他们宣布旗下的 Surface 2 也已经得到 FAA 的批准,可以作为美国机师的 Class 1 飞行包。


随着人们对于网络隐私的愈发重视,真正的匿名访问网络正成为越来越多人的一种需求。采用Tor(The Onion Router)技术的一系列软件和服务将允许使用者匿名实现浏览网页、收发电子邮件、传输大文件、即时通讯等功能。

Seeing ice cream melt in a time lapse is oddly satisfying

The only thing bad about eating ice cream during the summer is how fast the frozen deliciousness melts. After two minutes, it's dripping onto your elbows and your forearm is sticky for the rest of the day. No one likes melted ice cream.





黑客成长之路-01.新手篇-设置路由器 - jackson0714



年初一加(OnePlus)以399美元的价格推出了极具性价比的一加3手机,时隔8个月公司宣布将会在近期推出具备更强性能的亲民旗舰--一加3T,除了装备高通最新的骁龙821处理器之外还将带来全新带相位对焦的1600万像素前置摄像头,3400mAh容量电池和最高128GB的内置存储选项。在颜色方面除了Gunmetal版本之外还将会提供“Soft Gold”版本。

无线电管理23年来首次修订 频谱规划成产业制约



据外媒报道,在Gartner近日发布的《商业智能和分析平台魔力象限》(Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms)年度报告中,微软连续第十年入选,并连续第二年迈进领导者象限。这项分析通过一个图表来衡量各个公司的“执行能力”与“远见的完整性”。 阅读全文


根据全球知名的咨询公司埃森哲(Accenture)最新的一份报告显示,这家公司将在 2017 年投入 14 亿美元的资金用于开设 10 家创新中心(Innovation Center)。埃森哲第一家创新中心位于美国休斯顿,已经与本周三正式开业。 埃森哲休斯顿创新中心的负责人 Brian Richards 表示,「休斯顿这个地方充满了创新,与这里的人交流总能收获大量的信心。」当有媒体问到为什么要做这种实体的创新中心时,他表示是想让大型企业、产业巨头与新兴科学技术建立联系,为前者提供创新动力。「现在市场上正在追逐人工智能和区块链技术,但是人们很难明白这些新技术到底能干什么。

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