Google's new homepage rolls out to more people with Windows 11-like widgets under the search box

John Brophy绘画作品

John Brophy,美国画家,出生于1963年,曾经有7.5年游戏工业经验,绘画作品风格诡异,笔触细腻考究,略有宗教绘画风格。官方网站:

Nokia Lumia 930: is This the Future of Windows Phone?

Nokia phones can be a little extreme. The Lumia 1020 has a camera with a ridiculous amount of resolution. The Lumia 1520 is crazy large. Even the company's feature phones have some wild colors and price points.That's why it was refreshing to check out the Nokia Lumia 930.



Infamous Pro-Russian Rebel Commander Steps Down in Ukraine

DONETSK, Ukraine – Strelkov is out. The military commander of Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine, who ordered the executions of at least three men by firing squad and boasted on social media about shooting Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 out of the sky, resigned on Thursday,

How Material Design Actually Works

In our latest Ask a Dev video, Android's Ajay Pall discusses how to implement the newly announced Material DesignWith all the recent news about Android L and Material Design, you'd probably think they were two things that can't exist without the other. However,




经过科学评审团、航空和太空领域专家的综合评定,围绕着成像、机动性和登陆系统三个大类目,近日谷歌向参加星空探月(Lunar XPRIZE)竞赛项目的五家公司发放了525万美元奖金,以奖励这五家公司在过去一年中为太空探索领域所带来的杰出成就,谷歌将其称之为“里程碑奖”(Milestone Prizes)。

Google 开发的 Waze 已经影响到了美国警察执法

如今,越来越多的电子设备出现在人们的生活中,有一些 App 所能够提供的服务强大到了甚至反制了警察的执法。且听美国警察怎么评价 Google 的 Waze。



The Batman of the Internet Hacks Russian Government Website, Demands Retribution

Holy cyber attack! The man that former FBI agents have dubbed the “Batman of the Internet” has returned. And this time he’s targeting Russia with one simple message: “I am vengeance!”Read more...

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