NASA identifies the strange object its rover found on Mars

When a spacecraft dramatically parachutes down to a distant world, debris will inevitably litter the landing site.NASA has documented the diverse debris scattered by the 2021 landing of its high-tech Perseverance rover, including a strange-looking ball of tangled, "spaghetti"-like material,

A Scientist Responds... To Deep Impact

In our new series, A Scientist Responds, we’re dredging up the great and terrible disaster flicks of days past—and we’re making scientists watch them. Today’s movie: 1998’s asteroid thriller, Deep Impact. The scientist: io9’s resident geophysicist, Mika McKinnon.Read more...

The best VPNs for unblocking streaming sites from all over the world

We know why you're here, and that's to access more content from around the world with the help of a VPN. You can use these popular services to binge-watch all of the movies and shows you want, even if they're not usually available in your location. Once you've connected to a VPN,

Your secret Twitter account may no longer be secret

If you have a secret Twitter account, we've got some bad news for you. On Friday, Twitter disclosed information about a security vulnerability that allowed someone to find out whether a specific email address or phone number is tied to an existing Twitter accounts."In January 2022,

Everything you need to remember ahead of 'Never Have I Ever' Season 3

Never have we ever...remembered exactly what happened last season when a TV series is set to drop a brand new chapter, even if we love it with all our hearts. Yes, we’re specifically referring to Mindy Kaling's teen smash Never Have I Ever, which is returning to Netflix for Season 3 on Aug. 12.

John Oliver slams the U.S. response to monkeypox

With cases of monkeypox on the rise in America, John Oliver focused his latest episode of Last Week Tonight on the virus, talking about what monkeypox actually is before detailing the many ways the U.S.

How to watch Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked 2022 online (August edition)

Samsung's Galaxy is getting ready to expand.Back in July, Samsung confirmed it would hold a big announcement event in the form of a new Galaxy Unpacked livestream in August. Well, August is here now,

Get a lifetime subscription to Babbel for 60% off and learn up to 14 languages

TL;DR: As of August 8, you can get a Babbel Lifetime Membership for just $199 instead of $499 — that's a 60% discount. (See below for the steps to redeem this deal.)Among all the deal offers we see, few are as appreciated as a deal from Babbel.

Save some space with an invisible wireless charger that's 30% off

TL;DR: As of August 8, you can get the Hudly Invisible Wireless Charger for just $69.99 instead of $99.99 — that's a 30% discount.If you want a wireless charger, you usually have to resign yourself to losing some space on your desk, nightstand, vanity, or wherever you keep it.

Scientists spot puzzling, unusually perfect holes on the ocean floor

At over 8,000 feet beneath the Atlantic Ocean, scientists spotted an unusual line of almost perfectly-spaced holes. The little pits, near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, have baffled researchers. "The origin of the holes has scientists stumped," tweeted the U.S.

Amazon's acquisition of iRobot could mean cheaper Roombas, but we have some concerns

From smart TVs to gaming platforms to that weird microwave phase, Amazon loves to make its own version of stuff that already exists. That's not the case with robot vacuums, apparently, because Amazon is acquiring iRobot.

The Vitality chi swing machine is on sale for 28% off

TL;DR: As of August 6, you can get the Vitality Chi Swing Machine for just $249.99 instead of $350 — that's a 28% discount.How many days do you spend on your feet only to get home sore and tired? By the time you’re home,



10 flashy camera bags that will impress any photographer

Regardless of your photography skill level — iPhone snapper, amateur wedding photographer, prosumer enthusiast or expert war photographer — you need a solid bag for your gear. The right one can help guarantee you never miss a shot by making it faster and easier to get to your camera.See also:


因为 Iron 这个词有“钢铁”和“熨斗”两个意思,所以把钢铁侠念成“熨斗侠”也是个陈年老梗了。没想到居然有人给这个梗拍成了“大片”!  

ECMAScript 5(ES5)中bind方法简介备忘 - 韩子迟

一直以来对和this有关的东西模糊不清,譬如call、apply等等。这次看到一个和bind有关的笔试题,故记此文以备忘。 bind和call以及apply一样,都是可以改变上下文的this指向的。



LQMT液态金属专利已卖身苹果 宜安科技涨停

◎每经记者孟庆建  近日,宜安科技(300328,SZ)发布公告称,公司实际控制人李扬德控制的液态金属有限公司与 LQMT(Liquid metal Technologies Inc. 美国 OTCBB 挂牌企业)签署合作协议,双方同意液态金属有 ... ...



Cute little kid learns to embrace creepy crawly bugs

When it comes to curing kids of a fear of bugs, it's all about exposure. In this clip, chill dad Jasen Samford teaches his three-year-old daughter to embrace nature. Adorable and informative.

Best Buy is opening a bunch of stores at midnight for the PlayStation VR launch

It probably won’t be the last time most PlayStation VR purchasers ever pull themselves away from their console long enough to leave the house, but just in case, Best Buy is turning the headset’s launch into a social event of sorts.

乐视拖欠中移动1426.25万 或被下线290G带宽

近日网上流传的一份文件显示,乐视拖欠中国移动江苏公司1426.25万元IDC资源租用费。而中国移动决定先将乐视服务于外省和异网的流量端口关闭。对此,网易科技询问了相关知情人士,来自中国移动的内部人士表示确有此文件。 阅读全文

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