Windows news recap: Amazon Prime Video gets a redesign, Internet Explorer lingers, and more

Mozilla重申 : 不会在Firefox新标签页中贴满广告



随着 5.5 英寸 iPhone 6 Plus 的发布,苹果为了方便用户在这款大屏 iPhone 上进行操作添加了一些类似于iPad上的特性,支持用户在主屏幕和许多应用下使用横屏模式。



Azure and NGSN team up to allow fans in the US to watch more soccer

Soccer fans, or football depending on where you are, will now have another option when it comes viewing live matches and on demand sports content from around the globe.


深圳2015年3月24日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,“互联网+”成为了热议话题,而拥有多个“互联网+”概念的上市公司腾邦国际,在15年第一季度的股票表现异常亮眼,市值超过了百亿达到新高,其互联网金融板块的出色表现功不可没。

European Tech Verticals To Track

While the high-level investment trend in innovative technology is similar between the U.S. and Europe, digging deeper exposes interesting differences.

Returning soldier gives son photobomb surprise on school picture day

When Corporal James Bass returned home on Friday after a year of deployment in Kuwait, he headed straight for his son Joshua's elementary school in Durham, North Carolina.There, the 8-year-old was gearing up for school picture day, ABC11 reports. When the moment came to take the photo,

光学防抖性能激增:iPhone 6s Plus/iPhone 6 Plus视频录影对比

感谢JCkuo的投递为什么要选择iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus?除了销魂的玫瑰金之外还有什么理由值得买?

We analyze the Super Bowl 50 commercials with smart advertising experts

Welcome to the Ad Bowl. It's the one time of year where people actually get excited about being sold beer, candy and cars, and we're no exception.Mashable is once again live blogging through the commercial breaks this Super Bowl,

还在讨论 Apple Pay?Google 想让让你动动嘴就完成支付

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