Snag a refurbished Apple HomePod mini for $9 off in a rare deal

SAVE $9.01: Best Buy has a Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Apple HomePod mini on sale for $89.99 as of Aug. 8. It usually retails for $99, so you'll save about 9%.Good news for anyone who's still mourning the discontinuation of the Apple HomePod (2018-2021): It could be making a comeback soon.

Amazon's 'ambient intelligence' is a cozy way to say home surveillance

Back in my day, you turned devices off when you didn’t need to use them. But in the age of Amazon, your "smart" home and its ecosystem of gadgets will ideally always be turned on. That vision even has a cool-sounding name: ambient intelligence. It's A.I.

Meta's Make-A-Video AI is Dall-E for video clips

Everyone's favorite text-to-image generator Dall-E has a new competitor from Meta: A video-to-text generator called Make-A-Video. The tool generates short, soundless video snippets based on the same type of text prompts you feed to Dall-E.But Dall-E is child's play compared to Make-A-Video,

Boston Dynamics’ Spot could be the newest first responder in emergency situations

Ontario Power Generation has partnered with Ontario Tech University to test the capabilities of a Boston Dynamics Spot robot dog to improve safety in the nuclear power sector. The robot can be sent on autonomous missions, conduct visual inspections,

Save $40 on the brand-new Fire TV Cube 4K when you pre-order it at Amazon

SAVE $40: As of Sept. 29, the new Amazon Fire TV Cube 4K Streaming Device is on sale for $99.99 when you pre-order it at Amazon using the code 4KCUBE — that's 29% in savings.It seems that Amazon conveniently planned its fall hardware event to build hype for its first-ever Prime Early Access Sale,

Google's killing off Stadia but at least you'll get your money back

Stadia is joining that great big Google cloud in the sky.On Thursday, Google announced it will be shutting down Stadia, its cloud gaming service. While platforms being shuttered are never welcomed news, there is a bright side to this one: The search giant will be offering refunds to gamers.Yes,

Hurricane Ian aftermath videos paint harrowing picture of damage

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian's assault on Florida Wednesday and Thursday, the state began the work of assessing the damage. Two fatalities were tentatively linked to the powerful storm, pending a more thorough investigation.

What's so controversial about Netflix's 'Blonde'? Well...

On Wednesday (Sept. 28), Netflix released Blonde, a flashy, fictitious account of Marilyn Monroe's life. The nearly three-hour film stars Ana de Armas as the late star. Directed by Andrew Dominik and based off Joyce Carol Oates's novel of the same name,

Stay cool with a powerful Vornado fan on sale for its lowest price ever

Save 23%: Looking to save on a summertime essential? The Vorando 660 AE air circulator is on sale for $99.99 at Amazon, saving you $30 off its usual $129.99. If there's one thing the month of August absolutely loves to do, it's remind us how hot and miserable summertime can be.

The best VPNs for unblocking streaming sites from all over the world

We know why you're here, and that's to access more content from around the world with the help of a VPN. You can use these popular services to binge-watch all of the movies and shows you want, even if they're not usually available in your location. Once you've connected to a VPN,

Your secret Twitter account may no longer be secret

If you have a secret Twitter account, we've got some bad news for you. On Friday, Twitter disclosed information about a security vulnerability that allowed someone to find out whether a specific email address or phone number is tied to an existing Twitter accounts."In January 2022,




北京2014年5月8日电 /美通社/ -- 完美世界有限责任公司(NASDAQ:

如何预订iPhone 6?——信息图

如何预订iPhone 6?


日本京都大学数学家望月新一(Shinichi Mochizuki)在 2012 年发表了一篇 500 页的论文,宣布证明了 ABC 猜想。ABC 猜想涉及到质数、加法和乘法之间的关系,由 David Masser 和 Joseph Oesterle 在 1985 年提出 ... ...


(图注:所谓创业者,就是拿出你生命的几年时间就过一种大多数人不曾过过的生活;于是,你的余生都会站在别人只能仰望 ...

Octapharma Group公布2015年全年业绩,营收达到15亿欧元,运营收入达到3.51亿欧元

瑞士拉亨--(美国商业资讯)--The Octapharma Group公布了2015年全年业绩,其营收达到了15.13亿欧元,较2014年增长2.33亿欧元或18.2%。   2015年毛利为5.82亿欧元,较2014年增加了1.4亿欧元。报告显示,毛利润率也得到了改善,达至38.5%。   运营支出为2.31亿欧元,较2014年增长了6,000万欧元,其中包括Octapharma为获取新技术所做的大量投资。该技术被用于开发其重组产品组合。   报告显示,运营收入达到了3.51亿欧元,创历史新高。运营活动带来的净现金达到了3.82亿欧元,占营收的25%,为未来投资奠定了基础。  

The Beetlejuice Sequel Is Finally on Its Way

The script is in. Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder are on board. The movie has been greenlit. So all the long-threatened Beetlejuice 2 has to do is finally start filming.Read more...

I Need to Ride This Totally Trippy Slide Right Now

You could get on this water slide completely sober and emerge feeling like you went on the wildest acid trip ever. The Aqua Racer slide on the Norwegian Escape cruise ship packs multiple levels that offer visual stimulation in so many ways. The slide’s colorful,

How 'Star Trek Beyond' reveals the final frontier for the old version of the franchise

Take the wordy slapstick of Hot Fuzz and splice it with the spectacle of Fast & Furious action and then set it in the Star Trek universe. Automatic win, right? In the case of Star Trek Beyond, Vulcan logic may be less useful than a flagon of Romulan ale. Universal Translator:



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