What is the Windows Troubleshooter, and how you can make the most out of it

How to Fix Most Any Computer Glitch By Yourself

Knowing the difference between HDMI and USB qualifies me as the local tech “expert,” so folks often invite around to fix their computer problems. I’ll let you into a little secret, though: Most of the time, I’m not doing anything all that impressive or magical.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 review: A capable tablet which just happens to be a laptop too

When Microsoft released the original Surface Pro, I wasn’t that interested in it. I have a HP desktop PC and it has worked well for me over the years. Three generations later, and Microsoft releases its third generation Surface Pro.

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation 宣布中国扩张计划

USA 北卡罗来纳州斯泰茨维尔2014年5月23日电 /美通社/ -- 全球知名的实验室设计、建造和安装及医疗保健与技术设备家具产品领导者 Kewaunee Scientific Corporation (NASDAQ:

Journalists Vent After USA Today Newsroom Layoffs

Layoffs hit USA Today on Wednesday, the first major cuts since owner Gannett split off its publishing business.The job cuts, first reported by Jim Romenesko, ended up eliminating between 60 and 70 employees. Roughly half of those came from the editorial side,

消息称 12.9 英寸iPad Pro将配A8X处理器

威锋网 9 月 25 日消息,台湾科技新报报道表示苹果 12.9 英寸 iPad Pro 平板最早将会在 2015 年初发布,报道表示这款设备将会配备 A8X 处理器。


在下个月CES 2015大展上,豪华汽车制造商宝马公司将展示在自动驾驶方面的研究成果,其中包括可远程代客泊车的智能手表。

Google wants self-driving cars on the road within 5 years

Google wants driverless vehicles to be ready for production by 2020 and is talking to some of the biggest automakers in the industry to help make that reality, according to reports.Google's Chris Urmson, director of the self-driving car project,


这是一个求职应用,上面既有LinkedIn那种高大上的工作,也有Task Rabbit那种临时性质或体力劳动的工作,最好玩的是,用工方和求职者可以像在Tinder上约会一样互相认识……移动互联网真是奇妙呀。


我找到了题主所说的四个要求的来源,在这个ppt里标准样应该指的是在delta (or ɛ) notation里定义为0的东西吧(reference material)。第五章(3)同位素基础 是这个么?

15天玩转redis —— 第三篇 无敌的列表类型 - 一线码农


[视频]固特异展示球型轮胎概念 360度转向为无人驾驶设计

知名轮胎生产厂商固特异(固特异)最近公布了几项针对无人驾驶汽车设计的概念性轮胎技术,其中一项就是看上去非常酷炫的圆球型轮胎 Eagle-360概念,球型轮胎能够适应全天候,拥有更大的接触面积提高抓地力,并拥有360度转向的能力,可以实现普通轮胎无法达到的水平方向横移泊车,固特异同时放出了概念性视频。

UN agrees to adopt expanded resolution on online speech rights

A vote today by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) has agreed to affirm an expanded resolution on online rights. Russia and China had tabled several amendments to the text but these were rejected by the sponsor countries who argued they were an attempt to dilute its focus.

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