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Should Patients Have the Option To Not Know Their DNA?

An anonymous reader writes "Genome sequencing is getting faster and cheaper every year. This article points out that in the not-too-distant future, a DNA test will be a common diagnostic tool for doctors.

Another verdict has been reached in another Apple vs Samsung patent battle in the courts.

Another verdict has been reached in another Apple vs Samsung patent battle in the courts. This time Samsung was found to have infringed on two Apple patents and owes nearly $120 million to Apple. Apple, on the other hand, infringed on one Samsung patent but only owes Samsung $158,000.Read more...

[图]国行Xbox One惊现《看门狗》:已过审?

育碧年度大作《看门狗》(Watch Dogs)在去年发售后无论是游戏设计还是画面都得到外界一片好评。现在,这款AAA级大作也被曝光登陆国行Xbox One主机。

微软再发预热推文:虚拟桌面登陆Windows 10系统

本月21日在总部举行的Windows 10发布会将正式揭晓微软对桌面端和移动端Windows 10系统的发展和部署,继此前预告开始菜单将回归之后,今天微软再次发布了Windows 10预热推文,确定消费者在单独的设备上使用虚拟桌面来区分工作、生活等不同使用需求。

From Draper to Stark: 4 ways open marketing makes companies smarter

This article is part of SWOT Team, a series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.For marketers coming out of the Mad Men era of classic four-p marketing, the game has changed forever.See also:

San Francisco pier shooting: Federal agent's gun tied to deadly attack

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management said Wednesday that it is investigating whether an agent's gun was used in the shooting death of a woman walking on a popular San Francisco pier.



Young Thug shares 'I'm Up' mixtape: Stream it here

Atlanta hip-hop standout and agile vocal gymnast Young Thug shared a new mixtape on Friday, following Kanye West's lead by giving it a last-minute name change.The nine-track I'm Up was originally titled Slime Season 3, following up September's Slime Season and October's Slime Season 2 mixtapes.

Facebook “Birthday Cam” Encourages Videos, Not Robotic Wall Posts

Birthdays on Facebook have become a dystopian chore. Typing “HBD” or just “Happy Birthday!” on a friend’s profile is basically the least human way to interact with them. So Facebook is pushing people to record more intimate greetings with its new Birthday Cam feature launching today on iOS.

Flip book shows Leo winning his Oscar slightly differently

In the impossibly rare event that you've made it here without hearing the news, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar. The whole thing went smoothly — Leo gave his speech, took his trophy and left. Over and done.But flip book artist The Flippist asked the question,

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