Microsoft Docs moves to new home at Microsoft Learn

Top 10 tips to work effectively through the Tube strike

Tube strikes, severe weather, epidemics and many other catastrophes can cause problems with employees coming to work. We share 10 essential strategies to work effectively under these conditions.Read more:

How to Print From Anywhere

Americans just aren't printing as much as we used to. Where once we'd churn out driving directions, movie tickets, or school reports, these documents almost always stay in the digital domain. But for those occasions that you do need to print something,

Looking ahead: Designing for in-car HMI

In Part 3 of this 5-part series we looked at the present and the past — in this section we look ahead into the near future of in-car HMI development.Read more:


市场研究公司CCS Insight去年秋天对1500名美国和英国的智能手机用户进行的调查显示,其中有65%的人听说过智能手表,50%听说过健身追踪器。

一站式多功能邮件应用 Acompli 更新 Android 版

我们曾将 Acompli 和 Mailbox 评为 21 世纪最富创新概念的两个电子邮件应用:前者赋予用户对邮件和基于邮件的日程安排文件收发的完全可控制性,后者将邮件的概念极简化,与 GTD 整合。



Kantar: Windows Phone market share hits new low as Microsoft struggles to compete with Google and Ap

The latest report for the mobile operating system usage from Kantar, a UK-based market research company is out, and we are afraid it won’t please folks at Redmond. According to the stats from Kantar,

And now, presenting... Caitlyn Jenner's first selfie

Go home, Kim Kardashian — Caitlyn Jenner just stole your social media crownJenner posted her first selfie today. It's a momentous occasion in itself, but it's also surprising this didn't happen sooner, considering her family's penchant for duck-faced close-upsSee also:


波兰热舒夫和香港2015年10月10日电 /美通社/ -- G2A.COM宣布在其社交媒体渠道开放信息交流,以直接听取全球电子竞技爱好者对最近禁止G2A成为英雄联盟冠军联赛(LCS)战队赞助商的意见。 (图片:http://photos.prnewswire.

Obama on Paris climate agreement: 'We met the moment'

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Saturday praised the sweeping global climate change accord reached by representatives of nearly 200 countries as the "best chance we have to save the one planet that we've got.""We came together around the strong agreement the world needed. We met the moment,

This golden mole is an exceptionally rare sight in Australia's outback

While it might just look like an adorable ball of fur, a sighting of this animal only occurs a few times in a decade.It is a marsupial mole, a.k.a. a karrkaratul, a rarely-seen burrowing mammal found lurking in the central deserts of Australia.

苹果和谷歌在韩国抵制卸载预装 App 的规定

根据外媒 Asia Economy 的报道,谷歌和苹果拒绝响应韩国政府此前做出的“允许用户在他们的移动设备中卸载预装应用程序”的修订条款,下面我们来了解一下具体情况。  据了解,这两家美国科技巨头最近通过驻韩美国商会表达了他们对韩国此次修订法规的反对意见。今年 4 月份,韩国电信监管局对外宣布了一项修订法规,它将允许用户删除移动设备上的一些不需要的应用程序。  根据韩国政府于 2014 年发布的指导方针,韩国手机制造商和电信运营商已经在设备上预装一些可卸载的应用程序,但是谷歌和苹果等国外企业仍然在抵制这项不具有法律约束力的条款。  

靠硬件已经难打翻身仗 苹果需要变得更“软”


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