Best television shows based on video games: The Cuphead Show!

先睹其容:WP 8.1 Cortana的界面曝光

威智网 3 月 1 日消息,今天 The Verge 网站的 Tom Warren 在 Twitter 上发布了一张图片,他表示这张图片就是 Windows Phone 8.1 中的语音助理 Cortana 的界面。  

Radioactivity Cleanup At Hanford Nuclear Reservation, 25 Years On

Rambo Tribble (1273454) writes "The cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington was supposed to be entering its final stages by now. The reality is far from that. The cleanup was to be managed under the 'Tri-Party Agreement', signed on May 15, 1989,

Security Videos Show Suspect in Deadly Jewish Museum Attack

This story was updated at 12:41pm EDT on Sunday May 25.Belgian police released security videos showing the man suspected of killing four people in Saturday's deadly shooting at the Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels. An accompanying news release described the suspect,

Lawsuit Says Yelp Made Millions Forcing Businesses To Hide Bad Reviews

There have been reports circling of Yelp extorting small businesses for over five years. Those anecdotal stories have never been proven in court. But after the Federal Trade Commission revealed a number of complaints, shareholders are taking the company to court,

三星发布Galaxy A3和A5:"迄今为止最纤薄的手机"

在昨天公布了令人失望的2014年第三季度业绩之后,三星表示将推出更符合用户需求的手机。三星没有浪费任何时间。该公司周五宣布,将推出Galaxy A5和Galaxy A3。

免费试用一个月拒绝续费引报复 老板手机彩铃被改成“哀乐”


10 of David Bowie's most iconic music videos

David Bowie, who passed away from cancer Monday, was an almost impossibly innovative songwriter and artist. While his music broke the boundaries of glam rock, punk and electronica over his more than 40-year career, Bowie also used music videos to showcase his transgressive style and epic haircuts.

A woman tweeted all the weird things her boyfriend said in his sleep

Caitlin's boyfriend was saying weird things in his sleep. So, naturally, she put all of them on the Internet.Her Twitter, the aptly-named @Sleep_Sayings, documents the REM cycle ramblings of her partner, whom she refers to only as "Sir Lord Dick Pat."SEE ALSO:

Beloved AOL cofounder Jim Kimsey dead at 76

James Kimsey, the cofounder of AOL who helped run the iconic Internet company in its early days before moving on to become an influential humanitarian, budding socialite and, briefly, country musician, died this week. He was 76.His death was confirmed on Facebook by Steve Case, AOL's other founder,

#与君同悦# 花落大连君悦酒店 将春天的律动带到滨城

中国大连2016年4月29日电 /美通社/ -- 君悦品牌亚太区 #与君同悦#(#LivingGrand)系列活动4月28日晚花落大连君悦酒店,酒店引入中国不同地域的春季菜品及特色演绎,以期宣传君悦品牌 MICE 活动的创意与资源。 酒店总经理李重昊先生致欢迎辞 树枝上的新芽,竞相绽放的野花,4月末的大连终于在渐暖的海风中,流露出丝丝春天的气息。4月28日晚6时30分,一场以“春”为主题的“悦之华筵”,在大连君悦酒店一层大宴会厅悄然拉开帷幕。 宴会的欢迎酒会布置在大宴会厅的前廊区域,用小冬青装点的背景墙和步入式花园式的装点,仿佛置身室外园林。

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