Even with a new ARM Surface coming soon, Surface Laptop could be Intel only

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 with Windows 10 review: power meets budget

When the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1 arrived on my doorstep, I thought to myself, “oh here we go, yet another laptop hybrid that probably costs an arm and a leg, and will probably...The post Dell Inspiron 15 7000 with Windows 10 review: power meets budget appeared first on WinBeta.

New MacBook Review: Stupidly Thin

The new MacBook is a marvel of engineering. It’s beautiful, and far more functional than a computer this size has any right to be. But it’s not for me, and I doubt it’s for you, either. It’s just too damn thin.Read more...



Infected ATMs Give Away Millions of Dollars Without Credit Cards

An anonymous reader writes: Kaspersky Lab performed a forensic investigation into cybercriminal attacks targeting multiple ATMs around the world. During the course of this investigation,

腾讯回应微信封杀快的 称涉及诱导分享


Windows 10 for phones preview now available for Insiders, get downloading now!

After what seemed like eternity, Microsoft has finally pushed the big red button that unleashes the Windows 10 preview for phones! Although, do keep in mind that Microsoft's new mobile OS is still in development and is pretty rough round the edges, so if you are planning to install this preview,

Feds Just Charged 3 Spammers With the Biggest Data Breech in History

The only thing that sucks more than spam are the greedy people who send it to you. That's why the Department of Justice charging three spam kingpins responsible for one of the largest data breaches in history is so exciting. Finally, Feds are taking down the spam kingpins—or at least trying.


说起Uber的成功,不仅仅只是因为它打造了一个纵横全球市场的打车平台,更多的是因为它创造了一个伟大的Uber商 ...


据外媒报道,日前, 美国消费者产品安全委员会(CPSC)宣布召回10万多块东芝笔记本电池,原因是它们可能存在一定的安全隐患。截止到目前为止,CPSC至少收到了4起关于东芝笔记本电池过热并融化的报告。所幸的是该问题并未造成人员伤亡。而为了避免更多该种情况的发生,东芝建议用户立即检查其所用的笔记本的电池。


刀塔传奇的新英雄剧毒一出现就可以直接觉醒了,官方的行动也是迅速啊,那么下面就来看看刀塔传奇剧毒的觉醒技能和觉醒立绘吧。剧毒的深渊之毒的诅咒深深的震慑着敌人,觉醒之神决定赋予她觉醒神力,使她迎战时更加 ... ...


北京2017年2月20日电 /美通社/ -- 2017机器人创新发展高峰论坛聚焦将于3月11日于北京隆重召开,本次会议定位于“智能创新”,邀请了国内知名企业参加,为大家带来深度的行业发展思考,创新理念,前沿技术和业务资源共享。 国际机器人联合会 (IFR) 的统计表明,2015年全球工业机器人销量为24.8万台,同比增速12%。全球工业机器人本体市场规模从2013年的85亿美元增长至2015年的123亿美元。其中,中国的工业机器人全年销量累计6.67万台,占全球工业机器人市场份额超过四分之一,中国自2013年起连续三年成为全球最大的工业机器人消费市场。这一趋势在2016年得到继续。

Audi is the first to test autonomous vehicles in New York

In May of this year, the state of New York opened up an application process for companies that wanted to test autonomous vehicles there. Audi snagged the first license and will begin testing near Albany in the coming weeks.

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