The Xbox September Update releases today with new features and improvements

Microsoft reveals Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 features, coming to developers next week

Top 10 most popular WinBeta stories of 2015

Whew. What a year. Covering Microsoft in 2015 was a daunting task full of twists and turns and often the completely unexpected. We’re glad you stuck with us, and we look forward to bringing...The post Top 10 most popular WinBeta stories of 2015 appeared first on WinBeta.

Windows 10 on phones: Universal apps, new Office, built-in Skype and other top features

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone -- in its current state -- is struggling to make a substantial impact on the Android and iOS dominated mobile market. But that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from trying. And that’s a great thing. The company,



Wendell is back and looking good in 'Bones' sneak peek

Since his diagnosis back in Season 9, squintern Wendell has fought a brave battle against cancer, but in this week's episode of Bones, he's back in the field and ready for actionNow in remission and part of a Brennan-approved medical trial,



iOS开发寻找沙盒路径 - 自己的心灵猎手

寻找沙盒路径方法:(网上帖子的方法不行,可以尝试第一种)1.直接打印NSHomeDirectory() 即 NSLog(@"%@", NSHomeDirectory());对于NSHomeDirectory()官方的描述是:对于mac打印出来后就会得到沙盒的路径,例如我得到的打印结果是:/User....

别兴奋太早,LogMeIn 对 LastPass 1.1 亿美元收购首期只给 1500 万

原本沉寂的周末突然传出密码管理应用 LastPass 将被远程访问服务公司LogMeIn 以 1.1 亿美元收购乍一看这个长期依赖与 1Password 和 Keepass 三强争霸的产品终于修成正果,但仔细看却并不那么乐观。

McLaren built an 'everyday' sports car. I still needed a massage after driving it.

"Oooooohhh myyyyyyy gaaaaaaaawwwwd!" my passenger, Jon, screamed, as I punched the throttle on the McLaren 570S. "Aaaaahhhhhhhh!""A—are you being serious?" I stammered back at Jon. "You don't have to put on an act for me," I said.

[Effective JavaScript 笔记]第35条:使用闭包存储私有数据 - 脚后跟着猫


Digitimes Research:“中国制造”仅占中国机器人市场的26.7%


Microsoft continues to invest in Detroit, to open new LinkedIn office

LinkedIn is planning to open a new office in the Motor City, and the company is now in the final stages of finding a temporary office downtown.

lol中秋国庆双节大作战活动地址 战勋章兑换奖励

LOL中秋国庆双节大作战活动已经开启,和上次的开学季类似,不过应该没有刷皮肤BUG了,大家还是老老实实按要求领取奖励吧。下面是活动地址、活动时间、活动玩法以及活动奖励的介绍,一起来看看吧。活动地址:点击前 ... ...

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