Framework's repairable laptop just got Google-ified

The most customizable laptop around just gave users even more options.Last year’s Framework Laptop was a godsend for “Right to Repair” enthusiasts because of its modular design, and now it can come with ChromeOS. Framework announced the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition this week,

Save $40 on the brand-new Fire TV Cube 4K when you pre-order it at Amazon

SAVE $40: As of Sept. 29, the new Amazon Fire TV Cube 4K Streaming Device is on sale for $99.99 when you pre-order it at Amazon using the code 4KCUBE — that's 29% in savings.It seems that Amazon conveniently planned its fall hardware event to build hype for its first-ever Prime Early Access Sale,

Google's killing off Stadia but at least you'll get your money back

Stadia is joining that great big Google cloud in the sky.On Thursday, Google announced it will be shutting down Stadia, its cloud gaming service. While platforms being shuttered are never welcomed news, there is a bright side to this one: The search giant will be offering refunds to gamers.Yes,

Hurricane Ian aftermath videos paint harrowing picture of damage

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian's assault on Florida Wednesday and Thursday, the state began the work of assessing the damage. Two fatalities were tentatively linked to the powerful storm, pending a more thorough investigation.

What's so controversial about Netflix's 'Blonde'? Well...

On Wednesday (Sept. 28), Netflix released Blonde, a flashy, fictitious account of Marilyn Monroe's life. The nearly three-hour film stars Ana de Armas as the late star. Directed by Andrew Dominik and based off Joyce Carol Oates's novel of the same name,

Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell are flesh-feasting, fervent lovers in 'Bones and All' trailer

What if Bonnie and Clyde were cannibals? Call Me By Your Name’s Luca Guadagnino is back with another directorial feat, starring Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell in a gory, gluttonous, lust-filled adventure of two teen cannibals roadtripping across Reagan-era America. 

Where to get free coffee on National Coffee Day

The only thing better than coffee in the morning? Free coffee in the morning, or anytime in the day. This Thursday, Sept. 29, is National Coffee Day, a very real holiday we all had marked on our calendars for months. (Be honest.) Well, anyway,

Score a $250 espresso machine for under $100, plus more National Coffee Day deals

TL;DR: National Coffee Day is Sept. 29, which means major discounts on at-home coffee and espresso makers. We've compiled all of the best ones below, but here's a quick glance:BEST BUDGET DEAL: The Keurig Limited Edition Jonathan Adler K-Mini adds color to your counter and is over half off — $44.

Alert from Binance warns users they're buying a fugitive's crypto

Do Kwon, the co-founder of stablecoin TerraUSD, is a wanted man in South Korea. As a result, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange is warning users that it's not responsible for their choice to invest in Do Kwon's token.Last week, a South Korean court issued an arrest warrant for Do Kwon,

The compact EV fitted to make autonomous coffee runs

Clearpath Robotics has equipped a Polaris GEM electric vehicle with an autonomy software called OutdoorNav. The software allows users to set waypoints on a web interface for the car to drive to autonomously.

No, NyQuil chicken isn't a real TikTok trend

Maybe I've just been online for too long. After all, I saw the Tide Pod craze (but not really a craze) come and go. So when I saw TikTok's so-called NyQuil chicken challenge making headlines this week, my initial reaction was neither concern nor laughing astonishment. It was immediate disbelief.




Gordon Ramsay是英国乃至世界的顶级厨神,然而因其在各档烹饪节目中所表现出的严格以及追求完美的风格,Ramsay又被媒体称为是“地狱厨师”。估计还没有人会想到在AT&T的宣传广告中看到这位厨神的身影吧。


香港2014年10月22日电 /美通社/ -- 中国领先综合性医疗事业集团 - 金卫医疗集团有限公司(“公司”或“金卫医疗”,801.HK / 910801.TW)宣布将透过发行本金总额为2,000万美元(相当于约1.


本文都是亲身经历,是我和一位合作人共同做自媒体的事情。在这次尝试中,我们做对了很多,避开了一些明显的坑;但同时 ...

British woman is to become the first 100-year-old model to appear in Vogue

LONDON — A 100-year-old British woman is to become the first ever woman of her age to appear in Vogue.See also: Vogue got trolled over Kendall and Gigi 3 times in 24 hours,


文 | 于欣烈 | 速度荷尔蒙今天的内容,就是和你们这些租辆车到处疯玩儿的人,聊聊如何保护自己的隐私数据。自驾游时,很多人已经习惯用蓝牙或 USB 数据线把手机连接到汽车上,用车载音箱来播放导航和音乐。在车上给手机充电也是必做功课。不论你是通过蓝牙,还是 USB 数据线,只要把手机和汽车连接,都有可能把手机里的个人信息存储在这辆车里。如果不删,你电话里的通讯录、短信等信息有可能会落到他人手里。这事儿可不是我危言耸听,美国联邦贸易委员会(FTC)前不久发表一篇 博客文章,警告租车用户小心泄露隐私数据。FTC 建议:只是为手机充电,最好不要接入车载信息娱乐系统。

2017成都建博会顺应环保趋势 参展企业和观众持续增长

成都2017年1月13日电 /美通社/ -- 2016年12月中旬以来,我国多达十几个省市自治区遭遇雾霾天气,多地出现重度空气污染。面对环境问题,我国近年来强力推进节能减排,深化污染防治。各地出台监控和整治措施,治理对象中大量建筑及装饰企业赫然在列。环境污染的压力正倒逼建筑及装饰材料行业进入环保时代,将于2017年6月15日-17日举行的2017年第十七届中国成都建筑及装饰材料博览会(以下称“2017成都建博会”)作为中西部建材行业的风向标,将顺应潮流,推动新型环保节能产品及技术的普及和应用,助力行业升级转型。 新型环保节能材料成为主角之一 在我国,各方对环保问题越来越重视。


新三板在线 · 文/朱成祥因受国内市场环境及政策变化影响,多家新三板及拟挂牌公司终止了与上市公司的并购计划。4月5日,上市公司金一文化(002721)宣布,因重组标的范围发生变化,撤回重大资产重组方案。值得注意的是,该公司本次重组涉及对拟挂牌企业臻宝通99.06%股权的收购。无独有偶,就在清明节前,3月31日,北京君正(300223)终止并购新三板挂牌公司思比科(833220)。同日,津膜科技(300334)停止收购挂牌企业金桥水科(833079)。而两天前(3月29日),上市公司新华龙(603399)也终止了对挂牌公司梵雅文化(835205)的股权收购计划。

PayPal: 美国海淘者最爱购买中国产品

据PayPal & Ipsos的报告显示,目前,美国和加拿大分别拥有着高达4380万和1070万的海淘消费者,而中国则毫无意外地入选北美两国海淘族最喜爱的跨境购买地的前三。


随着人口老龄化的加剧及对生活品质要求的提高,人们对健康的关注越发明显。而据WHO的报告,到2035年全球将会有大约1290万的医护人员短缺。对医疗人员的需求无法得到满足,也在某种程度上促进了未来对医疗机器人使用的需求。 近日,定位为特种医疗服务机器人的上海钛米机器人宣布获得4000万A轮投资,由IDG领投,国科嘉和、科沃斯和创徒基金跟投。据悉,此次融资将主要用于钛米机器人的产品研发及市场推广方面。事实上,早在去年9月份钛米机器人就曾获得国科嘉和及创徒基金的1000万天使轮投资。

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