M. Night Shyamalan is back with thrilling 'Knock at the Cabin' trailer

Trips to secluded cabins in picturesque woods are the worst family vacation. And M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock at the Cabin is guaranteed to support that argument. Based on Paul Tremblay’s bestselling novel, The Cabin at the End of the World, Shyamalan’s adaptation sees Jonathan Groff (Mindhunter,

Save $40 on the brand-new Fire TV Cube 4K when you pre-order it at Amazon

SAVE $40: As of Sept. 29, the new Amazon Fire TV Cube 4K Streaming Device is on sale for $99.99 when you pre-order it at Amazon using the code 4KCUBE — that's 29% in savings.It seems that Amazon conveniently planned its fall hardware event to build hype for its first-ever Prime Early Access Sale,

Google's killing off Stadia but at least you'll get your money back

Stadia is joining that great big Google cloud in the sky.On Thursday, Google announced it will be shutting down Stadia, its cloud gaming service. While platforms being shuttered are never welcomed news, there is a bright side to this one: The search giant will be offering refunds to gamers.Yes,

Hurricane Ian aftermath videos paint harrowing picture of damage

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian's assault on Florida Wednesday and Thursday, the state began the work of assessing the damage. Two fatalities were tentatively linked to the powerful storm, pending a more thorough investigation.

What's so controversial about Netflix's 'Blonde'? Well...

On Wednesday (Sept. 28), Netflix released Blonde, a flashy, fictitious account of Marilyn Monroe's life. The nearly three-hour film stars Ana de Armas as the late star. Directed by Andrew Dominik and based off Joyce Carol Oates's novel of the same name,

Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell are flesh-feasting, fervent lovers in 'Bones and All' trailer

What if Bonnie and Clyde were cannibals? Call Me By Your Name’s Luca Guadagnino is back with another directorial feat, starring Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell in a gory, gluttonous, lust-filled adventure of two teen cannibals roadtripping across Reagan-era America. 

Where to get free coffee on National Coffee Day

The only thing better than coffee in the morning? Free coffee in the morning, or anytime in the day. This Thursday, Sept. 29, is National Coffee Day, a very real holiday we all had marked on our calendars for months. (Be honest.) Well, anyway,

Score a $250 espresso machine for under $100, plus more National Coffee Day deals

TL;DR: National Coffee Day is Sept. 29, which means major discounts on at-home coffee and espresso makers. We've compiled all of the best ones below, but here's a quick glance:BEST BUDGET DEAL: The Keurig Limited Edition Jonathan Adler K-Mini adds color to your counter and is over half off — $44.

Cyberflashing could become a thing of the past on Instagram

Cyberflashing, the practice of sending unsolicited and unwanted nude photos to people via social media apps or through other means, is a serious offence, punishable by prison in some countries, including Scotland, Singapore and soon, England and Wales. Now,

The new AirPods Pro look old but sound fresh

When it comes to AirPods, Apple is clearly in no rush to disturb the status quo. It took three years for Apple to evolve its AirPods line and release the AirPods Pro in 2019, a more premium pair of wireless earbuds with improved sound and features like active noise cancelation,

Hinge adds polls and video prompts to profiles

Breaking the ice on a dating app is hard. Like, really hard. Sometimes a match's profile gives literally nothing away, other than a couple of photos of them looking vaguely pensive and beguiling. Then there are the times when you put in effort to craft a witty-yet-charming opening line,

苹果CarPlay对第三方应用合作伙伴很挑剔 只选最好的


Facebook 不甘心| 极客早知道 2014 年 5 月 19 日

Facebook 研发视频聊天 App 挑战 Snapchat来自 网易科技据《金融时报》报道,知情人士透露,Facebook 已开发一款内部名为「Slingshot」的视频聊天 App。Facebook 在复制和收购对手 Snapchat 均告失败后,再次尝试从 Snapchat 处赢回用户。

2014 WWDC 苹果开发者大会–解读版

2014 WWDC 苹果开发者大会--解读版 您可能也喜欢的文章: 199IT数据直播:2014 年WWDC苹果开发者大会直播 2014年苹果WWDC大会最值得期待的13件事 图解:WWDC 2013苹果世界开发者大会--信息图

7 Gifts for the Photography Buff

The internet is replete with photography-related gifts that are kitschy, corny, or just plain silly. Another lens mug. Yay. We thought you should right by the photographer in your life by gifting him or her something genuinely cool or useful. Here are some ideas to start:Read more...

asp.net MVC 5 Scaffolding多层架构代码生成向导开源项目(邀请你的参与) - 阿新

Visual Studio.net 2013 asp.net MVC 5 Scaffolding代码生成向导开源项目提高开发效率,规范代码编写,最好的方式就是使用简单的设计模式(MVC , Repoistory Pattern)+ 模板生成工具。

40%企业希望在第一年内就升级Windows 10

微软有宏大的Windows 10推广计划,因为该公司公开表示它的目标是让运行Windows 10设备超过十亿台。幸运的是,很多企业似乎相当热衷于升级到Windows 10,使这一目标非常可以实现。

微软已放出IFA 2015新设备发布会的流媒体直播地址


Adult coloring book 'I Love My Hair' delivers body positivity, one page at a time

It's time to dust off those old crayons and markers — adult coloring book I Love My Hair is here to rekindle your love of crafts.Created by graphic designer and illustrator Andrea Pippins, "I Love My Hair" offers you a daily dose of self-empowerment through a set of intricate illustrations.

先后遭“两条鱼”抱大腿 陆金所索赔800万

先有鲸鱼,又来鲤鱼。如今,陆金所被两条鱼弄得有点心烦。去年下半年,陆金所打脸鲸鱼宝事件余波未平,眼下,又有一家名不见经传的互金平台鲤鱼理财也步上了鲸鱼宝的后尘,利用陆金所旗下稳盈-安e产品为其平台创 ... ...


当谈到智能设备的配件产品时,你可能首先想到的就是通过 USB 接口或者 Lightning 接口连接的产品。事实上,3.5 毫米耳机插孔也可以跟许多配件连接起来,比如下面这 4 款。  1. 贝尔金 Rock Star 分线器  如果你需要跟朋友分享音频的话,可以考虑一下这款贝尔金 Rock Star 分线器,它能够让 5 个人同时连接到同一款手机的耳机插孔上,难得的是,在多人同时分享音频的时候,其音量和信号并不会打折扣。这款产品的市场售价为 12 美元。  2.

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