Satya Nadella is confident that Activision deal will be approved, he tells Bloomberg

NPR Is First Talk Station on Apple iTunes Radio

Although still new to most Apple users, iTunes Radio has just received an significant upgrade: its first non-music stationNational Public Radio, one of the leading talk radio networks in the U.S.,became the first talk station on iTunes Radio on MondaySee also: The Comcast-Netflix Deal: Fact vs.

StumbleUpon Gets A Redesign In Version 4.0 For Android

StumbleUpon released version 4.0 of StumbleUpon for Android today, bringing a complete user interface overhaul including navigation changes and how a new way for users to find content. Read More




据Recode报道,光场相机公司Lytro最近公布了新一轮融资信息,领投方是GSV Capital,之前的投资方Allen & Co.和丹华资本也有参与,融资额为5000万美元,估值是上一轮的五倍。本轮融资之前,Lytro还融过两轮,总共是9000万美元融资。

Shazam's new QR-like feature aims to make the whole world Shazamable

Shazam — not quite content with being the app you use to dredge up the name of the darn song you can't remember — is deciding to get into the visual content game.

供应链预测下半年 Apple Watch或再度爆发

Apple Watch 已经上市两个月,但截至目前我们还没有获得关于这款设备销量的官方数据。业界预测,今年下半年随着产量的提高,Apple Watch这款产品的出货量将有大幅提高。广达电脑是苹果 Apple Watch 的重要制造商之一。


波音刚发布了世界第一颗完全靠离子推器来维持轨道的卫星 ABS-3A,已经开始商用运转提供南美、中东及非洲 C-band 和 Ku-band 的通讯服务。

Everyone will get a chance to test the New Xbox One Experience very soon

Currently, those who are enrolled in the Xbox preview program and have historically submitted the most feedback are the lucky ones to snag the New Xbox One Experience (NXOE) Preview update. Microsoft wants to get...

Trump says that the wind is a 'very deceiving thing'

Donald Trump stopped by the offices of his journalistic nemesis the New York Times on Tuesday to chat with senior reporters and editors.The captivating full transcript from the sit-down has since been released, and amongst discussing his feelings towards the publication and his plans for America,


你喜欢果汁吗?你真的了解它吗?最近,果汁市场上的新产品层出不穷。比如原榨果汁,鲜榨果汁,冷压果汁,NFC果汁等...这些果汁都有什么区别?为什么有的果汁要卖那么贵?这一期文章就来好好解释一下。我们先来说说超市里最常见的果汁吧。1. 浓缩还原:传统的果汁加工在超市里,很多瓶装果汁往往标着「100% 纯果汁」的标签。一般来说,这种果汁其实并不是榨成汁之后直接包装出售的,而是经过了浓缩还原的加工。如果你注意看它们的配料表,你会发现它们是「水果浓缩汁」和水勾兑成的。也就是说,在水果被榨成汁之后,这些果汁要先把水分蒸发掉一部分,变成浓缩果汁,再加上水还原成「刚刚好100%」,接着再杀菌,灌装之后出售。

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