Where to get free coffee on National Coffee Day

The only thing better than coffee in the morning? Free coffee in the morning, or anytime in the day. This Thursday, Sept. 29, is National Coffee Day, a very real holiday we all had marked on our calendars for months. (Be honest.) Well, anyway,

YC Demo Day Session 3: UPower, Edyn, Craft Coffee, Immunity Project, And More

The crowd of founders, investors, and press has finished eating lunch here at Y Combinator’s Summer 2014 Demo Day (quinoa, salad, some kind of beef stew thing, soda, and beer, FYI) and we’re back in the saddle for the third of four sessions of startup pitches.

I’m a Librarian Who Banned a Book. Here’s Why.

In the library world, access to information is a human right, not to be tampered with or controlled in any way.Read more...

AngelPad Shows Off 13 New Startups At SF Demo Day

Today, AngelPad — a seed-stage incubator program that provides mentorship, seed money, and networking during two, 10-week courses each year — held its most recent demo day in San Francisco. As has become routine, its founders presented to a densely packed audience of invite-only guests.

Why I’m Running for President As the Transhumanist Candidate

It’s a wild request to ask a nation to consider electing you as their president, especially when you’re a transhumanist—someone who advocates for using science and technology to radically change and improve the human species. But I’m doing it.Read more...

The best reader photos of 2014 according to National Geographic

National Geographic just announced the winners of their 2014 Photo Contest and they are truly amazing. There are plenty more on their website.Read more...

What To Do If Your Car Is Recalled: An Explainer

Following General Motors ' recall of over 5,000,000 cars last month, and Toyota's recall today of over 6,000,000 more vehicles , you might just want to assume that if you are within, say, 25 miles of car at any point, something is going to get recalled . Here's what happens next.Read more...

​You Don't Know Turkey About Wild Turkeys

Did you know that turkeys kill rattlesnakes? Forgive me a little bit of a Ben Franklin moment, but I’m going to tell you about one of the most interesting wild animals that’s native to North America and what it’s like tracking them in the wild. Read more...

Are Insects the Future of Food?

Emily Anthes braves locusts, beetles, mealworms and more as she asks whether eating insects is the answer to feeding ever more humans and livestock.Read more...

Exploring Santa Cruz Island

Twenty miles off the coast of Ventura lies Santa Cruz Island — a remote mecca for adventure. We spent a weekend exploring it. Here’s how you can too.Read more...

Inside the Military's Secretive Smartphone Program

When I recently set out for the Pentagon's R&D department, I instead found myself in front of a downtrodden shopping mall in Arlington, Virginia. I'd been navigating the old fashioned way—with my eyes—but when I pulled out my smartphone there it was, clearly marked in the Google Maps app:

Serbia vs Switzerland livestream options for 2022 FIFA World Cup

Serbia will take on Switzerland in a group-stage FIFA World Cup clash at the Stadium 974.The Eagles will be hoping to secure three points after a clash with Cameroon on Nov. 28.Meanwhile, the Swiss will be coming from a match with Brazil.

Cameroon vs Brazil livestream options for 2022 FIFA World Cup

Cameroon will take on Brazil in a group-stage FIFA World Cup clash at the Lusail Iconic Stadium.The Indomitable Lions will be hoping to secure three points after a clash with Serbia on Nov. 28.Meanwhile, the 2002 champions will be coming from a match with Switzerland.

South Korea vs Portugal livestream options for 2022 FIFA World Cup

South Korea will take on Portugal in a group-stage FIFA World Cup clash at the Education City Stadium.The Taegeuk Warriors will be hoping to secure three points after a clash with Ghana on Nov. 28.Meanwhile, the Portuguese will be coming from a match with Uruguay.

Ghana vs Uruguay livestream options for 2022 FIFA World Cup

Ghana will take on Uruguay in a group-stage FIFA World Cup clash at the Al Janoub Stadium.The Ghanaians will be hoping to secure three points after a clash with South Korea on Nov. 28.Meanwhile, the Uruguayans will be coming from a match with Portugal.

Autobots and Maximals team up in 'Transformers: Rise of the Beasts' trailer

The Transformers are back — and they've got company.The trailer for the '90s-set Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is chock-full of metallic mayhem. Yes, we've got our standard conflict between the Autobots and the Decepticons, but now we get to see a new breed of Transformer: the Maximals.

Need a helping hand? This eufy robot vacuum has dropped to $188.

SAVE $311: As of Dec. 1, the eufy RobotVac LR20 vacuum is on sale for $188 at Walmart. That's a savings of 62%. There are multiple reasons why robot vacuums are so popular. They help us save time, take tasks off our hands, and are a wholesome device to brag about.

Bring the café home with the KitchenAid Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

SAVE $180: The KitchenAid Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine is on sale at Amazon for its lowest price ever at $219.99 as of Dec. 1. That's a savings of 45%. Daily coffee runs are an essential part of self-care for some, but they sure can get expensive.

Score a $250 espresso machine for under $100, plus more National Coffee Day deals

TL;DR: National Coffee Day is Sept. 29, which means major discounts on at-home coffee and espresso makers. We've compiled all of the best ones below, but here's a quick glance:BEST BUDGET DEAL: The Keurig Limited Edition Jonathan Adler K-Mini adds color to your counter and is over half off — $44.

Today only: Grab a refurbished Kindle for just $30

Save $60: Grab a refurbished 10th generation Amazon Kindle for just $30 at Woot, for Sept. 29 only. The same Kindle brand new is $90 at Amazon, saving you a whopping 67% by buying used.We are officially under two weeks away from the start of Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale,

Here's where you can buy the new Mineral Camo Special Edition Xbox Controller

TL;DR: The new Xbox Wireless Controller – Mineral Camo Special Edition ($69.99) was available for purchase at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and in the Microsoft Store as of Sept. 29.Between the limited-edition God of War Ragnarök Dualsense, the premium DualSense Edge,

Google Starts Making The New Google Maps The Default For Everybody

After just under a year in preview, Google today announced that it is now rolling out the new Google Maps to all of its users as the default option. Since Google announced the new version of Maps at its I/O developer conference last year, users were able to switch between the two versions. Still,



Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

Hello! How was your week? Did you bend your new iPhone in half with your bare hands? Apple would like you to keep your phone-bending to a minimum . But not me! Rigid phones are so 2000 and late, and you are avant-garde, dear reader.




北京2015年9月29日电 /美通社/ -- 在西安交通大学第一附属医院,王健生可谓是一个尽人皆知的“名人”。

每天一个linux命令(13):less命令 - gophper


Pinterest And The Process Of Designing A Multi-Billion Dollar Startup

Some startups recognize that design is an investment rather than a cost, and one that yields better results in the long run if incorporated into a business from inception.At a recent Kleiner Perkins CEO Workshop,

信用无忧:除过 "信用体检",还提供 "信用治疗"

谁最在乎你的信用?银行。申请信用卡、贷款时,神秘的审查过程除过对你的还款能力考察外,还会检验你的信用度。良好的信用度能为你办理更高额度的信用卡和贷款,即更大的财富。信用是攒起来的,一旦被拉入黑名单想翻身可能需要几年。所以,必须重视信用。今天推荐一款「比 51 信用卡管家更有意思」的 APP——信用无忧。 这是几位 51 信用卡的同事离职出来开发的产品,可以查询个人征信记录并提供各种分析及服务。当然这是经过授权直连央行个人信用中心,足不出户就可以获取人民银行信用报告。用户须实名注册,添加银行卡信息申请获取信用报告。

微软今天开始向现有Windows Phone 8.1设备推送Windows 10 Mobile

从今天开始,微软将开始向市场中已有的Windows Phone 8.1设备推送Windows 10 Mobile系统。

AwesomenessTV flaunts dominance among Gen Z, announces scripted MLB series

NEW YORK — It was hard to tell that this was AwesomenessTV's first NewFront.The DreamWorks-owned company, founded by TV veteran Brian Robbins in 2012, has built a reputation as a major player in the digital space. And its presentation showcased that.

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