Halo Infinite's campaign co-op mode will come with 24 new achievements. Check them out here

Windows 11 Insider builds 22621.741 and 22623.741 released to the beta channel

Microsoft has released a pair of new Beta Channel builds for Windows 11 today, 22621.741 and 22623.741. The builds contain mainly fixes, but if you were on build 22622 you will automatically get moved to build 22623 via an enablement package: The enablement package artificially ... Read More

Welcome to another servicing pipeline update for the Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel

Microsoft announced another servicing pipeline update for Windows 11 Insider build 25217 for the Dev Channel. The new build “does not include anything new and is designed to test our servicing pipeline for builds in the Dev Channel.” As a reminder, build 25217, which was ... Read More

Biden’s Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework executive order works in Microsoft’s favor

The European Commision and the U.S. government announced its new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework earlier this year, and Microsoft was quick to champion the move given its legal history with international data privacy concerns,

The best browsers for privacy on Windows PC

Your browser is what takes you places around the internet. Go to any random PC in some home or office, and you’ll find a wide variety of browsers. From Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to Edge, Opera, and so on, people use all kinds of ... Read More

Xbox Game Pass made $2.9 billion last year, according to Brazil Activision filings

Microsoft has given us some idea of how much Game Pass makes.  According to a report seen by Tweaktown Microsoft makes about $2.9 billion a year on gaming subscription services (Game Pass).  This report was composed by Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) which ... Read More

Here’s the latest feature in Microsoft Edge’s Sidebar

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced the Sidebar in the Edge browser with the aim of providing users with a better web navigation experience. The tool has since involved receiving a tone of updates as well as features all geared towards enhancing its usability. And now, ... Read More

Outlook’s crashing issue upon launching is patched, says Microsoft

In August, we reported on an issue that was facing Outlook users. The application would close almost immediately after being launched. Microsoft investigated the matter and identified that the issue occurred when the EmailAddress string data value under the Office identity is blank.

More trouble for Exchange Server as zero-day exploits attacked

Windows 11 2022 rollout blocked for some over printer driver issues

How to install and set up Microsoft Teams on Android

FineUI小技巧(2)将表单内全部字段禁用、只读、设置无效标识(另附48张专业版高清大图) - 三生石上(FineUI控件库)



「拥有对方所没有的信息给了风险投资一个优势:他们从没有经验的创业者那里占便宜。」– Mitch Kapor,


印象中,无人机都是一个个出现的。一群无人机在跳舞,而且跳得还不错,你能想象吗? 这样的场景上一年只能在拉斯维加斯的 CES 上看到,今年的奇点大会把 show 带来了北京怀柔。

具空氣淨化功能 Dyson 推出全新風扇產品

除了吸塵機出名,Dyson 另一為人熟悉的是無扇葉風扇;日前 Dyson 發表了全新的 Pure Cool Link,在風扇以外點解另一家居非常重要的功能 - 空氣淨化。Dyson 宣稱這部透過手機 App 控制的 Pure Cool Link ,能夠移除接近 100% 空氣內微細粒子,包括寵物的毛、黴菌、花粉等。以下有更多資料The post 具空氣淨化功能 Dyson 推出全新風扇產品 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

Outlook Groups for Windows 10 Mobile updated with group event syncing, event details view, and more

Outlook Groups has been updated for Windows Phone with conversation link copying and forwarding, group events syncing, and more.The post Outlook Groups for Windows 10 Mobile updated with group event syncing, event details view, and more appeared first on WinBeta.


打造最强狂欢节 上海2016年11月2日电 /美通社/ -- 11月1日晚,阿里巴巴携“2016天猫双十一狂欢夜”总导演大卫 - 希尔等亮相北京,召开终极发布会,拉开了一场全球独一无二的互联网电商盛事的序幕。发布会上,第二批表演嘉宾名单揭秘,至此,参加天猫双十一狂欢夜的明星阵容已曝光大半。“超级碗导演 + 全明星阵容 + 首席卖萌官”,今年的双十一晚会可谓星光璀璨、精彩纷呈。微鲸作为天猫双十一晚会特约合作伙伴,旗下系列产品将创意亮相晚会,助力天猫,用科技改变娱乐,打造全民狂欢盛事。

样式化加载失败的图片 - royalrover

本片文章翻译自 "Styling Broken Images" 翻译过程中可能会在原意不变的基础上有些细微改动,望读者见谅 加载失败的图片是比较丑陋的,比如 但是我们可以让结果变得更美好。通过给元素设置CSS相关属性可以实现更美的呈现。 IMG元素你需要知道的两点知识 1. 我们可以针对IMG元素设

金士顿发布数据中心级 DCP-1000 系列 SSD:读速 6800MB/s

金士顿刚刚发布了面向数据中心的 DCP-1000 系列 PCIe NVMe 固态硬盘驱动器新品,其提供了 800GB、1.6TB、以及 3.2TB 三档容量,且标称持续读取速度均达到了 6800MB/s 。其采用了 PCIe 3.0 x8 接口 + 全高单槽设计,持续写入速度从 5000MB/s 起步,较大容量的版本更是可以倒到 6000MB/s 。此外,1.6TB 版本可提供 1100k / 200k IOPS 的随机读写性能。写入量方面,800GB 可以达到 187 TBW,3.2TB 版本则可达到 697 TBW 。 阅读全文

[视频]英特尔展示由赛格威打造的Loomo Go自主送货机器人

近日,英特尔在 XPONENTIAL 2017 上展示了一款由赛格威(Segway Robotics)打造的自主送货机器人 Loomo Go 。根据英特尔 CEO Brian Krzanich 的演示,可知该机器人不仅仅可以当做普通的电动滑板车来用。通过给它附加上各种的技术,Loomo 能够感知周围环境并在其中运行,比如帮人类端茶倒水或送个快递。 阅读全文

Partech Ventures raises $450 million fund

Partech Ventures has raised so many funds over the past couple of years that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. This time, the VC firm is closing the fundraising of Partech International Ventures VII. With $450 million under management (€400 million),

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